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Found 1 result

  1. the Hat in Chat - Emoo Hi Everyone! It's been another fortnight, and we're looking at some huge new things coming to wurm, things that improve ease of play, broaden your horizons, and generally make life ingame a little easier, so let's jump in! WU Beta Last news we stated the WU beta would be released shortly, and sadly, it's been a little longer to come out and for that we are sorry. There's a few technical reasons, owing to the fact WU and WO do run differently, some systems aren't crossing over, and dealing with conflicts, and we know this is frustrating waiting for it, as it is for us getting it out. With the WO update coming we're able to apply a little more time to getting the WU beta ready and out, and hope it is very soon, I've been popping in a few servers around and checking out all the awesome works, and I can't wait to see how the wood shaders bring them to life. Drag to container I'm sure absolutely everyone has had to move items between containers in the past, so I don't need to go into detail how annoying it can be managing big windows as you shuffle it all. Reducing the amount of windows needed open is one focus of ours with the new UI works, and we'll be introducing a new feature within the next update Normally to drag items into a container, you will need to have the window of the container with the items in it open as well as a window of the recipient container. With this new feature, you'll be able to drag items directly from the window of the container with the items in it onto the model itself, it will then place the items inside the container This should make moving bulk and other items around much easier, and less windows clogging up your view! Metal types With the work on introducing shaders for wood types, we began to expand our horizons in ways the new shader system could be used, as well as some long term projects we've been wanting to implement for some time, and next update, they'll be here! We'll be introducing shaders for metal types as well, from silver to gold to steel and bronze, metal weapons, shields, tools will all have the shade of the metal used to make them. but there's one slight problem! Most metal items are limited to either just iron or steel, or very limited in terms of metal choice, which renders the shader system a little less effective.. but not anymore. Coming in the next update, we'll be introducing the ability to craft many metal items from any metal, rather than just iron or steel. Be it a bronze hatchet, a brass rake, a copper halberd or lead great helmet, you'll be able to create your custom items and show them off! Some items such as nails and ribbons, as well as altars will still only be craftable using their current recipes however. Now not all metals are created equal, alloys such as bronze and steel are naturally better than soft metals like copper or gold, so with this system each metal will have specific bonuses and penalties, from resisting damage, to being quicker to repair or improve, and various other factors. We'll be revealing the specific details with the update, but we are keen to take your input on any ideas of what you'd like to see each metal do too, so feel free to leave some ideas in case we've missed them! Mission adjustments We've been following mission completion rates over the past few months, and will be making some changes based on it. Firstly, we've noticed high difficulty (6/7) missions are not being completed as often as the mid-range (3/5) so we'll be reducing the required amount of items and participants at high difficulty. We’ll also be reducing the chances of a mission advancing to a higher difficulty upon completion, which will keep missions within that sweet spot of good rewards and completion rates, but also making it easier if they do advance to the higher stages. We'll also be increasing the amount of creatures spawned for slaying missions, namely the champions that are required, these creatures will age and die fast once the mission expires though, to avoid too many roaming the lands, but caring for them will avoid that if someone wishes to collect them *cough* We'll also be addressing the issue with freedom missions not expiring after 4 days if at less than 33% complete. Bear in mind this is for multi part missions, tree missions and traitor missions will still be open for the full 7 days. Epic skill adjustments We've been monitoring a lot of feedback from Epic, and it's clear that stats gain is too low, in the next update we'll be increasing the gain from characteristics to make getting PvP ready much more quick and smooth. I know it's not exactly been a lightning fast process, but we are working on a few other aspects to improve getting new players PvP ready quicker, as well as encouraging roaming and active play on Epic. It's no easy process, and I understand many are frustrated with how bugs impact pvp more harshly than pve, but we will be working on improving that over the next few months too. Heave ho! With the introduction of the placing system, many players were curious about the ability to place larger objects, and we’ll be bringing this in in the next update. It will work slightly differently to placing smaller items, as they use the inventory to essentially pick up and drop. Upon ‘placing’ the large item, a timer will begin to push the item into the exact position. While it may take a little longer than placing smaller items, it still works with the exact same precision and ability to fine tune. Shader adjustments In the coming update we’ll also be adjusting how dyes act with wooden items, if any item is dyed the wood type will not show, meaning an oakenwood cart dyed the same shade of blue as an orangewood cart will look identical. This should help return the vibrancy of dyes as well as make it much easier to colour match! Preview work We'd like to thank everyone who has tried out the Preview client and reported issues. We've identified a few issues with the new libraries and linux/Mac Operating Systems, so we'll be tackling those before the client goes fully live. In the meantime, keep on using it and reporting any issues you see! All of this and more is coming in our next update, slated for the 8th of March, so I hope you’re ready for it! Until then though, stock up on metals, make plans, and don't forget to tell us what bonuses and penalties you'd like to see for various metals, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.