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Found 2 results

  1. When new players start in the tutorial they might sometimes get confused, misunderstand something or just feel alone. This suggestion aims to allow experienced players to help new players in an accessible way and help new players feel like they're welcome and valued. Haven Portal With this idea any established (premium?) player would get the option to build a Haven Portal (not costing too many materials). This is a new portal structure, like a PvP portal, that can be built on/off deed and that can by default be used by anyone. When you use the portal you will be transported to Haven (the tutorial server) in a spirit form, without any items (maybe armour could be allowed). Mentor status In this spirit form you can only move around Haven and chat, you cannot pick anything up, nor drop anything, nor interact with anything (except passing through gates, doors etc.). You will also have an additional title "Mentor" while on the tutorial server (maybe it could become an title you can use also outside of the tutorial server after you've visited Haven in spirit form at least once, to let other players know you're open to help after the tutorial as well). When you want to go back you can use a portal on Haven and you will be returned to the portal you used to go there (or the location where it was, in case it has decayed). Being on the tutorial server means you can help out new players with any questions they might have and optionally the new player could get the option of going to a mentor's portal instead of to a starter town when they leave Haven (not sure about the implementation details about this option, but maybe it would show options on the portal for any mentors that have been on Haven at the same time as the player?). This option could help people to spread out to find more of the "wild" areas to settle in or find settlements to join. The portal would have an option to disallow new players from entering the server at this portal (thanks, DaletheGood). If there are dangers outside of the exit portal (aggressive mobs, thorns, fenced in area) the option could be disabled for that exit with a message showing the reason (and maybe reporting the issue automatically to the mods in some cases, if it is obviously malicious). The option for new players to teleport to Haven portals instead of starter towns could of course also be excluded, as the focus of this suggestion is to bring mentors to new players. Haven chat channel When an established player goes to Haven (and so gets the title of 'Mentor') they also get access to the Haven chat channel at all times, even when not on the island. It might feel nicer for new players to have mentors' characters on Haven as well when going through the tutorial, so the mentor can see what they're doing and guide them better, but having access to the chat at all times could be helpful for monitoring and answering questions that mentors on Haven might not have an answer for. This channel could also show a chat line (in a different colour) to notify mentors outside of Haven when a new player enters Haven, so they know when they might be needed. Reward I think many players would volunteer their time without any additional reward, but optionally new players could (when going premium?) note who helped them the most and that mentor would get mentor points, that could, when accrued, be used to purchase cosmetic rewards (or something else that would not be necessary for anyone to get and would not affect gameplay). Edited to include DaletheGood's proposal below, as well as additions in response to other good feedback in the thread.
  2. I've seen many suggestions for a mentor system over the years. Gaining and retaining new players is the most important thing for Wurm to survive. From what I've heard, we have enough new players joining, but far too few ever stick around. CA help is the best I've seen in any game so far, but we need to take it to another level. A couple thoughts (may or may not have been suggested before): 1. Make starter towns "living towns". New players start there and see dead towns or no towns at all. I think many have been finally built on Xan, but they are still dead. First thing a new player realizes when they start is "this place sucks. Nobody here. Must leave and go to the wilds or find some other town. I must have chosen the wrong town when I started. I chose the wrong server?" So to fix this early impression of the game, make the starter towns alive! How? Mentors! Mentors are volunteers, who are issued an account with lvl 70 skills and gear. Their job is to live in the starter town, expand it if needed. Rebuild as needed. Add new player housing, etc. Every new player that comes through can stay in the town and be a citizen. This will be a model of all the different "Academy" deeds players created on various servers. On Pristine, the Wurm Academy was what saved me. It was only by chance that I stumbled across it. Mentor accounts are perma-prem. Starter deeds are perma-upkeep. Mentor accounts can't be used for personal gain and have to be respected the same as any GM account would. I personally would love to volunteer to run an account and assist arriving players. 1a. New players have a mentor tab, much like CA Help. In the tab, it shows the mentors for the town as online or offline. Mentors have forum accounts, so they can continue to assist when not in the game. Possibly even give mentors some limited GM powers, to help stuck players, or maybe just a direct link to the GM messaging to ask for help on the new player's behalf. Help priority should always go to the newest players too. I can wait for a day for help, but they will quit if their first day is spent waiting for a GM. 2. Skill sharing (knowledge transfer). Under guidance of a Mentor, the new player can receive benefit of the mentor's skill knowledge, making their own skills temporarily higher and skilling greatly accelerated. The mentor must be within x number of tiles for this to work. This makes great incentive for a new player to stick around and learn the ropes. Also gives them MUCH needed rewards for time spent grinding in the early stages. The more time spent with a mentor, the more likely the new player will be equipped to succeed later on. Mentorship skill sharing and acceleration caps at 30-40 or somewhere in there, or where total skill points reaches a certain level. 3. Complimentary prem for new players within x range of their starter town, up until they reach x number of total skill points. Abuse potential, but this can be fine tuned or disabled if it backfires. When you start out in any new game, the starter town is always so full of vitality and energy. People running all over for quests, merchants, or whatever. We instantly judge a game's popularity by this early impression. The second you step foot in Wurm, it feels like the game is already dead. You have to work hard to find the life. This must change. Everyone of us needs to become an advocate for "Gaining and Retaining", to insure our survival. If you have an idea for the game, think "will this be good for our newest members"? If not, think of ways to make it so.