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Found 3 results

  1. I couldn't find anywhere in the 100k plus listings so can we merge two or more deeds in settings by doing away with one side of the outer perimeter? For instance..I would drop the West side perimeter and they would drop the East side perimeter so there would not be 10 tiles unprotected tiles between us. Reason would be mostly for creation of a Market area.. attached to the main living area. With a setting of "Merge Deed with _________ , drop West(drop down select) perimeter." Just simple and you could even charge the outer perimeter cost if you're concerned with money lost on monthly payments. Just an idea.
  2. As a new server stand alone, it is too much. Your players will be divided - "Should I stay with my deeds and toons where I have put so much investment, or try this new giant server?" If I stay: - I watch many friends leave for the new server and my neighborhood may become a ghost town. - I possible get to reap the rewards of expired deed looting - People will sell me their characters at dirt cheap prices and possibly their deeds (not sure why I want more??) - I can expand and heck, maybe move next to the starter town if I want - I get to leverage all my investment and keep wurming happily ever after - minus all my friends, so maybe not so happy after all. *** but Rolf has to keep the lights on for me to enjoy it all and he probably wants to consolidate servers to save money*** If I go to Xanadu: - I probably get new content, like bridges and 3D mines. - I get all the room to grow I could ever possibly want. - Can make a new community with friends that are also going - Spend a fortune, trying to re-deed all the resources I already deeded on my old server. *** Rolf gets a new revenue stream, unless he lets everyone take their silver from other servers *** The choice is hard! Really hard. I feel like it isn't a good choice either. So, how can this be a win-win for Rolf and his customers? 1. Announce the sunsetting of ALL the old servers (including the new cluster). Make it a rolling sunset, based on server age. Give us a few weeks to get our affairs in order, then shut down a server every few weeks. 2. Give everyone fair value for their land. What would it cost to create a new deed of the same size w/same Templars? That is how much credit they get for the new server. 3. Give a refund for Traders and merchants. 100% on merchants and on traders, 100% for newly purchased, 40s for a 1month old trader, 30 for 2 month, 20s for 3 month old, etc. 4. Premuim time get's fully credited. 5. Silver/gold is credited. 6. Items, buildings, bulk goods... tragic loss due to the 'wurld' getting sucked into a black hole. All of those silver credits go into a new "Master Account", where we can attach multiple characters and then use those funds to re-prem any of our characters we create in Xanadu, as well as buy settlement papers, fund deeds, etc. Originally, I was worried about old and Wurm wealthy characters taking their wealth to the new server and gobbling up the prime land, but after seeing it today, it just isn't possible. The land is far too big! Let the wealth come over. It won't hurt new players, but in fact, if gives the new players someone to sell their goods and labor to. What about existing character skills? I think it just has to be a complete wipe. That would kill a small fortune in skills that I invested in, but it has to be that way. It would be to imbalanced to allow old characters to come over. "But why let all the silvers come over?? won't that be an imbalance??" No. People can flat out buy silver from Rolf if they want, so there is no harm in allowing those funds to transfer from old servers. Ok, this was pretty unpopular, lol. Message received Why would Rolf want to let us bring our money over? Why would he want to credit us for old server deeds, etc? Because if he can trade in the cost of running 6 old servers and move everyone to 1 new server, a TON of infrastructure cost goes away, as well as eliminating the need to develop two sets of code, for the different server types. Just maintaining the old code for bugs and security risks is expensive. Every driver update, OS update, blah blah, all needs testing on old servers, if you continue supporting them. So pull the trigger, roll the dice, take the plunge! A grand new adventure for all.
  3. This is my thought on how xanadu could be a way to merge the servers Instead of dividing the playerbase with a new cluster or just a massive link to the side, they could include the new server land as part of xanadu. i drew up a basic image (2 mins tops) of how it could be (could be moved around a bit in any way the devs want) This would eliminate any issues of cross-server travel, give even chaos a broader area to play around in, and connect the new cluster all in one shot. It seems like a possible thing, considering the devs didnt want us making a map of it (because it might not be the same map). and this CA quote from By klaa: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Xanadu... It will change everything... including the forums. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- That's my 2 cents, pick it apart as you please.