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Found 10 results

  1. When you own a deed and someone else finishes a colossus on it, or purchase a deed with a colossus created by someone else, the mayor does not have move (push, pull, turn) rights nor do they have destroy option. Please allow these for the mayor of the deed the colossus is on, similar to guard towers. Thanks.
  2. If a building is on deed and for some reason the player who owned the building stops playing, the mayor should have the option of claiming ownership of this building. There is no reason for the mayor not to have this ability, they already have the ability to demolish the building, and or allow other village members the same option. So in essence there is no security issues with the player who was permitted to put up the building up on the deed in the first place. There are many reasons for a mayor to always try and obtain the ownership of on deed buildings, but quite often this is not done as to allow the village member of a deed some responsibility and freedom in doing there own building while living in that village. Often deeds transfer hands several times and a few buildings sit there with no active ownership. I myself in the past with friends joining wurm and playing for a short time then leaving again, along with there building writs. Asking for them to hand over the writ to there first building they put up was not something I ever thought to ask them. Recently I bought a deed and the owner did not have all the writs, I spent a lot of time with catapults and mauls tearing down buildings when I decided to resize the deed, a very time consuming task and such a waste for a nice building as well. What reason is there to force the mayor and members of a village to destroy a building simply because the owner is no longer playing. Quit often the building may be very large, or perhaps so nice you would not want to destroy it in the first place, or maybe a bridge is connected to it or just a good functional building. Unowned buildings in a village leads to huge problems if the village needs to be resized or even maintained, as the mayor will not have ownership of all the buildings. Also just think of the poor folks who for whatever reason let there deed upkeep lapse, they come back to a village they will not be able to re-deed over if there is a unowned building smack in the middle of it. I have seen this happen several times over the years, with people replanting there deed the same day or even a few days after it has disbanded. I have seen a re-deed village with the token very far off to the side of its original location due to unowned buildings on the opposite side where the buildings they wanted to keep along with the one causing the problems all taking perimeter decay. What I propose is a simple solution to this problem, allow a mayor to walk up to a building that is on there deed, right click it and transfer the building to there ownership. Once done the permissions can be set for the person who originally owned the building or the mayor could just destroy it or even assign it to a new villager or just do whatever they want with it, it is there deed after all. I hear lots of talk about making wurm more enjoyable for the playerbase, well un-owned buildings in your village is anything but enjoyable when the time comes to dealing with them.
  3. The mayor should be able to unhitch branded animals. When players don't log on for days, or quit, those animals are stuck on carts and the carts stuck on deed until either the cart decays or the animals die. This can take a very long time or lose use of a good animal. Also, "manage branded animals" should give the option of naming them. Players also should have the option of individual branded animals, rather than deed branded animals. As it is now, it gives a disincentive to join someone else's village.
  4. Brotherhood of Steel (yes a fallout reference) is looking for players, someone who knows the game but still runs in fear from a spider or troll. the deed has many open lots and still under construction on the whole south side. there is 4 iron veins, 2 lead veins on deed, copper in the distance. come by D15 and check it out or message me on forums for more info. i also do not ask for coin, feal free to make a profit while here. if a business partner u seek then i am here. i currently have a low vyn priest, 1 vyn battery follower, 2 nahjo followers , and a main atm. yes they are all new characters but i have played before. i will be training/grinding steel products. usually online anywhere between noon-midnight EST if interested pm me here or in-game. I never had villagers in past but i know its better in numbers. well at-least now i do. i also just made a mountain top event center. the view is OMG and thought it would be perfect. i have yet to break ground there and still planning it out. if anyone is interested in joining please contact me anyway possible. still under construction, hard to see behind the trees up top but many lots available (currently 40x60)
  5. Mayors who never had premium cannot use /vinvite because of this message: [23:19:54] You may not invite other players to your settlement unless you are premium. The settlement will disband if your character is deleted and the settlement needs a mayor. However, you can invite people by right clicking on them. You get the error message but the player receives the invitation anyway. Premium players on a deed with non-premium mayor can invite other people normally.
