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Found 131 results

  1. Bachus's Pottery Barn located at S-13 on Deliverance is open for business. Currently selling Horse equipment ( saddles, bridles, saddlebags, horseshoes, and Barding both cloth and Leather), bulk pottery items (Amphoras, bricks, shingles, and jars ) Cloth and Leather armor sets, and tools all up to 70 quality, military tents at 50+ quality. We have some enchanted items available on our merchants but not doing custom enchants just yet. we do lighting, lamps, lanterns, and candelabras up to 60 quality per item or in bulk. We have 4 speed horses and hell horses, 4 draft horses, and 4 output bison and cattle. BULK POTTERY ITEMS small amphora = 5 copper each 50ql. large amphora = 8 copper each for 50ql. jars/ flasks/bowls= 3 copper each 50 ql. bulk discount of 15% for orders over 10 of the same item. Orders for individual items can be mailed free delivery to Deliverence or coastal pickup at Lonestar Harbor T-13. Current Bulk Items available: 12 crates Dirt -35 copper each. [ 4 silvers for all 12 crates] 8 crates 90+ql veggies or cereals -35 copper each. [ 2 silver for all 8 crates] Cross Server delivery 50 copper for bulk items or animals. One charge for all items delivered.
  2. Welcome to the Misty Rock self-serve horse market! After the big animal update, it took us some time to get organized with the new trait system, but I'm happy to say that we're back in business! Current listing of available horses, their colors, names and prices here: Horses are available within locked pens and can be picked up at any time. Merchants sell the keys to these pens. No appointments necessary. Come on over whenever it suits your fancy and shop at leisure. Ebony black horses have a special hidden "extra speed" trait Horses will be between the ages of “young” - “mature”. Once they reach the “aged” stage I will remove them from the market and retire them to pasture. Please note that prices may change depending on the market I do not do home deliveries at this time If you have a creature cage and ship, you can sail over from other servers and use the small dock at the front to load and unload. If you run into troubles, contact me through the game (Malena), here in the forums or else through Discord (KatsPurr#8213) How to get there We're on the South West corner of the Xanadu server, located at coordinates T12. The horse market is on the south east corner of the island. Layout of Horse colors Horses are divided into three sections, each with their own merchant marked by the colored dot that sells keys to the stalls. There is also a fourth merchant selling horse and stable supplies. I sell all colors except grey. There are three merchants under archways selling keys to horses. In addition, there is one merchant in the center selling horse and stable supplies. How did it all begin with the new horse colors? Learn all about it in this video: Current listing of available horses, their colors, names and prices here:
  3. Welcome - I am Myfanwy, purveyor of quality items that Heddwyn finds in her travels around Wurm. My stall of Needful Things is situated just next to the highway at Glasfryn (Cad G17), next to the Harbour buildings. What may you find at my stall I hear you ask, well, that is a good question and even I do not know what my stock will hold from one day to the next... It could be gems, or recipes, or source crystals, treasures from Archology, good quality tools, or simply interesting, possibly rare or hard to find items. My most common items have their prices listed below for ease, but this is by no means all I have, just my most regular items, for individual items in stock, please check my stock at the bottom of the post. Common Item pricing:- These prices do not include any rares or above. Current Stock: On trader: Recipes: Rare Goblin liver and onion recipe x 3 - 45c each Source crystals/gems: Source crystals x 15 - 20c each Sapphire 10ql x 3 - 20c each Sapphire 1ql x 1 - 2c Emerald 10ql x 3 - 20c each Ruby 10ql x 5 - 20c each Diamond 10ql x 3 - 20c each Seasonal Items: Witch's hat (leather) x 2 - 2s each Snowman head (iron) x 3 - 2s each Frags: Yule goat figurine frag (1/5) x 1 - 35c Arch wood items: Pegs: Grapewood x 4 - 5c each Rosewood x 1 - 10c Shafts: Grapewood x 2 - 5c each Misc Tools: Crude Shovel: Thorn x1 - 10c Blueberrywood x 1 - 10c Lavenderwood (FA1) x 1 - 15c Other bits: White dotted flowers x 2 - 1s each Not on trader - contact me here or in game to purchase: Arch wood items: Shafts: Grapewood x 2 - 30c each Pegs: Grapewood x 2 - 5c each Arrow shafts: Rosewood x 2 - 5c each Camelliawood x 2 - 5c each Lavenderwood x 2 - 5c each Thorn x 4 - 5c each Raspberrywood x 2 - 5c each Grapewood x 3 - 5c each Oleanderwood x 1 5c Other bits: White dotted flowers x 2 - 1s each Lingonberrywood hunting arrow 1ql - 10c NON-MAILABLE ITEMS: These items are non-mailable so would require you to either mail me the item you want a skin applied to so I can mail it back with the skin applied, or arrange to meet me for an in-person trade. only 1 in stock - 10s Sleep powder x 10 - 1s each If you would like to buy any of the items listed here, I would be delighted to see you at my humble stall, or if you would prefer, contact Heddwyn (either here or in game) to arrange for the imps to send the item to you at all possible haste. Thank you for stopping by to look at my wares, and I truly hope to see you again soon.
