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Found 37 results

  1. How about adding a new message board called a trade board? Players could then set buildings or stalls as trade structures which would allow personal merchants to post their items to the board. This would not be instant, requiring a 24h waiting period from when you place an item on the trader to it becoming available for purchase but removing items are instantly updated (helps with oopsies or selling the item yourself via trade channel and PM). Players could then see items that are listed on these merchants for trade on their server (server specific) and what deed the merchant is on. If the deed has a mailbox on it, the merchant can utilize the mailbox (and it's enchantment level) to send items allowing players to trade with the merchant remotely. Money for these trades is deducted from the bank immediately (plus postage after a confirmation pop-up) and the items are sent like normal but the funds from the purchase go to the merchant as though a player were trading with the merchant directly (minus postage of course plus the merchant's cut). I think this would make merchants much more useful, especially for those who are much farther away from major population centers without completely changing the way trading works in Wurm.
  2. There is a much bemoaned problem concerning merchants, particularly isolated single ones - many potential customers don't have easy access to coin while out travelling. Please let NPC merchants offer banking facilities like a token - at least let players withdraw coins at these NPC locations, so that customers can then make a purchase. Currently 10% of the money received by the NPC merchant goes into the 'King's coffers' as a cash sink. Please let NPC merchants accept treasure hunt deed upkeep credits in exchange for up to 10% of the total purchase price - the money goes to the King's pot anyway. This should encourage a healthy marketplace economy.
  3. Hello! A new marketplace has been in progress the last few months, on the Northern end of Independence and right along the water for ease of travel. Featuring a small church for prayers, a tavern/inn to rest your weary head, a public crafting space, and a selection of merchants with different wares for your perusing, as well as many pens offering 5 speed horses and hellhorses and the occasional champion pet. Celestial Market is on the highway system for easy routing, and just along the shore of Samling Fjord at E15 on Independence. If you arrive during the night, you'll know you're there when you see all of the bright colors found around the deed ^ ,^ We do have quite a few merchant stall spaces available for anyone who would like to claim one and place a merchant (or more than one) into this beautiful marketplace. Open this spoiler to see visually on the map Decently stocked so far, but always still a work in progress I hope to add many more things into the marketplace, along with the co-owner (my best friend). Will soon have clay and peat pits available for public digging, and currently do have tar. You'll be able to purchase animals, archeology fragments, tailoring goods, tools, weapons, armors and clothing, etc, as well as beverages and liquid foods from the bartender inside the Tipsy Troll Tavern. For more marketplace photos, see the spoiler below!
  4. Just a heads up for anyone running a market. I had the 'Drop' items checkbox ticked for non citizens. Someone innocently thought they should build their own market stall, rather than ask for a vacant one, and so they dropped an unfinished stall. Because they themselves dropped it, they were able to finish it with a single plank. Unfortunately it was not in a suitable place, so the merchant has to be moved, and I am having to bash the stall - which takes a good long while. Just wanted to bring it up, in case any market owner has this 'Drop' Items permission checked at their market, and prefers to choose the market stalls layout themselves. As for the suggestion, it would be great to have a special checkbox for market stalls, so that it is not possible to complete them on someone else's deed without express permission, as they do require a LOT of bashing when they are in an inconvenient place.
  5. I put 2 full sealed barrels of honey on my merchant when sealed barrels were first allowed on merchants. The barrel of 13ql honey - now weighs 2kg (it's empty) The barrel of 52ql honey - on removing the seal and checking it, the honey had decayed by around 28 dam The barrels have never been off deed and were sealed before putting on the merchant. This was a test to see if I could sell food liquids on merchants - it appears it is not ready for this. The worry is that until decay reaches 100, the barrels do not show any outward indication of the contents decay - I noticed the 1st barrel was 2kg, but it was only by 'tasting' that I noticed that the QL of the 2nd barrel had dropped to 'acceptable'. I think customers currently need to be aware of this when purchasing liquids in sealed barrels so that they do not purchase decayed products.
