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Found 4 results

  1. I just paid some upkeep into my alts PvE deed on Deliverance SFI: [23:00:22] You pay 1 silver to the upkeep fund of Southport Ranch. [23:00:22] No money withdrawn from village. Why do I get the second message? It is not possible to withdraw money from a deed on PvE. Does it refer to funds held in the deed itself? or held in my bank account? Is it a bug? If not, what does it mean?
  2. would like to see a message board that one can send to logged out players, so that when they log in, they will be notified of the message
  3. I have noticed that in the middle of working you may tend to not notice that ever so rare notification of a person whom you KOS'd slipping through the humdrum of the Events tab. I suggest, that that "event" be moved to the Village tab so that it is more likely to be seen and noted and not missed. I have an alt that fortunately caught a message from an old KOS'd individual who logs on every so often to view the area...and does not leave apparently. Pushing the creation tab of mining caused me to miss the notification, because the even is so rare and was soon out of event menu info and gone. It would be more noteworthy to put it in the village tab because you have to have a village to KOS someone in the first place and it will allow others in your village to more quickly view it as well. Just an suggestion.
  4. Any chance the spam could be replaced with just one "You are too busy" message, instead of the 10-30 line monster of atrociousness that comes at times? Or like an option to disable the message, or something. More or less annoying when eating from a pile of meals. Same sort of thing could go for when picking up a pile of stuff.