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Found 40 results

  1. Inspired by the web application posted on the Build Houses guide made by Toni here, I decided to make an application that would also include the floor and roof material calculations, as well as making it multi-level capable. It also does the calculations per selection, and has fancy colors per level. You can find the application here, and the source code here for anyone interested seeing it or making any contributions. Any suggestions? Are there any materials that I am missing? Are there anymore bugs that are not listed in Issues?
  2. Hello, if you want to buy something write to me here or in game ./tell Tiberium. After reading this I can send selected item in 10 minutes mail. Thanks o7 xN - quantity of goods. Standard weight of 1 piece = 0,2 kg Rift woods: 20ql = 15c/ea x141 30ql = 25c/ea x38 40ql = 30с/ea x56 SOLD 51ql = 50с/ea x37 60ql = 60c/ea x58 70ql = 70c/ea x17 80ql = 80c/ea x3 SOLD 91ql = 90c/ea x3 SOLD Rift stone: 22ql = 15c/ea x32 50ql = 50c/ea x27 61ql = 60c/ea x4 70ql = 70c/ea x5 80ql = 80c/ea x40 91ql = 90c/ea x3 SOLD Rift crystal: 30ql = 30c/ea x3 SOLD 42ql = 40c/ea x5 SOLD 51ql = 50c/ea x2 SOLD 61ql = 60c/ea x10 83ql = 80c/ea x4 SOLD 91ql = 90c/ea x3 SOLD Rift points: 120RP = 1s x7521 Rift metals: Rare Glimmersteel 97ql 0,40kg = 4,5s SOLD Seryll 90ql 0,27kg = 1,9s Seryll 94,76ql 0,28kg = 2,4s SOLD Adamantine 98ql 0,39kg = 5,5s Adamantine 96ql 0,39kg = 4,5s
  3. I just saw a newer player in CA Help who was confused by the following crafting error message, which went something like: This is impossible, perhaps you are not skilled enough. Someone told him to use a higher QL plank, and of course that worked. Thus the error message saying his skill wasn't high enough did not tell the whole story, and so is misleading. A better message could be: At your current skill, the quality (QL) of the item you are adding needs to be higher. This brings the player straight to the fastest solution to the problem - the plank quality which he can more quickly choose, rather than his skill, which he may feel he can not.
  4. I provide all mats; send by wagoner ALL LARGE CRATES ARE YOURS TO KEEP! 50ql wooden materials; pegs, belaying pins, tenons, deck boards, hull planks, planks, shafts, small medium and tall masts 70ql imped wooden materials; keel sections, bench, small and large tackle, oars, yoke 70ql misc; tar, ribbons, small nails 50ql ropes; cordage mooring thick ropes, wemp plants and fiber 50ql cotton materials; too many to list atm, we do it! arch wood addition 50c upon availability build it for you? introductory 15% off market price!
  5. Hello folks! Icy and Grogster here at BeamMart, serving you soon! Here at BeamMart we will craft support beams on your demand. Being based in Highrise we will craft them out of the finest materials you can find up high! We usually do beams but can do other mats at your request. Service fees aren't yet in effect! [WE ARE NOT AVALABLE YET GIVE US A LITTLE WHILE, HOWEVER SOON WE MAY BE AVALALIBLE FOR SMALL ORDERS, JUST GIVE ONE OF US A PM INGAME] SUPPORT BEAM PRICES Number Count Under 150: Service Fee Multiplier: Price Per Beam Overall Price: Under 15 0.15 0.063s x * y (z) 15+ 0.1 0.05s x * y (z) 100+ 0.1 0.05s x * y (z) Number Count Over 150: Service Fee Multiplier: Overall Price: 150 N/A 0.063s 9.45s 150+ 0.05 0.05s x * y (z) MISC MATS Beams: 1c per beam x 0.1 Service Fee Ribbons: 1c per ribbon x 0.1 Service Fee
  6. Do you have a hoarding problem? Too much stuff on deed? How to cope with the mounting chaos of clutter? You need a Pet Ferret. This tame animal will come to call, can be trained to seek out your FSBs, BSBs and crate racks to find any item you need, and will chatter and try to stand bolt upright like a meercat when it finds it. Also suggested alternative skin: Hoard Hunting Hamster Inspiration from: Retro, Quasiwud and ferrets originally suggested by Gawain below:
  7. Hello everyone! I want to sell materials. The list will be updated according to current stock. Delivery will be FREE to any coast (except PVP) . Or you can come pick up. My deed is on Release, S21 on the ingame map, Briarwood deed on the community map. Link : Briarwood Ways i can be reached when offline: On Skype, sweetiedwarf, on Discord Darkstorm#7279, e-mail at Fell free to add me. The crates the stuff will come in can also be bought for 10 copper each. Otherwise we will swap crates or i unload in bulk storage bins. In stock: Silver Coins: 0, Price 1 silver= 0.9 euro Source : 0kg, Price 1s/kg Support beams: 0, Price 4s/100 Large crates: on demand, Price 10c each Bulk storage bins: on demand, Price 10c each Dirt : 25K, Price: 1s/k Mortar: 0k, Price 2s/k Concrete: 0, Price 