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Found 19 results

  1. A few odds and ends. Things that must be collected in person: Brass Spyglass x2 70ql 3s each (sold) Personal Merchant Contract 6s (10s on trader) (sold) Things that can be mailed: Not real sure on these so feel free to make offers and I will consider Rare Curved Shoulder Pad, Cotton 75ql (dodge bonus vs bashing wearing no armour) 5s Potion of Leatherworking 63.81ql 2s
  2. WTB Merchant contract. Willing to pay 6s. Send a forum message, or pm Fearil in game. Thanks,
  3. Hi, i need a pricecheck on (selling) spyglass, brass (QL70, 2kg) personal merchant contract yule goat, straw (QL99, 0,5kg) yellow potion (QL32, QL32, QL16, QL16) compass, brass (QL64,56, 0,6kg, settles in less than 1s) (buying) cog, would prefer oakenwood, med QL thx
  4. WTB Merchant contract for 7s or WTT 7 sleep powders for it or 1 spy glass + 3 sleep powders! Can meet you in Summerholt for trade. PM Rhea on forum or Rheascope in game with your offers!
  5. Selling this merchant contract with her full inventory. Merchant is located at Freedom Market @ Independence server. She is at 1st circle, corner place (one of the best locations!), just next to the trader. Here is picture of her inventory: * NOTE: All the items in the picture are in her inventory, i had to divide them in parts to fit all in the same pic AUCTION RULES Starting bid: 9€/s Min increment: 1€/s Buyout: Taking offers! Reserve: No Auction time: about 3 days. - I prefer payment in €,£ or $ but will accept silvers too! - Im paypal verified. - Buyer must meet me at Freedom Market to make the trade! Any questions welcome via forum-pm (Corrax) or in-game (Cormax). Thanks!
  6. Looking for a few merchant contracts, if you have one that you no longer want or need, send me a pm in forums/game.
  7. rare small shield, oak - 3s rare carving knife - 6s rare rope tool, oak - 6s rare fruit press, oak - 4s rare long bow, pine - 2s 5x sleep powders - 5s merchant contract - 8s I am located at Q18/Xanadu. Delivery by COD or pickup, unless otherwise arranged.
  8. Looking to buy upwards to 6 merchant contracts for 7.5s each. Pick up at a Xanadu starter deed is preferred.
  9. WTB affordable Merchant Contract! PM in game to Rheascope or PM on forum to Rhea or post here with your offers! Can pick it up at Summerholt area. Thanks!
  10. Prices are negotiable, especially on bulk orders. Feel free to message me with your offer. Items below for sale. I accept verified PayPal payments as well, with invoices. ***BUYER (You) PAYS MAILING FEES ON MAILED ITEMS*** CoD mailing costs: 10c per item on Deli, 20c cross-server. Some items (horseshoes, lumps, etc.) must be mailed in a container, which is an additional 20c mailing fee. Items can be picked up at Fippy's Harbour, West coast of Deliverance (3x, 26y) and I can deliver to Greendog. Larger orders can be delivered further. Please message me on forums with any questions. All items are at 0 damage. SOLD ITEMS ARE LISTED IN THE POST BELOW.
  11. Looking to buy merchant contract from someone who doesn't really need it anymore. Preferably with delivery to Deliverance. PM with your offers. Thank you
  12. wtb merchant contract , looking for deeply discounted one ...can pick up on indy,deli,exodus, celebration
  13. Greetings all. WTB Merchant contract cheaper than at Trader PM me with offers.
  14. Looking to buy at least 3 contracts. 8s per. Located in Exodus, pm me if got any for sale.
  15. maybe someone has stopped playing, gone inactive, or simply does not have need for merchant any longer..wtb merchant contract 7.5s.
  16. Pick-up or local delivery only, I'm located on south central Celebration near Amish Paradise. Can message me here or in game on Cele on Erysia or Guenivere.
  17. Selling Merchant contract for 7s Location: Celebration Can deliver up to indy for 0.5s extra.
  18. Selling two corbitas and two sailboats and about 160+ rafts 9c per raft. Each corbita is 5s and each sailboat is 2s the cog is 7s pm im willing to deliver if ur near. The unfinished deed is 20s comes with a mine and is fully flat size is 20 x 40 it will last for 67 days has 4s in coffer it also Comes with 7 rafts in each kart has 2 karts and 2 horses for each theres a pen on the deed and about 20+bsbs. Im also selling a merchant contract for 8s.