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Found 2 results

  1. I'd like to ask for some serious message board changes. Currently: Message Boards: 6 planks, 3 small nails, 2 shafts. Paper or papyrus : pressed wood pulp or reeds with a press ink : a octopus ink sac or dye (color strongly dependent on skills) reed pen : reed cut with carving knife (cannot improve and limits length of message based on quality of pen) So to leave a message on any board, one must have paper, a pen of decent quality, AND permissions. Just to leave messages and notices. There are no permissions to allow people to take paper and ink for writing, there is no way to add this to a board for ease of use. So in short, what is the intent of these boards? I would like to recommend some changes to make things a little easier to facilitate in-game communication. Message boards have permissions that must be manually done. Change 1; Alter all message boards to include 2 fuel slot containers. Slot 1: Paper box. Slot 2: Ink Jar This is to allow a person to set up a board that can be openly used. without the need of carrying numerous decay prone items. The inclusion of the two items as fuel slots will open a window of time that notes can be written on the boards. The consumption of these items should be determined strictly by the quality of the board itself. 1 kilo of paper, and 1 kilo of ink should last about 24 hours on a 30 quality board. about 240 hours on a 50 quality board, 4 days on a 70 ql board, 8 days on a 90 ql board, and 14 days on 95+ boards. Change 2: Allow for upgrading a village message board to an alliance message board. Allow this after courier has been cast on the board. This is to allow a uniform board that can be viewed by a person on their specific deed, but be connected to a single board in use based on alliance. Change 3: Allow for board to become a public message board. If deed is connected to a starter town via highway. it would display public announcements. Board must be upgraded with a Cat's eye. Allows anyone to post on it This I think is just kinda fun, have anyone who posts a notice in a starter town have it delivered to all towns that are connected and have boards. provides a reason to connect towns and an in game "news system" New addition: Trade board: Allow a board to be placed that would be connected to a server wide searchable database that would show what items are available, and what deed they are in. This would come in handy with the new highway system. Perhaps limiting items on the trade board to merchants on deeds connected via a highway network?
  2. The fountain in the center of Glasshollow Market is now a public meeting place! Anyone is welcome to take a sheet of papyrus and a pen from the red cart just nearby, about six tiles away towards the guard tower. Inscribed messages may be placed into the center fountain at the token so that they may be viewed by anyone. Name buy/sell requests starting with "WTB" or "WTS" in order to allow easy sorting. You may also request a rename for your merchant's market stall. Remember to rename your sheet before posting, so people will know which ones to read. A system of sub-containers to sort older sheets until their decay may be implemented as the fountain becomes full. Any message is welcome! You may place your village ad, or just say hello to Glasshollow! I will continue to supply papyrus, pens and dye in the red cart as more are needed; I have just installed a small reed farm on my nearby deed, Golden Glass, with plenty of room to expand. NOTE: The ornate fountain next to the red cart may be the future location for this 'message board' (current location promotes awareness of new message system)