  6. Glasshollow Market - merchant listings - March 20 update: These are the goods currently available for purchase on the merchants at Glasshollow Market. The lists are provided as a service to the vendors and shoppers here. (Lists are expanded when necessary to reveal the text which has been 'renamed' onto the items for sale) Images are current as of March 20: [GALLERY] Dragon Market: Lumpy Market: Central Market: Harbor Market: Fort Glasshold (bulk sales):
  7. Hello, so pretty much since I play wurm that the flags that u drop on a merchant to sell, like for example kingdom flags, take damage. I was under the impression that the merchants inventory worked like a another player toon, am I correct? Is it possible to remove the decay damage to flags in merchants inventorys pls?
  8. What if we had a system allowing us to know: 1) where are the merchants situated; and/or 2)which goods do they have It can be made through UI or as ingame mechanic. For example: Merchant owner can write goods listed for sale and merchant location.( That can be done using those papyrus sheets to make them more useful) That list can be sent as an object to anyone. (Using that list can add mark on the map for merchant location) And/or that list can be added to merchant database either accessible through UI or at the unique building/board at the main city.(although board can be craftable for more player-involved mechanic). P.S. Sorry if something like this was already discussed - don't even know how to search this subject.
  9. Since alot of players asking; what and where market stall is free for my merchant? we make map that will be updated every week. Save your time sellers and buyers. And get your stall before we are full! You can buy merchant contact from Paulofdune or Rockybalboa for only 8 silver coins.
  10. List of merchants at Blossom Market north of Blossom spawn on Pristine. Updated 2 March 2016 Name Player Stock A Annihill's Corner Annihill Basic Cloth leather armour and equipment B Bob Exene Enchanted tools and weapons including steel and seryll, potions, drake hide, star gem C Omeo market place Aussiemel Spindles, cloth squares, rare dirt, ropes, yellow potions D High ql carpentry Wraithfoe High quality carpentry, fine carpentry and bows, some enchanted E Alan Potter Brotunia Enchanted tools F Dibhala Ghengizcohen High quality weapons /tell Hailene for Legendary Smithing services G Allure Ladygodiva Pelts and leatherworking H Oddworld Aum Blacksmithing, pelts and soft caps I Thruds Chainmail Pacha Two chain coifs J Pelts and Farm Stuff Katsuki Enchanted pelts and ropes K Jaggy's Enchants Margus Enchanted tools L Sails and Ropes Explora Sails, ropes, tailoring, some enchanted tools M Magic Carpet Aum Animal Rugs N Awesome Weapons Sandyar 80 Quality weapons O Violet Evening Enchanted blacksmithing, charcoal, pelts, Jewelsmithing, birdcage, table P Sparky Evening Lamps, candelabras in iron, copper, gold & silver Q Tools for You Rokpri Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Jewelsmithing and pelts R Aums Armors Aum Weapons, Sorcery Staffs, Tabards and soft caps S Cmotdibbler Ghengizcohen Leatherworking T Schrodinger Nekoras Enchanted blacksmithing, weapons and Fine Carpentry including steel tools. Also unfinished pylons U Sanity Ladygodiva Blacksmithing and pelts V Avril Rainsome Steel lumps
  11. Southeastern Xanadu Market That's right, Southern Comfort is once again open for business! This time it's a public market that will soon be offering horse sales as well. We are soliciting merchants to take up residence in our open air market bordering sea and lake in Southeastern Xanadu. Southern Comfort is located at S24 with easy boat access to the lake via canal passable by ships, Knarr and smaller. There is also ready road access via the Lakeside Highway that connects to the main highway running North and South from the Esteron spawn point. Ships can be moored on the lake, on the sea or along the canal that runs through the Market. Do you live in the Southeast and are looking to sell your wares in the area? Or perhaps you have merchants elsewhere and are also looking to reach customers in this area of Xanadu? Well then, Southern Comfort is the market for you! We currently have 16 market stalls open with room to expand to twice that amount as the need arises. Stalls are available on a first come first serve basis and it's free to place your merchant. Three guard towers surround the market, ensuring a (mostly) hassle-free purchasing experience. A 93-cast mailbox is on site for your convenience. Meditate a spell or two at our peaceful Love Path tile situated beside the main building. There is plenty of clay to be found and a tar pit not far to the North along the highway. There are public altars to Fo and Magranon. A colossus of Vynora blesses the Market as she longingly looks out to sea. Look for our horse merchant to soon be selling well-bred horses! Contact Araninke or Kelpie in-game or PM Araninke here on the forums with questions, problems with merchant stalls, etc. Please come visit our Market in the Southeast and place a free merchant or two of your own... we look forward to doing business with you!
