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Found 7 results

  1. Mission text typo for large mauls:
  2. Some minor confusion regarding the naming of Mauls and Axes in respect to their respective skills. Maul types available are Small, Maul and Large Maul, skills are small maul, medium maul, and large maul. Axe types available are small, axe and huge axe, skills are small axe, large axe and huge axe. There is sometimes confusion when trying to explain that medium maul or large axe are not named consistently with skills that are associated with them, where the other skills match the items available. Swords are fine, the items match the skill names.
  3. Wtb Supreme Maul with high enchants 90+ nimble,coc, and LT . please message me with info and price
  4. All the weapons are made of iron and have Life Transfer on them. All the mauls can be mailed. The buyer pays the mailing fees. The Huge Axe cannot be mailed, it's pickup only at the moment. Location: Mouse Hole Memorial 8x33y Independence. When to pick up an item: 22:00-24:00 GMT I am usually online around that time, PM me in game on Justamayor. 18:00-22:00 GMT I usually check the forums for messages around 18:00 GMT. If you have sent me a forum PM before that time I may be able to login before 22:00 GMT for a while to trade the items. If that time is not good for you contact me via PM and we may be able to find a solution. Reservation Policy: If you want me to consider an item reserved for a small amount of time please give me an ETA, either here or through a PM. Small Mauls: SM1: 73ql, Life Transfer [95], for 6.00s Status:sold SM2: 71ql, Life Transfer [80], for 4.25s Status:sold SM3: 73ql, Life Transfer [77], for 3.25s Status: sold SM4: 80ql, Life Transfer [74], for 3.80s Status: sold SM5: 73ql, Life Transfer [71], for 3.25s Status:sold SM6: 80ql, Life Transfer [69], for 2.80s Status: sold (Medium) Mauls: MM1: 79ql, Life Transfer [71], for 3.70s Status: sold MM2: 81ql, Life Transfer [70], for 4.00s Status:sold Large Mauls: LM1: 39ql, Life Transfer [84], for 4.00s Status: sold LM2: 80ql, Life Transfer [70], for 3.95s Status:sold LM3: 37ql, Life Transfer [70], for 3.00s Status:sold Huge Axe (pickup only) HA1: 79ql, Life Transfer [74], for 3.70s Status: sold Image of the initial list (only for a quick look, for availability check the list above): edit Dec-2: Added some details regarding picking up items and the reservation policy.
  5. WEAPONS OF LIFE Lifetransfer is a FO preist spell that allows life to be transfered from a creature to you unpon successfully hitting. A % of the damage you do will go into your health. The larger your hit the more health you get! Along with cast power. Stocks are as seen. since mailing is alittle fickled, pick up may be required. Celebrating 90 Channeling: All New: Straight price 70P,4s, 80P, 5s, 90P, 6s Custom casts are available and are 1s more to the casting price since it's at your conveinence. Vyn chants are available at 70P. Forum PM me for more info. All goods can be found also at Puzzle Plaza Deliverence serverhttp://forum.wurmonl...ket-event-deed/ Click to zoom
  6. Buying RT Mauls, preferrably Med, but interested in Large mauls also. Please PM with offers, thanks! GoG