  4. Please make animal branding permissions outrank deed leading permissions. This has apparently been a problem for a while... Yesterday one of my citizens wanted to go to the dragon slaying, but discovered his horse was missing. He had left it in a pen attached to his house; branded, saddled, and ready to go. He tracked it down with Manage Animal, inside a locked pasture on a nearby deed. A very nice GM helped retrieve the animal this morning, but informed me that my deed settings allowed this to happen. My citizen has since put locks on his pen. I have "lead animals" permitted in order to sell animals from my merchant. This should not allow my *branded* animals to be taken by all of the Freedom Isles!
  5. Important announcement, please read the comment before coming for, or making purchasing decisions: Welcome to the home of Malaz Coast pure speed horses. The intention here is to offer a service that supplies ONLY speed traited horses, no neutral or bad traited horses will be sold via the on-deed merchants. For those with 50's AH, it is my opinion that if you are after 5 speed horses, you do not want any of your breeding stock to have neutral traits. Indeed to me neutral traits are even less desirable than negative traits (they at least can be removed via Genesis or Fo rites), as there is a very strong chance of any offspring acquiring those neutral traits. I will go as far as suggesting that a traitless horse is better than a 4 speed horse with a neutral trait and, if you peruse the initial listing of horses, there are a number of 5 speed horses here bred from (5 speed X traitless ) pairings (Black F1 and Bomhunting are both traitless and several of their 5 speed progeny have been listed here) Current stock listings, by Merchant (click the links below to be taken direct to the current stock on that merchant): Merchant Mr Ed - 5 speed pure stock Merchant Eques Trian - 4 speed pure stock, 4 speed matched breeding pairs, 5 speed pairs, 5 speed bulk purchase pens, single name horses, ropes, asst. Where to find us: The sales deed is: Malaz Coast Wickan Horse sales (the deed name is a bit of an in joke, Wickans consider their horses part of the family and as such, don't sell them ) and is found on the North coast of Harmony at D17, and is highway connected. From a fair distance North off the coast you are aiming for here: and once in the vicinity you should be easily able to find the string of marker buoys that are labeled "D17 - Malaz Harb Sth" and follow them in to the shoreline (Buoys align with a dredged channel that has a minimum depth of 26 below water level and I believe will accommodate all boats). Once you reach the piers, follow the coast West to the Sales deed. Shoreline is now dredged out in front of sales deed, and has a paved off deed area suited to offloading creature cages as the Northern perimeter. (Please let me know if there are any issues getting boats to the shore, I only have a sailboat and Knarr, so am unable to verify that I have the depth right.) Deed and pen layout: The deed itself has no mailbox, but the deed adjacent East has a sub 10 minute, size runed , mailbox available. The setup is merchants selling keys that will give you access to the respective pen. Keys are labeled with pen number and horse name, with the gates on pens named to correspond with the key. There are now two merchants on site, one selling only keys to 5 speed pure horses, and the second merchant is now available selling keys to the 4 speed pure and 4 speed pure breeding pairs (second merchant also has ropes and a few assorted odds and ends as well) There is a chest by the merchants for dropping keys once horses have been removed from pens, but this is not required as in most circumstances locks will be replaced with new ones to ensure ongoing security. If I'm online and you are heading over to buy, a discount of around 10% can be applied if horses are purchased direct without having to use the merchant, as I avoid having to pay the merchant fee. (Don't worry if you cannot see me at the deed, I may still be around and able to log in the deed holder to get horses out for you send a pm and I will see what I can do to help). Delivery: Delivery MAY be available at times, with a minimum purchase of 3s +an additional