  12. I use alot of trucking keys and locks, I have over 500 active keys almost 6th satchel is full or my keys. WELL... I did Noticed after update I am no longer able to Lock and Unlock stuff while on my Wagon, or commanding I know have to be on solid ground ?!?!? This was not an issue before permissions. Could you please make it where we can put locks on items while commanding vehicles aging. Its a pain to dismount everyy single time I want to lock something. And I have to lock a ton of stuff with permission With the new permissions requiring locks to manage the permissions I have over 300 bsbs unlocked chests abd food bens etc... spread out all over tge place that still needed locks. I own over 1,000 lockable items mostly locked but I need to replace my locks soon on everything since Mirrormatch might of copied my keys from his last theft. Please fix this. Not sure if this was intended or not. I wear plate and always carry my tools, weapons on me I never walk faster tyan 2.00 km/h I enioy my mounts and Carts etc.. Fix the locks please. (Everything is acticing like a door now) instead of lock it reads attach lock. Which im not sure if it requires solid ground or not but anyways. Also an idea I wouls like to see added to permissions. I already share my merchants but I have to do everything myself. Also could we manage Merchants on permissions? And on the history can you add who bought what items? And what sold? I find myself guessing what sold 100% or the time because I forget due to the many items I put inside etc. I would like to share my merchants with my alts, friends and alliance etc... qity out adding items myself etc. Somw check boxes that could be managed in permissions. Add items Change prices Remove items Remove silver And finally an issue Also I have keys still to wagons I have collected from old alliances members, I am the maker but not the owner they quit the game. So I had wagona recovered I made them. 1) They are locked I do have the keys 2) I was able to command, load, unload and use normally 3) new permssions system A) I can Open remove item and add items I can not unload C) I can not command, thus No loading stuff D) I can not do permissions not the owner (understandable) E) I can not remove the Locks (wtf I got the key) F) I can not Drag,Push,Hitch,Etc... I can still use them as storage containers I guess wince I can open whilw holding the keys, but cant do anything big with then. I have 1 inside my boat loaded. I can unload it so now I got a rare cart inaide my knarr wasting space. Lol Could we fix it where if one holds the key abd the owners doesnt not play the game or exists anymore ( a delete option ) Or Claim command... I already own 8 of my own wagons but 5 additional ones were left behibx. I use them or I did not they are parked in horrible places for storage. I guess I could leave them abd just add items and remove items when needed. Please lets hear some good input on this post.
  13. Offering you the finest wares, Tenakill has 3 merchant locations spanning across 2 servers, holding a variety of goods. The first location is found at Freedom Market on the Independence server (m16, in-game map). The second location is found at Slovenia (Glasshollow) Market on the Xanadu server (c10, in-game map). The third location is found at Tenakill's Landing on the Xanadu server (b16, in-game map). Tenakill also takes special orders and offers equipment improving service. If you do not see an item on our merchants, you can contact Asidecay or Becket to place an order. All orders and improvement services will require the customer to meet the delivery costs. Delivery/Pickup will be made to either Tenakill on the Independence server (n9), or to Tenakill's landing on the Xanadu server (b16). We can send items via mail to any Freedom server, but the CoD cost may vary for the customer, depending on their location. Pricing is listed below, excluding improvement services. Contact us for pricing on an improvement. Smithing Blacksmithing (iron) 81ql - 70c91ql - 1.5s92ql - 2s95ql - 4s Weaponsmithing (iron) 81ql - 1s91ql - 2s Chainsmithing (iron) 81ql Pants or Jacket - 70c81ql All other armor pieces - 50c Platesmithing 71ql Great helm - 80c Shieldsmithing 81ql - 1s91ql - 2s Horseshoe Sets (4 shoes per set) 71ql - 2s (50c per shoe)91ql - 5s (1.25s per shoe) Light Sources 71ql Iron lamps - 60c each (set of 10 - 5s)91ql iron lantern - 2s *light sources can be dyed white at no additional cost if requested Anchors 50+ql lead anchor - 50c Carpentry Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Tools 81ql - 70c 91ql - 2s*wood type can be requested, if applicable Bowyery 81ql Willow - 1s91ql Willow - 2s Large Crates 50+ql - 30c each*wood type can be requested Wagons 71ql Freedom kingdom wagon - 1.5s*wood type can be requested Tailoring Studded Armor 81ql Pants or Jacket - 60c91ql Pants or Jacket - 90c81ql All other armor parts - 40c91ql All other armor parts - 60c81ql Full set - 4s91ql Full set - 6s Saddles 71ql - 1.5s91ql - 