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Found 13 results

  1. As title says, wts steel lumps. Contact me via PM in the forum or in game as Davih. You can also contact Luttuosa, same ways. 99ql x 20 (15c each) 97ql x100 (10c each) 95ql x 100 (5c each) 92ql x 300 (2.5c each) 87ql x 500 (1c each) 83ql x 250 (0.5c each) 70ql x 150 (0.4c each) 46ql x 200 (0.2c each)
  2. It would be for Plate armour smiths better to add new thing to reach like Damascus steel which you would be required to combine all the metals that you can mine from regular veins (Wogic = iron+tin+copper+zinc+gold+silver = Damascus steel). And remove Iron plate armours that just makes all the plate armour smiths that are out there think they had golden shower on them. But if not removing could be changed to bigger difference in DEF between steel and iron plate armours.
  3. This is just a simple suggestion to add items like nails and ribbons to the list of items craftable from steel. These items could be used in lieu of their iron counterparts with the natural steel benefits like taking less damage as steel does (Less decay and less failed attachment damage), and it wouldn't leave aspiring metallurgists on a mountain of cheap steel that they'll need a contrived way of getting rid of. I've originally not suggested added benefits but taken the point that leaving the suggestion too small leaves no room for making cheap steel truly sexy again, so here are some things the steel components could do (without messing too deeply with the current material system and how decay and damage is accounted for): 1) Increased (effective) QL, resulting in better attachment chance and quality increase, perhaps 20% better QL to be in line with the 20% less damage. 2) Steel components use a third less material, being more lightweight and taking up less volume. This would also mean that (in a scenario with 100% creation chance for brevities sake) for building components steel is 300% efficient in iron use as opposed to making them directly from iron. (200% efficiency by steel which is one half coal, and another 150% by reduced weight of the building components). This reflects, at least approximately, the extra effort of making steel, which is 3 stages as opposed to directly mining and smelting iron in one stage. On that last note, please don't derail the topic with counter suggestions how to currently get rid of masses of cheap steel. I'm imaginative enough to come up with something myself, but it'd be just nicer to have the metallurgy grinding byproducts be useful for more general purposes.
  4. I just want to make chain armour with brass. Brass and Bronze need more love, especially with the work(and skill) it takes to make these metals.
  5. Hiya, I'm looking for someone who has high skill in metallurgy (75+ atleast) to make steel for me. I'm providing materials for this job (coal and iron lumps). Send me your offer via forum PM how much do you want for 1k actions.
  6. ​Want to buy metallurgy Coc Lumps tin and zinc Feel free to ingame ​Pm
  7. Lost Shores Smithy, Tailory, Carpentry, and Farm Grand Opening 20% Off For the rest of this month everything is 20% off the listed price. Get your items soon, this is a limited time offer. Map location: Xanadu, s15 Map Location Lost Shores Thanks for visiting with us today. We have a lot of items to offer. Everything from the bulk items to plate sets. Take a look and see if you like anything. Buyer pays CoD on all items or pickup can be arranged at s15, Lost Shores, Xanadu. *Tools* Iron Steel 20ql - 5c 20ql 15c 30ql - 10c 30ql - 20c 40ql - 15c 40ql - 25c 50ql - 25c 50ql - 35c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Carpenty* 20ql - 5c 30ql - 10c 40ql - 15c 50ql - 25c 60ql - 35c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Tailory* 20ql - 5c 30ql - 10c 40ql - 15c 50ql - 25c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Metallurgy* prices and quantities will be discussed upon order Steel Brass Bronze *Bulk* Bulk Veg Pumpkins - 1s/1k Wemp - 1s/1k Corn 1s/1k Wheat - 1s/1k Cotton - 1s/1k Garlic - 1s/1k Onion - 1s/1k *Hold on all veggies until further notice Bulk Mats Tar - 1s/1k Clay - 1s/1k Planks 1s/1k Small/Large Nails - 1s/500 Ore - 1.50s/1k (iron, slate, zinc, gold, lead, silver - max ql being 56ql) *Plate Sets* 42ql - 1.50s 52ql - 2s 62ql - 3s *70+ql coming soon Individual Pieces: 42ql - 20c 52ql - 30c 62ql - 40c *70+ql coming soon
  8. Was wondering how much these lumps are worth they're 0.4kg each How much would 1000 70ql, 80ql, 90ql and 95ql be worth roughly? Also anybody interested in buying?
  9. WTA: 7k steel lumps 26 ql Starting bid: 10s Min. Increment: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: none Private bids: none Sniper: 2h Free delivery on coast, exception Chaos. Sold, close please
  10. With the current mechanic, if you combine one of the components lets say iron into 64 kg lump, make it active and use it in a pile of the other lump (in this case 0.50 kg charcoal lump) you can queue a number of actions, and the result is 0.40 kg steel lumps, wen you fail you consume a certain amount of both components, not a big problem for iron, but for charcoal it renders the lump unusable, so you in order to get a full queue in the nest round you need to remove the failed lumps from the pile, and then once you finish all the full weight ones you combine the less weight in pairs, rinse and repeat. If you combine both components you get as a result a single huge steel lump, and this can be bad both because you loose skill and you can end with a huge awful ql lump. Mi proposal is to make metallurgy to work similar to mortar making, so you can combine both components and queue the full number and the result is always a basic unit of the resulting item per action, in case of fail you loose the proportional weight but the combined components still can be used for the next round.
  11. Looking to buy a top smithing account. Will pay top dollar for the right account. Please PM me
  12. Now offering services to convert your coal to steel for you. You supply the coal and the iron. What I ask in return? 1 sleep powder per 250 converted, which covers the conversion time. Those of you doing sales know the turn over rates getting high ql steel will produce. Want high ql steel for the impalong events? Easy affordable way to do so now. 99% chance on creation no matter the coal ql. Located at Mist Lake on Independence server.