delivery fee, which will depend on location. Purchases over 6s with outer coast locations will have delivery cost waived. (Wind speed at the time of delivery will be a major consideration of when I am willing to sail to deliver). Land based deliveries on Harmony within certain parameters may also have delivery costs waived, as may short hop sailing deliveries, PM to discuss. Up to 8 horses may be delivered at a time on Harmony, a maximum of four horses for cross server delivery. Bartering: No coin? Prefer to save your coin for something else? From time to time I will be happy to barter goods and services for horses, or discount thereon. Currently I am looking to get grass tiles enchanted (50c credit per tile). I am also looking to do some breeding experiments aimed at removing neutral and bad traits from breeding lines, and am seeking (Buckskin, Black Silver and Obtained) Chestnut (still looking for some Chestnut) horses with totally messed up neutral, speed, and negative traits to use. As I am at this point unsure if what I want to try will work, I don't want to outlay coin on these, but will trade 5 speed pure Gold, White, Black, Grey and Brown horses for them, preferably at Young adult and older. (Experiment a fail, using 0AH characters to cross mixed traited horses with zero trait horses resulted in foals of the rare colours, but from 10 attempts, 100% of the traits from traited parents passed on, even producing 4 trait foals with a 0AH character breeding). Wanted: May be interested in trading 5 speed clean breeding stock for other 5 speed clean breeding stock to help with preventing inbreeding. Other information: Contact Impetuous in game for inquiries or assistance (Can also try to PM Impossible if Impetuous is offline, but he is mostly used when I am working and AFK, but tabbing in to keep an eye on things occasional ). If I am online, and will be online for some time, it may be possible to have keys removed from merchant to "hold" horses you select from the lists, but only if you are heading directly over (if I have to log out, they will be replaced on merchant). Messages and comments left here may not be seen in time to be of use, so messaging Impetuous in game is the preferred method of contact.
  6. Deltora's Leatherworking Greetings Wurmians, Welcome to my Leatherworking Station! CEST (GMT+2) Netherlands | Request for Services | Current Skill: 99,2+ IMPORTANT - SHOP CLOSED FOR 1 MONTH - OR SO... Total Chart Every possibility all-in-one... Looking for Specifics or Discounts? Message me! Drake Creation = Free Percentages of Creation? 2nd Post! I do not provide Dragon Hide WoA/AoSP? Look at Partners! Paper? Look at Partners! *Formula: Desired Quality Cell "(-) minus" Closest Quality Cell Towards Your Item *Example: 50 QL Leather (1) 0.2s | Needs Improving to: 90 QL Leather (1) 1.9s = "1.9s-0.2s = 1.7s" Convert: Your item: 66 QL Becomes: 70 QL | Your item: 82 QL Becomes: 80 QL Store The place to find items a little cheaper... and immediately in your mailbox! Saddle - 80.86 QL - 1.45 Silver Saddle - 81.25 QL - 1.5 Silver Saddle - 82.45 QL - WoA 82 - 2.30 Silver RNG The lucky (3) listed below! Guideline - Tipping Appreciated, not required. Rare- 2s Supreme- 5s Fantastic- 10s Partners People I do business with... Partnered with Deed Member "SweetSerende" For all your AoSP/WoA Enchants Pricelist - Enchants: 10c - 50+ | 25c - 60+ | 40c - 70+ | 50c - 75+ | 70c - 80+ Partnered with "House of Black Paper" for all your paper needs and more Click here for Merchant Page
  7. Like we have the option to Export Village Map, to then be used in Deedplanner. I think it would be cool if an Export option was also available on Merchants, just to get an CSV / Excel file with the Items, Prices (maybe also of what was sold recently if possible) But an export like that might be possible for someone to make a tool for, like Aldurs Wurm Assistant, so you could keep track of what you have for sale on your merchants and what was recently sold and easier to have an updated view on the trade forum. instead of like me, i have some merchants with the items on i also list on the forum and whenever i see something is sold, i have to go over item by item on my excel file i made, to se whats sold, to update the list on the forum.