4s Bridles 71ql - 50c91ql - 1s Meditating Rugs 71ql, any type - 1s Misc Cloth Items Sheet, varying ql - 15cFreedom tabard, 50+ql - 20cFreedom Flag, 50+ql - 25cFreedom Banner, 50+ql - 25c Vynora Enchants WoA, CoC, AoSP or Frostbrand powers 0-69 power - 1c per power70-75 power - 1.5c per power 76-80 power - 2c per power81-90 power - 2.5c per power Nimbleness 0-70 power - 1.5c per power71-75 power - 2c per power76-80 power - 2.5c per power81-85 power - 3c per power86-90 power - 3.5c per power Mind Stealer 0-80 power - 3c per power 80-90 power - 4c per power **All skiller tools (<20ql) will have a base price of 25c in addition to enchant costs** Life Transfer Enchants In limited capacity, we are now able to offer LT enchants on weapons, thanks to a partnership with the almighty Pumpkin King, Raamkozijn/Blahsonson. You can visit his merchant page here: > Generally speaking, we are unable to offer custom casts at this time, but a variety of pre-enchanted weapons will be available through our merchant locations listed in the beginning of this opening post. Raam's pricing structure for LT is also used by us, with prices per power listed below (in copper coin value):
  14. Everyone seems to think Traders need a total overhaul and some aspects do need change but with a few tweaks they can work. 1. Instead of draining have them by selling them items no one would want to buy have them deposit an amount determined by the activity of the trader into the a fund drawn from the trader's owner (just like merchants). 2. Give them the ability to sell things just as merchants instead of an automatic value not inline with what people will actually pay for them let people determine value. 3. Make the items placed on the trader available through all other traders on the server. Just like a merchant but the trader takes a much larger percentage of profits for taxes and delivery. (20%) This would make them true traders and end the need to lock them away. It would also end the need to clot them up with nearly useless items that are so Overpriced that no one would buy them unless they were getting the money back. The trader system as it is always seemed silly to me because 90% of them are locked in a shack only trading with one person and still manages to get more money than that one person gives them. This would not replace the current merchant system because they would still cost 50 silver to place and the items put on them would most likely be much higher than regular merchants. Also it would allow sellers to see what others on their server are selling similar items for leading to a stabilization of prices. Restrictions on placing could stay the same but I would prefer they be limited to one per account needing premium membership to place or receive funds from the trader. If premium time expires for the placer then cannot access funds from it. The only difficult major change would be the the server wide sales screen perhaps divided by categories for easy use.
  15. I've been toying with the idea of using writs to make bulk sales safer for both parties and here is my suggestions. Give writs a makers mark and unique number much like the guard towers have so they can still be renamed but on examine of the writ or the actual walls you get a message saying makers name and this unique number. This would allow you to give a writ to players to fill with goods Make writs tranferrable to merchants and perhaps even mailable. Make writs able to be priced on merchants. The reason for the writ makers mark and number is quite simple say you wish to have bulk mats delivered you build a little shed to have the goods delivered to on your perimeter you mail the writ to the player delivering the goods or if your going to be online simply transfer it through the trading window, the seller fills the writ with the goods and allows kingdom to enter so you can see the goods are actually within the building but cant take (due to writ permissions) then you trade the writ back for the amount agreed on and the both parties are protected from being scammed. Now atm without the makers mark this wont work as theres nothing stopping a sneeky player creating a writ of their own and renaming it the same as the one you give them and you end up with nothing,but a makers mark and unique number on examine would prevent this. If the writs are transferable to merchants then horse seller could use them (now that grass is plantable in writs) to sell their horses, ship builders could make a transporter with a ship/boat etc with 1 piece left to allow offline sales (adding the last piece makes you owner) and making them mailable would allow for players to return the writs to the maker. And bulk sales could be done and the buyer would be able to be sure the goods are there before purchasing from merchants and players and be able to collect the goods at their convenience. Lastly placing these sheds on perimeter would safe guard buyers from mayors bashing the walls to access them before they can.
