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Found 11 results

  1. Affinity Recipe Maker for Wurm Online. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker is a tool that was designed to help players create affinity meals for their character and save them to look up later, it is currently in beta. This tool was developed with help form Icbash, who first created the affinity meal spreadsheet this tool is based off. you can find the spreadsheet version here. Current website is: Current Build: version 1.3 Changelog ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.3 - 11/17/17 Updated affinity names Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.3 - 06/23/17 Rewrote codebase for new functionality going forward Added in some new items and prep types Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.2 - 05/30/17 Code fixes Fixed issue with player id's and meals Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.1 beta- 05/15/17 Code fixes Added ability to edit.delete characters, delete meals. Added in shopping list sort by name for meals. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.0 beta - 05/13/17 initial release
  2. Hi some items i like to sell, PM me offers plz, 1k Iron ql50+ 90c 500 Steel lumps ql30+ 90c 4k Rock shards 65c/k 1k Sandstone bricks 2s 5x barrels maple syrup 45kg ql59+ 20c/e +cod(10c) 3x wine barrels red wine ql36 50c/e +cod(10c) ---------------------- Small Anvil ql65 10c Small Anvil ql51 Woa80 50c Fork ql2 Coc85 60c Small Bell ql5 3c Large shield iron ql78 30c Large shield iron ql10 coc89 65c Pickaxe ql63 10c Pickaxe ql 56 Woa27 10c Pickaxe Steel ql3 coc83 65c Pickaxe Steel ql79 25c Rake ql 64 6c Spatula ql 55 Both86 55c Needle ql 47 3c Stone Chisel ql75 Botd 44 45c Sickle ql 18 2c Compass ql30 14dmg 2c Short bow willow ql45 10c File ql38 5c Spindel ql62 botd51 20c Rope tool oak ql47 9c Hatchet steel ql58 17c 5x Goblin skull 25c/e Lunch box ql41 40c Carving knife ql 68 woa77 55c Clay shaper ql66 both68 45c Mallet ql64 4c Scythe ql34 7c Metal brush ql34 5c Hatchet ql89 botd74 90c Long bow ql27 9c Large anvil ql48 9c Almanac (empty) ql90 65c Shovel ql56 9c recipe unfermented rum 1c ------------------ Rare bouquet of yellow flowers ql45 5c ------------------ Sprouts,Seedlings and Flowers 1c/e + Cod1c Oak or Willow 10c/e Dotted flowers 20c/e I also can make any pottery items ql49. I have 74 (ql68-76)Hot food cooking: Pizza with full CCFP! 10kg 14c/e Affinity-Pizza 4kg any affinity you like 19c/e (first bite ~2hrs) Affinity-Pizza 10kg,any affinity you like 24c/e (first bite ~9hrs) bangers and mash full CCFP 2kg 8c/e Meal 6c Affinty meals 9c/e ~3kg+ (~3hr timer one or two bites) Also do request different weight or food. (wrapping is free) Greets Aroma, hope to hear form you soon. Pm or leave a msg
  3. The Webpage is LIve.. With alot of work from KaztheGreat. We give you Log in and you can save your char's and meals for use later use. Web page may be little behind the database part. but that will be fixed soon. (spreadsheet will be keep updated and working for all thows that want to use it till everything on webpage then i may turn it off if no one is useing it) Some of your may have seen i made a meal maker spreadsheet. i feel at this time. i should post it here so more can use it and injoy wurm cooking. i made a small be ez tutorial inside the spreadsheet to help people along. Hope you all Injoy it feed back welcome Beta... Use at your Own risk... hehe Link This sheet is the one i am actively updating it can be wrong or even broken your more then welcome to check it out. added a lot more things to it. A lot of Untested things.. All Untested things are know labeled with zItemName Old outdated Comment always welcome. errors and prob Welcome to Want Put a Huge Shout Out and Thanks to Stanlee Galatyn Others that want to remain nameless Icbash.
  4. Saddlebags are coming to wurm, but also slower horses if the bags are filled with stuffs. Suggestion: A new type of meal which can be fed to a horse to provide temporary boosts in stamina and strength, so as to allow the horse to still ride like the wind despite having heavy saddlebags. Something about pvp...well, in that case, allow this meal only to work on horses with saddlebags e.g. for a horse carrying an empty bag the meal won't have an impact, but the heavier the bag the bigger the impact to balance it out so the horse won't have any impediment to speed despite a full saddlebag.
