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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I had a very unpleasant lesson today. My alt was skilling on a practice doll - with a shaft activated - but the shaft should have been equipped - so alt was using a 93ql SUPREME longsword - and in a few hours the weapon went from 0 to 100 damage and was completely destroyed. The event message read " you cut the doll" and I should have realised that you can't cut with a shaft. However, it might be an idea to say with which weapon you are using on the doll, as many players have probably lost good weapons this way. So instead of : [14:06:42] You maul a practice doll very lightly in the neck. better would be : "You maul a practice doll WITH A SHAFT very lightly in the neck" or instead of: [13:02:46] You cut a practice doll very lightly in the right calf. better would be: "You cut a practice doll WITH A LONGSWORD very lightly in the right calf", etc I hope this is implemented sooner rather than later, as it really burned to loose a very valuable weapon.
  2. This is something I been wanting to bring up. I'm semi new and wasn't sure how the community would react. For some reason it does not seem right to me that when someone's settlement disbands the whole server has to be notified. Within a hour you have several people showing up looting the place. I think it would be better if players had to go out and explore to find run down deeds. This will get players out of their deeds to go for a real treasure hunt. Maybe even make a devise/enchant like my pendulum that will locate disbanded settlements withing a perimeter and withing a certain amount of time after it was disbanded. I've heard of people coming back to nothing but what's in their inventory and this will also give a player a chance to come back and his stuff is still there because no one ever found it! That would be cool. It sucks to see settlements disband but at the same time i don't like that people are waiting like wolves for settlements to go down. Treasure should go to the Indiana Jones of the server.
  3. Hey, I have recently noticed that some of my friends, who aren't using the forums and live in a different time zone, rarely play at the same time as me. However, there are often things to be said. I understand why offline messages aren't allowed to random people, but it would be great if we would be able to offline message friends, who would receive the message whenever they get back ingame, in order to let them know some important things. If there is a feature like this implemented, I am not aware of it and apologize for wasting your time. If not, then yep, the suggestion stands!
  4. I've been breeding a lot lately, and it has kind of caught my attention that it's always the same message: [16:17:14] The Aged fat horse shys away and interrupts the action. I was thinking that maybe there could be a different fail message, a more realistic one, saying that breeding was successful but pregnancy was not achieved, or something like that. I realize that that is a tiny little change, doesn't need much coding, and is totally unimportant, but it would be a nice little update for everyone out there who breeds a lot and continously has to read the same messages. I suggest this, and bother with it, because WurmOnline seems to attempt to take everything as realistic as possible, and the fail message compromises that. When breeding horses, it is common but doesn't happen whenever pregnancy isn't achieved, that the horse shys away. Due to that, I suggest that there should be these two different messages. Perhaps there could be different timeframes depending on which fail message you get. [animal] shys away and interrupts the action -> would therefore result in a certain amount of time, say one day, of the horse being uninterested in breeding The intimacy has not achieved pregnancy. -> would therefore result in a certain amount of time, say two days, of the horse being uninterested in breeding Don't know if many people would care about this but it certainly wouldn't hurt, would it? XD
  5. Simple enough: Instead of writing "You will soon leave this island, and end up on another island." type out which server you'll end up on. Ever since Xanadu was added the north border on Deliverance is a gamble - Parts of the north shore leads to Xanadu, which is really frustrating when you're headed to Independence.
  6. Hey, this is no big deal, but I thought you should know: When you log in on Pristine, you get the following welcome message: "[20:48:23] Welcome back, xxxxxxxx! Release has been awaiting you." Cheers Yaga
  7. I thought it could be a good idea if there was a way to message a mayor of a settlement via the village token. As some do not have forum accounts, this could help to resolve some issues. The message could be sent to the email that was used to create the Wurm account for that player. Lola