  16. Rockaway marketplace at P14 is now open and has lots of available stalls. It is located on the waterfront. Bryanr/Btrod
  17. "I've got the best deals anywhere!" Like that goblin in WoW says. I always hear that line in my head whenever I'm browsing a merchant's ad. The responses to an earlier thread (which I shan't link here), got me to thinking about all the awesome 'customer service' which I've received from the various merchants here in Wurm. Which led to the creation of this particular thread. Let's talk about some awesome merchants, shall we? There are two that rank as TOTALLY AWESOME in my book of merchants. When I first started playing, way back when puppy dogs were the oldest creatures, the first merchant I dealt with in Wurm was Booskii. Fortunately, (or unfortunately for some...) her kindness and willingness to 'go the extra mile', would forever colour my perception on how I think a merchant should act and treat their customers. She was my go to for my very first 3 and 4 speed horses, and my very first 5 speed which she gave me as a GIFT when my favorite (and at the time, only) 4 speed got murdered by a mob back when someone thought it was a good idea to have mobs actively target cart animals. This was back when a 5 speed would run you an arm and a leg, so it wasn't a cheap gift. Not many people would do that. I also bought my first 1k of cotton from her, nice 75ql stuff, about a third of which I still have in crates and use regularily to heal myself, as my own farming is only now just pushing 63! I also recommended her and her group to everyone in my Alliance. Back then, they were 'Garden of Shadows' in Pristine. Now in Xanadu, and can be found here: I was so sad when they left Pristine, that I took the purple horse statues that used to stand at the gates of Garden of Shadows, and renamed them 'Garden' and 'Shadows' They are now on my deed right in front of my house. My current go-to kitten for replacing my skiller tools has been SmilingCat Enchants. Friendly (and damn quick) service with a smile and a purrrrr. Their current 'free mailing sale' has saved me MANY silver in replacing my lower level skiller tools to something a bit more respectable for a year and a half old toon. Many times that alone has gotten me to give them even more of my business, as it adds up extremely quickly when ordering multiple items. If you have merchants that you can personally recommend who have given you fantastic service above and beyond the call of duty, list them here! Also, if you have any in-general kind things that others have done for you, or times when others went out of their way to help you, and you wish to share them, please feel free to share it here as well. I always love reading such things.
  18. Since everyone seems to want change to traders and traders now have become pretty much worthless. Anyways ill get to the point. My idea is kinda similar to an idea Eyerobot had a while ago. - Make traders function as actual "traders" -Give them the ability to search all Merchants for items to buy (don't give me the break immersion excuse because their name says "traders") -Charge an additional 5 copper or maybe 5% for buying an item from a distant Merchant. -"Breaks immersion argument breaker" Once item is purchased from a distant merchant then it will be mailed to you in a certain amount of time 3 hours for same server 6 hours for another server. This would benefit everyone people would seek out public traders (for those who wish to have more people in thier area). Merchants selling stuff on their merchants would have access to a broader customer base. People who own the trader would see an increase in profits and it would be a realistic income. - if you are going to use the "immersion excuse" then explain how traders are so immersive for your gaming experience being locked in a 3x3 building. In order for this to be fair people who either own or have claimed an abandoned trader should have the opportunity to reclaim their trader. Not sure how this would be possible for records where they cannot check who placed the trader or where the person placing and the final person who has control are in conflict(thats another story) If they don't want to take part in the new system then they should have an opportunity for silver reimbursement. I feel like this would encourage people to spend money having access to more goods. It would also encourage people to have public traders/create areas for public use. You would still have an advantage if your trader was not public but a member of your deed as it would give you the ability to buy and sell without incurring the 5c tax. I feel as if a trader should have ability to sell stuff for people also like a public merchant of sorts with a limited inventory of items that it can sell (like a merchant). - Tom wants to sell his pickaxe that he made but does not have a merchant of his own. - Tom traders pickaxe to Trader Joe and puts it up for "trade" at a price of 80c - Tom pays 5c to Trader joe for trying to "trade" his pickaxe for 1 week (this should be limited to 5 items per character on a trader to avoid griefing "hey ill just put 100 needles on here for 5s then no one else can use it" ) To sum it all up Traders would fill these functions. A) Act as an actual "Trader" and seek out items from merchants that people would like. ( a 3 hour to 6 hour delay would be on receiving said item) this is to not break immersion and to give local Merchants an advantage. Function as a public merchant with the same limit of 100 items as a merchant(limit the number of items any 1 person can sell on them at any given time to 3-5 to avoid griefing) C) for every action Buying/Selling there would be either a 5c flat tax or 5% tax This would not effect people who sell bulk items or people who cater to a dedicated playerbase buying from a local market. Traders would have to be assigned an owner for this to work. Rolf could also implement this without changing the system just add this onto the abilities thus rewarding people who have placed traders for public use this whole time. Also he could keep the ability to "Drain" traders of upkeep funds and just add this as an added feature for the health of the game. Might be a bit of a challenge but i think it would make for a more lively economy.