  8. CC's Sprout Emporium (Garden center opening soon!) Free delivery on all orders over 1s to coastal deeds (except Epic and Chaos servers) If you need more sprouts I can do special orders! Request here or message me in game (ZincAnode)! Current Inventory Sprout Count Value (c) Apple 201 1 Birch 298 1 blueberry 114 1 Camella 114 1 Cedar 310 1 Cherry 290 1 Chesnut 136 1 Fir 205 1 Grape 107 1 Hazelnut 144 1 Lavender 794 1 Lemon 231 1 Linden 72 1 Maple 846 1 Oak 2 2 Oleander 317 1 Olive 209 1 Orange 331 1 Pine 145 1 Raspberry 132 1 Rose 1193 1 Thorn 83 1 Walnut 136 1 Willow 2 2
  9. Merchant Stock: 07: hatchet, tin - 90 ql - 90 c 23: longsword, iron - 74 ql - rt72 + botd43 - 50 c 24: longsword, iron - 61 ql - fa85 + coc87 - 50 c 25: pumpkin shoulder pad leather - 51 ql - 50 c 31: sapphire staff, oakenwood - 27 ql - 40 dmg - 50 c We are at Deli (Ingame-Map: U 12)
  10. Is your Wurm life looking a little too bland? Message me today to brighten your world! Now offering dyes to paint all your favorite things! Not sure how much you will need? Check out the chart here <Wurmpedia Dye Information>. 90 Natural Sub Skill @ Your service! *~*~*Now offering Transmutation Liquid!!*~*~* 1.8s per tile on deed - 2.50s per tile off deed (off deed uses double amount) + 21c/42c cod for delivery, or free pickup @ Amish Paradise - Xanadu Most Popular Colors 99ql White Dye - Per Lantern Dye - 25c *******UPDATE 7/10/17 - With the addition of Runes to the game, this changes the amount of dye needed for the items with a rune attached. Any item that is runed will add 10% to the price listed******* Custom Colors Available by request (See Color Chart - pricing will be same as popular color family above) ->Color Chart<- **Custom colors are approximate** Due to the nature of dye making in Wurm, exact colors may not be possible. We will do our best to match as close as we are able. ***NEW ***Not sure which colors you want? Try one of our set flask packs!***NEW*** Over the Rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink - 1.50s Trial Pack - Over the Rainbow pack + White + Black - 1.75s -----PLEASE OPEN SPOILER FOR EXAMPLES OF COLORS ON BOATS, STATUES, AND CARTS----- Shown in both Current & Unstable Clients Order delivery **All colors are made to order & therefore are all sales final** If there is an issue with your order, I will try to assist in correcting it There will be time required to create the desired dye - larger orders will take longer. Most turnaround times are within 48-72 hours currently. Orders can be done via pickup at Amish Paradise - Xanadu (G24) Or COD COD cost = 1c per kg + 1c for each container required Have other Wurmian needs? Check out our other shop - Amish Corner Store!
