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Found 5 results

  1. An open and friendly discussion on Mr Gary
  2. FEATURES 2048x2048 map 5x skillgain/ 3x timers 2.5x body stats INCLUDED MODS Boat mod for minimum boat speed Bounty mod Bulk transporting mods Digging like mining Inbreed warnings Meditation mod Prospecting mod Salve mod SERVER INFORMATION Skill rates are 5x, action timers are 3x. Epic settings, kingdom spawn points set with direct spawn points on kingdom starter deeds. The whole map is habitable. Map has been picked to be 2048x2048 to make PVP a more common thing instead of vast ammounts of empty space, while still leaving room for exploration. Body and Mind stats start at 20.5. MODS Bounty mod is set to 0.4 but being tinkered with to optimize hunting/reward ratio. Meditation mod is set to 0.2 meaning at the highest levels you will have to wait about 2 days per level advancement, can't fail to relax, don't have to move 12 tiles. MAP
  3. Looking to sell a full red scale set with rare pieces, 91ql, enchanted with web armor but can have aura of shared pain instead. Starting bid: 280 euros Bid increments: 5 euros Buyout: Open to offers Sniper protection: 2 hours
  4. There are currently 3 things on pvp servers that encourage a meta that proves detrimental to smaller kingdoms due to a separate balance issue that exists which will be covered in another post. In short remove deed twitter, defence advisor and information minister roles. None of these things have ever done anything to encourage roaming, small scale raiding, small kingdom expansion (with exceptions). The current system is highly abusable and is not fit for purpose. Remove them, even for a trial period and see if things improve Or post alternative suggestions in a considered fashion while staying within the scope of this topic