  19. I have two open marketplace stalls atm. I am in the process of building more stalls. Rockaway is located at P14 the market is on the waterfront. Easy access from boats or roads that lead to Loremere. Mayor Btrod
  20. Hey, Since some time I'm trying a way for good transformation of screenshots of my merchant contents into text using OCR software but it takes long time and results are, uhm, unsatisfying. Could I please have option from merchant writs that will export my merchant contents as a table or raw text into some file in Wurm folder? In future also having some type of data logger for all merchant writs would also be handy to know who is buying what and when, maybe some notification in yellow on event window similar to you have a moment of inspiration? If i had less merchants this would have not been that problem for me, but since I got 12 of them trying to find out what I got on merchants and what I don't by browsing everything, also trying to make some list of items for forums takes very long time. This is how i do this now:
  21. PUZZLE PLAZA MARKET AND EVENT DEED Hello all and welcome to the Deliverance server Market thread. The market is a free open market with no staff influence or party player influence. I would like to welcome you to the market and discuss it's functions. There are 60+ merchants on deed loaded with good items. The setting is great and the market well organised. Mail box and open public trader right at the center of the Plaza. The plaza has been running about 2 years now and will continue to server the community for years to come. Cord and map placement from Greendog starting area Deliverance server freedom islands. The market was founded By players of freedom and for Players of freedom. ANY ONE MAY PLACE A MERCHANT AT ANY OPEN STALL: Take a look, find a key, take a look into the labyrinth of eternity! The plaza is a full market and event deed. Upcoming changes and restoration coming soon. The full opening of puzzle plaza and all of it's features will be an on going project. Any questions about the Plaza: PM Foreverskyz, Zalifear. Nyteshade, Galilmar, Quasiwud, spyte. Thanks for tuning in and see you at the Plaza!
  22. The Monk Temple is now looking for initiates! we have been working on our temple for some time and are now prepared to start housing more players, with our public housing barracks for new recruits now under construction! each initiate will be assigned a bedroom with a bed, chest, and a Bulk storage bin. upon joining they will be shown efficient techniques for grinding experience and learn to truly hone their skills. From a great architect to a master of martial arts, our goal is to grow as a whole, and not just leave our initiates fend for themselves. Through this modality of cooperation and coordination that we have managed to maintain, we have managed to make much progress on the soon-to-be monk temple. with the courtyard, cook-house, tailor, stables, a high Ql quard tower and a fully functional farm, we have everything we need to accommodate new comers. upon completion of the monk temple there will also be a blacksmith, barracks, dojo, shipyard, and of course, the temple itself! our long-term goal is to build a strong and profitable commonwealth with our kingdom allies to the east. Apart from such international endeavours, we also hope to unify the kingdoms surrounding the lake that our great temple is located on known as "serpent lake" under one banner! we hope you will become a part of our community and I hope to hear from you soon! i can be found In-game as Scninja. See you guys on Xanadu!