  5. I tried to reproduce this bug but I was unable to figure out how it happened. I taste and eat from my larder all the time. This time I opened it like normal, tried to taste some foods there, and nothing happened. Thought it was lag, so I tried examining something to see if the server was responding. It was responding normally. Tried to taste several meals again, with no indication of anything in the event window. I pulled one meal out into my inventory and tried to taste it there, but nothing happened. I checked to make sure I wasn't scrolled up in the Event tab but it was not the case. I tried eating the meal in my inventory and that worked. Then I tried tasting it. Suddenly it was fixed. At that point I could also correctly taste all the meals in the larder. Eating from one food seemed to have fixed the issue with them all. It's not much to work with, but it's the only bug I have experienced in a long time, so here is my report.
  6. affi meals

    Selling affinity meals of your choice! HOW THIS WORKS: We send you 2 sample meals, you taste (using the taste option in the rightclick menu) both and tell me which one gives you what affinity and send them back. Tasting those 2 meals is only required once per character, after this we can always prepare the correct meal for the affinity of your choice. If you need the same affinity for 2 different characters, they will have to do the tasting separately and will most likely require 2 separate meals as each toon is different. Based on those 2 samples, we can prepare meals which are about 4kg in weight and +/- 90 quality. This means that if you want Tailoring affinity, we will send you a meal which will give you 4hour+ of Tailoring affinity after first bite! Don't eat it all, just choose "eat" and hit escape right away, one bite of 0.03kg in size will give 4h+ affinity time and 100% CCFP, if you have a magic chest, it will last you over a year assuming 4h/day, otherwise it will pretty much decay before you can use up the hours it gives. This amazing deal which is not offered by anyone else will cost 1 silver per meal. There is an exception to this, some characters are "bugged" and they can't have affinity from meals by this recipe for the 20 skills below, we will know if your toon is one of those after you taste the 2 samples as well and will let you know. If your character is one of those affected by this, we can't prepare the following affinities for you and there is nothing we can do about it, some toons have affinities distributed weird. 20 skills out of 138 are affected: channeling, exorcizm, artifacts, foraging, botanizing, climbing, stone cutting, lock picking, stealing, traps, catapults, animal taming, animal husbandry, short bow, long bow, med. Bow, ship building, ballistae, trebuchets, turrets. We can still prepare the remaining 118 affinity meals for the affected toons. STEP BY STEP GUIDE
  7. Hello All! Sorry for the ignorance on this but this has bothered me for some time. I am currently at level 12 HFC. I cooked a Brook Trout fish (QL 35, weight 2.5) and a pumpkin (QL 20, weight 1.0) in a frying pan that when examined said it would create a Meal with difficulty of 30. After cooking it, the QL was around 24 and the weight was around 2.4. After eating the meal, it boosted my Nutrition from 46% to 62% and my food level from 40% to 99% after consuming only 0.70 of the food amount. My question is, if I can do this with a HFC of 12, why would I need to level my cooking? I always wondered how we were able to cook higher difficulty meals with such low skills. It doesn't make sense. I would think that if the meal is a difficulty of 30 I would need a level of 30 or higher to cook it. I know I must be missing something and again forgive my ignorance. Thanks for any input or help!
  8. Do you want to grind HFC? Maybe you want to have food supply to feed your village for years? If so, you have come to the right place! 3k corn ql 91,80 + 1k cooked meat ql 31,09 - 5s Pick up on Xanadu at Nowe Wszczniesz (C14), can arrange delivery for a fee.
  9. Hi, wurmpeople. Here is the idea: as we all know- meals decay rather fast. I think that it would be great if heating them to searing hot state would decrease overall meal decay. Let's say it should be like Mend spell, but instead of -20dmg/-2ql that effect should be -15dmg/-5ql. Dicsuss.
  10. Our village is rather small, but we're highly engaged. We build a lot, grind our skill and team up whenever something is need from each other. There are only 3 of us, but I hope more will join. I doesn't if you aren't Polish, we're good with all nations! We offer good company, meals at 27ql yet, quite nice tools, and other stuff that we do. We're placed on about AV 39 or AY 40. At the lakes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nie jest to duża wioska, ale jesteśmy bardzo zaangażowani. Pracujemy nad swoimi umiejętnościami i wymieniamy się potrzebnymi przedmiotami. Jest nas trzech, mam nadzieję, że ktoś inny jeszcze dołączy. Oferujemy dobre żarełko 27ql, dobre narzędzia i inne śmiecie. Jesteśmy położeni gdzieś w obszarze jezior AV 39 czy tam AY 40. // BlackWolffpl
  11. Just a small suggestions but I would love to be able to rename my meals and healing covers. I know the healing covers get renames to state what they are made out of but I would much rather prefer to be able to rename them with what I want to name them as or have them default to being renamed to the effectiveness of the HC (help some, be pretty efficient, etc). And with meals it would nice to be able to rename them with the opulence or just give them silly names or whatnot. Thanks!