  11. Hello Please, PM me here with what you have.
  12. Sold

    I have 2 merchant contracts for sale on Xanadu. Pickup from p22 ideally as I sold my boats lol. Sold
  13. Recently Massively OP did an article on whether bots / AI / NPCs could save "dying mmorpgs". Not that Wurm is dying or anything, but I chimed in with my own response in the comment section (page 2) mentioning Wurm. By coincidence, a few weeks earlier, I had published the latest Ultima Nostalgia project video in which I to go in depth about the loneliness of Wurm & how the lack of NPCs and the silent animals affect the atmosphere of the game. With the NPC mod by bdew, I also populated a city with NPCs to test out and see whether they'd give some life to it or not. Would my theory prove right? Here is the point from which I start talking about the above (16:35): Well now Massively decided to make an article about that video as well, so I thought that if the world was talking about Wurm NPCs, surely this is a topic fitting the forums as well! In that video, I also talk about the suggestion I made many years ago which half were for and half were against. Starting at 29:26, you can see what the city looks like, populated by NPCs: Now obviously these NPCs don't do anything else except stand or walk around, but bdew is planning to incorporate a feature where you can choose their animation as well at some point. But, I'd still really love if you could have a look, see how you feel after seeing it in action, then share your opinions here. Have the opinions of the opposers changed at all over the years? How do we all feel now that the game is more quiet due to the competition of Wurm Unlimited? Let's discuss!
  14. Hello... My village just built a tavern so we could party down with the best of them. But after buying a merchant for 10s we found out that our bartender (the merchant) can not sell filled containers. Now this really dampens the spirit of the Tavern and the Roleplay of the game. I see no reason why this should not be allowed. Please support my request for Merchants to sell containers filled with liquid. We need a real bartender not a bunch of barrels laying around. Many Thanks, Qwizat
  15. Newspring Markets

    Hello all, I was looking at the latest update to the Xanadu community map, thanks @Aniceset, and I see that there are no markets in the SW of Xan that meet the requirement of 6 active, stocked merchants. I was wondering if there is anyone who is planning on setting one up, or if there is one already that is up to date but maybe only has 4 or 5 traders? Basically, where is a good place to browse in SW Xan? Also, I suppose it should improve once the highway connection is done, linking Newspring, Linton, and Vrock Landing.
  16. [18:29:08] Merchant_Battlebooze says, 'Please empty the sealed small wine barrel [mead] first.' I want to set up a bartender who will sell my barrels of booze, but my merchant won't take them. Please allow these items to be sold on merchants!
  17. Buying 1 merchant contract, please send a message with your price. Thanks!
  18. Merchants are nice, but they could be better. Maybe it's time to revisit the usefulness of merchants by making some changes with restrictions. 1. Allow items to be sold as a "lot" in a container with a set price for the lot. Ex. 100 sprouts in a satchel. 2. Remove the decay of meals with a limit of 10 meals on the merchant. 3. Increase the max number of items to 100 per merchant (currently 50 per wiki)
  19. Allow a merchant to set a trade in value for an item(s) they will accept as part or full payment for something they have on sale. So for example a merchant in an inn could set a price of 1c on each piece of meat or herbs the owner uses in cooking. I had the idea as I'm building an inn where I want to allow new players to get cheap supplies, so the idea they could toss in some herbs or meat and get something in return might be nice. Added after comments in the thread: Maybe a configurable list on the merchant, a search like the crafting window has and then you add an item from the list with price and quantity you want. ------------------------------------- Feel free to shoot me down or like. Also, does anyone use wurm's uservoice now? I created the idea there, but it doesn't look to be used much, hence the post here.
  20. We have trade chanel we have cheap mails and forum shops. I think ingame mechants on marketplaces dont work for selling items anymore. Serching tools and items on merchants take alot of time that in the end is just wasted. We need some system for serching items from all merchants on server or all servers just for locate item we are looking for. Some kind of list we can filter and locate items or even buy via mail that can be send by trader using cod. COD from mechant can be higher then normal old 20c? i would be happy just to filter all merchants items that are in deed i am actualy on (using recruitment board maybe?) just to locate some item i am realy looking for.
  21. I would like to see more types of these Shop Signs. Would be extra nice if we had a sign for each skill category. Carpenter, Smith, Alchemist, Bow/Fletcher, Cook, The animal trainer/farmer guy... Then, with each sign, attach a looping sound pertaining to the title that can be controlled from the sign options.
  22. WTB 1 or 2 Merchant Contracts at 6s each. Will travel to pickup. Can message me "nicedreams' in game.
  23. Looking for a couple of merchant contracts, forum pm me thanks.