  23. Just a couple of things I've been thinking about the last few days: Allow deed owners to dismiss other peoples' merchants if they are empty. Any money would go to the merchant owner's bank. You could also add a timer wherein they can't be dismissed until a certain time has passed. Add a permission to writs to where you can allow/disallow people to place merchants in a building. This would greatly benefit public markets that want to add public buildings but don't want to see any merchants plopped down into them. You could even add the possibility of allowing only certain people to place merchants in selected buildings (friends, alliance, guests, etc.)
  24. Mercury Dragons Elite is on the west coast of Release with a Public Market (12 Merchants), Public Mailbox, Token and a Free Parking area (unlocked) for horses and carts available to visitors and customers. Our deed is found at coords Y21 X3 (this is a player-made peninsula, accessible from land with 2 Guard Towers to increase security for visitors, the one in front of MDE is rare with 6 guards, sexy avatar not guaranteed). Delivery of goods (any amount which fits in 100 small rafts) by boat is 50c within Release, 1s to Pristine. Drop-off must be accessible by Knarr. MAILBOX DELIVERY TIME: 15 Mins ORDER STATUS: OPEN (Accepting Orders) CONSTRUCTION STATUS: AVAILABLE SHIPYARD STATUS: NOT AVAILABLE Contact (in-game and forums): Windguaerd PM me to place your order. Payment MUST be received in advance, if COD is used an additional 10c for mail fee is applicable within Release, 20c for Pristine. After payment is received then we begin working on an order. Need to know how reliable MDE is? Check the second post in this thread for all the completed orders as reference. We accept Referrals, Sleep Powders and Bricks as trade-in payment. Referral: By paying via Referral(s), you get a credit of 7s for goods and services per (1) Referral. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. Sleep Powder: By paying via Sleep Powder(s), you get a credit of 1s for goods and services per (1) Sleep Powder. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. Bricks: By paying via Bricks, you get a credit of 1s for goods and services per 1,000 Bricks. You must offer a minimum of 1,000 bricks (QL 20 or higher) as trade-in. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. If order of goods and/or services requested is above the value of the Trade-in, any remaining payment must be paid with in-game coin in advance. Trade-ins must be given before we work on an order for goods or services. 10 Slate Slabs - 3s 500 Mortar - 1.5s 500 Cooked Meat- 1s 500 Stone (2500 in stock) or Colossus Bricks - 1s 500 Dirt - 50c (2,000 in stock) 1,000 Planks - 1s (9,000 in stock) 100 Pottery Bricks - 1s 250 Slate Shingles - 1.5s (500 in stock) 100 Marble or Stone Slabs - 1s 10 Support Beams or Floorboards - 1s 100 QL 50 Logs - 1s 100 Ribbons - 1s 100 Ropes - 75c (100 in stock) 100 Common Flowers (white, yellow, purple, orange-red) - 1s 100 Large or Small Nails - 25c (1,000 Large Nails - 1,000 Small Nails in stock) 10 Hard to Find Flowers (greenish-yellow, blue) - 20c 100 Common Sprouts (olive, lavender, cherry, lemon, cedar, birch, fir, walnut, grape, apple, chestnut, pine, thorn, maple, rose, camellia, linden, oleander) - 1s 1 Semi Hard to Find Sprout (Willow) - 10c 1 Hard to Find Sprout (Oak) - 20c (20 in stock) We build unfinished Floorboards (last piece, large nail included), so they are able to fit in rafts. If you are picking up your order, we have a very spacious Loading Dock. We sell large ships mostly, and on occasion we can also do smaller boats. All large ships include delivery anywhere on Release (reachable by sea), sailboats and rowboats are pick up only. Custom wood finish when requested (otherwise it will be cedar). Delivery of ships guaranteed within a week if in stock, otherwise check our prep and build time info below. Boat: Prep Time: Build Time: Corbita: 8s 4 Days 4 Days Knarr*: 20s 7 Days 10 Days Caravel: 30s 8 Days 12 Days 10 Small Rafts: 1s 1 Day 1 Day Prep Time is the amount needed to make all the parts needed, Build Time is the amount needed to put