  6. Kingdom is too huge on Freedom, and we can't have PMKs. Alliance does some of this, but would not want to do all of it. As for a PMK, one character would be the head of the group, with a purchasable estate form to found their Barony. Stand on the (main) character's deed with all other mayors (alt mayors or player mayors) present, minimum number possibly 2 other mayors. Found your barony. Only mayors of settlements on the same server count. Allows baron to see and add to upkeep of any barony-deed from any barony-deed token at the same time.Allows baron to manage permissions of all barony-deeds via the estate form.Allows baron to access and change writ permissions of all writs in the barony via the estate form, including destroy structure.Allows baron to manage vehicle settings of all vehicles owned by players citizen to the barony.Allows only the baron by default, to form alliances.Allows barony chat-tab, in addition to village and alliance chat-tabs.Allows citizens of a barony-settlement to be optionally upgraded to vassal of the barony (mayors are classed as vassals by default). Vassal permissions are barony-wide.Allows vassal role on writs and vehicles.Allows all vassals of the barony to see remaining upkeep of a barony deed at the deed token for that settlement.Allows all vassals of the barony to set the MOTD.Allows vassals to pick-up any planted item on barony lands including perimeter of barony-settlements.Allows perimeter of all barony-settlements to be protected from fence-building by non-citizens.Allows for barony livery; tabards, flags, banners, wagons (and ship sails when Kingdom sails are implimented). Pick an RGB value for your barony when founding. Option to add a superimposed symbol as for shopsigns would be nice. Barony livery would update so that wagons owned by players and barony-tabards worn by the player would show their current barony, and barony-flags and barony-banners would only show barony colours when planted on barony lands. Otherwise livery reflects Kingdom of crafter's origin.Spawn-towns would be automatic baronies, and take the title of Barony of <servername>. Therefore no fences or unremovable planted items in spawn-town perimeters. I'm aware some of this may sound overpowered to long-time players, but it is designed to make managing several deeds easier for one player, whilst not excluding the possibility of multiple player vassals, though you'd have to have a lot of faith in your baron's good intentions. I've listed as many things as I think might be relevent, as IF this was ever implemented it would not be exactly as described here anyway, and I want to illustrate the possible scope. Edit: Added topic tags
  7. We've recently encountered a lovely little dillemma with our town on Epic. The village was changed to a democracy due to the founding mayor going MIA for the past 6-7 months. Everything was fine until we ran into a bit of a snag. We had a villager who nobody liked, to be blunt, so we wanted to remove him. Thing is, we couldn't do that ourselves. Not me, the current mayor, or anyone else with villager management rights. When we confronted him and asked him to /revoke, it took about an hour to finally get him to go, which if we didn't keep track of him (or if he logged off and logged back in during nighttime) could have potentionally been disastrous. Because of Epic's low GM-intervention policy, getting the fellow kicked for greifing wasn't a possibility. At best given the worst situation we could kill him, but he could still respawn on deed, or simply travel from spawn, and cause havok once again, since revoking is something he has to do himself. I would like to propose three possible soultions for this problem. 1) Institute a /votekick that functions like /vote but to remove the player from town instead of promoting to mayor. This follows the meaning of democracy and is possibly ideal. 2) Allow the current mayor to revert back to dictatorship. In our situation with the founding mayor being gone we had no options, though this solution might pose some problems down the line. 3) Remove the democracy aspect. I'm aware dictatorships can be outvoted still, (and probably would have been the better option for us if we weren't cycling through villagers left and right), but this political type seems redundant, especially since there's no way to turn back without the founding mayor.
  8. I thought it could be a good idea if there was a way to message a mayor of a settlement via the village token. As some do not have forum accounts, this could help to resolve some issues. The message could be sent to the email that was used to create the Wurm account for that player. Lola
  9. /me stands and applauds. EDIT: This was in today's change notes. I'm happy to see it.