it all together to make the boat. Each boat has a boat lock attached (you get the key on pickup or delivery) and a mooring rope anchor included. Currently In Stock None Local residents and visitors can park their boats near our Loading Dock, please do not block the way because players come often to pick up their orders for bulk goods. A few Market Stalls are still available, anyone is allowed to place a merchant. I charge no fee as I want this to truly be a public market. Forges are also available. We are the preferred Public Market for the entire west coast. If you are interested in placing a merchant, feel free to PM me on these forums, or send me a /tell in-game to Windguaerd. Available Market Stalls: 0 out of 12 Business Partners: Masterentaro, Nusty, Taronual Merchant Phryne Stock Thick Rope (15c) Cordage Rope (20c) Triangular Sail (20c) Small Square Sail (10c) Square Sail (30c) Mooring Anchors (20c) Merchant Theodora Stock \ QL 60 Tools (25c) QL 60-68 Whetstones (25c - 30c) QL 67 Iron Large Anvil (20c) Merchant Aspasia Stock QL 70 Iron Tools (30c) Needles, Hammers, Scissors, Saws, Rakes, Leather Knives, Hatchets Rakes, Whetstones, Mallets, Files, Metal Brushes, Awls, Trowels Merchant Rahab Stock QL 70 Iron Tools (30c) Needles, Hammers, Scissors, Saws, Rakes, Leather Knives, Hatchets Rakes, Whetstones, Mallets, Files, Metal Brushes, Awls, Trowels QL 80-90 Pelts (25c - 30c) QL 70 Small and Large Iron Anvils (25c) Merchant Felicia Day Stock Brass Small Bells (10c) QL 50 Rare Birchwood Spindle (4s) QL 95 Soft Cap (Santa Hat) (3s) QL 51 Rare Grindstone (3s) QL 51 Rare Grindstone (3s) Rare Bricks (30c each) Supreme Flowers (30c) Rare Logs and Planks (20c each) Rare Lumps (20c each) Rare Sprouts (20c each) Rare Ribbons (30c each) Rare Square Pieces of Cloth (20c each) Merchant Will Wheaton Stock Rare Logs and Planks (20c each) Rare Dirt (20c each) Rare Shards (20c each) Rare Lumps (20c each) Merchant Whitikar Stock QL 59-61 Saddles (70c) QL 59-61 Studded Leather Pants and Jackets (30c) QL 59-61 Studded Leather Armor Pieces (10c) Merchant Andromeda Stock QL 50 Copper Hanging Lamps (20c) QL 50 Tools (15c) QL 50+ Whetstones (20c) QL 50 Grooming Brushes (15c) QL 50 Sickle (40c) Merchant Enchantress Stock Vynora Puppet Fo Puppet YoYo 4x - 56QL Whetstones (CoC 20-50) Merchant Stellaris Stock QL 60 Plate Armor Sets (5s per set) QL 70-80 Tools (35c - 50c) Merchant Nusty Stock QL 40-60 Small and Large Weapons (50c - 70c) Merchant Taronual Stock QL 40-50 Chain Armor Sets (1s - 1.25s per set) Items in stock can be delivered within a day, anything not in stock has an average waiting time of 3-7 days depending on quantity ordered (larger orders take longer of course). Holidays are not counted (4 of July, Christmas, etc). Tower Construction - You choose the location of the tower, area must be flat before construction. 4s with materials provided by us (Delivery Fee may apply depending on how far you are from us), if you have the materials already (500 bricks, 500 clay, 100 planks) then the price is 2s. QL 50 Tower guaranteed for 5 guards. Carpentry/Masonry Services Mailbox - 75c Stone Altar - 25c Imp to QL 70 to any Forge, Oven, Guard Tower or Mailbox - 30c QL 70 Floor Loom - 50c Wagon - 1.25s Large Crate - 25c Small Crate - 15c Wagon + 9 Large Crates - 2.75s Delivery Fee may apply depending on how far you are from us Other construction services may be available upon request, ask through PM or in-game. Items listed as Special Sale are on limited supply, first come, first served basis. This list may sometimes be empty, depending on what we may get our hands on. NONE All information will be updated regarding our stock (including Merchants) and services. Current/Pending Orders If you have an order, please follow this topic, whenever an order is pending. being worked on or completed we post an update. Orders being worked on, which are partially completed Knarr 15s - in Progress If you have any questions PM me please. We thank you for your patronage! *=Price only applies if you purchase 100 small rafts as well, otherwise the price is 25s. **=Unless QL is specified, we'll use any building goods in stock regardless of QL.