1s/100 Stone bricks: 10k, Price 2s/k Colossus bricks: 1k, Price 2s/k Slate bricks: 0k, Price 2.5s/k Sandstone bricks : 0k, Price 2s/k Rounded Stones: 0k, Price 2s/k Pottery bricks: 0k, Price 3.5s/k Marble Bricks: 1k, Price 2.5s/k Large nails: 3k, Price 1.30s/k Small nails: 3k, Price 1.20s/k Planks: 1k, Price 1.2s/k Shafts: 3k, Price 1.1s/k Clay: 10k, Price 1s/k Iron Ribbons: 2k, Price 4s/k Iron lumps: 5k, Price 1s/k Zinc lumps: 0k, Price 1s/k Copper lumps: 1k, Price 1s/k Mixed Grass: 0k, Price 1s/k Fruit: Red Cherry : 100, Price 75c/100 Green Apples : 1000, Price 75c/100 Chestnut : 1700, Price 75c/100 Walnut: 1100, Price 75c/100 Pineut: 800, Price 75c/100 Hazelnut: 150, Price 75c/100 Blue Grapes: 1300, Price 75c/100 Lemon: 0, Price 75c/100 Veggies: Onion: 9k, Price 1s/k, Ql. 99.94 Wheat: 4k, Price 1s/k, Ql.98.71 Wool: 0k, Price 1.5s/k Cheese : 1k, Price 80c/100 Feta Cheese: 300, Price 90c/100 Buffalo Cheese: 600, Price 1s/100 Milk: Cow : Price 30c/small barrel (45 kg) Sheep : Price 40c/small barrel (45 kg) Bison : Price 50c/small barrel (45kg). NOTE: Mailing cost for a full barrel is 10c. Leathers: White dragon hatchling hide : 0.04, Price 50c for 0.01, 2s for the lot Red dragon hatchling hide : 0.07, Price 50c for 0.01,3.5s for the lot Blood: White Dragon Hatchling: 3, Price 1s each Green Dragon Hatchling: 1, Price 1s Forest Giant: 3, Price 3s Kyklops: 1, Price 2s Troll King: 2, Price 2s Gear: 1x right layered shoulder pad, steel, Price 2s 1x left elaborate shoulder pad, leather, Price 2s Jewellery: Seryl ring: 1, Price 2s Sprouts and seedlings, various types, 1 copper each. Gems: Star Emerald, ql 63.55, Price 3s Black Opal, ql 25.00, Price 3s Normal gems (opal, diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire) ,Price 0.80c/ql for the ones over 10ql. Food: Full CCFP, 10+kg pizzas, Ql. around 60, wrapped, random buff: Price 20c each. Full CCFP, 3+kg meals, random buff: Price 10c each. Also i can work on order, if you need anything, pm me ingame with what it is and the amount. My ingame name is Johndarkstorm.
  8. I just got this idea from Retrograde's WurmOnlineOfficial stream, so he should take the credit for it, and probably will. Retro's mouse was moving so fast when he was creating the mushroom planter box on the ground, and his mouse was so silent it actually looked like he was dragging the materials (in this case beams) on to the unfinished planter box (it was like lightning believe me.) I thought wow - what if we could drag materials onto an item we were creating? - we could drag planks onto an unfinished large cart to continue it, drag bricks onto an unfinished house wall to continue building it, drag pegs onto an incomplete knarr to continue adding to it etc etc. You might be thinking well, what's wrong with using the crafting interface (which is lovely btw), or double clicking to activate the material and then right clicking the unfinished item and selecting Continue Item, or pressing a bound key as many do now? I use a laptop touch pad, and I am mindful of what a relief it is that we can just drag items onto bulk containers to fill them - what a great asset and improvement to Quality of Life! - so I would love to be able to drag a stack of mats onto unfinished items to continue them. The action timers would stay in place of course, and you could only queue the same amount of actions/mats, but the amount of wear on mouse or touch pad is bound to improve. I also think it would be quite satisfying to physically 'put' the materials down onto the item being constructed (yeh, weird I know). I think the only downside would be mis-clicking and accidentally completing your knarr in the wrong peg wood type, but that isn't likely to happen is it? ...often? Just an idea.
  9. Hello guys I need your help, Xanadu's people. I would like to connect Esteron to Whitefay through a highway, but it is a very long and hard project, and I think that it will take a very long time to both collect the needed materials and build it. So I am here to ask you a little help by donating materials which will be used only for this project: Dirt. Stone bricks. Eyes. Blind catseyes. Complete catseyes. I will be able to take them from the coast, but it would be better if you could bring them at my deed (Modreth, Q25, on the shore). In this way I will spare some time for building the highway instead of running back and forward through Xanadu to collect the materials Anyway, feel free to write me in game (always as Luttuosa) or here in the forum. Thank you very much to all who will help me.
  10. They can be combined so that cod cost is 1c for 25x of the same kind/QLQuantities won't be updated often, so check for availabilityPM Davih in game, or message on forum18+ql Rift Crystal = 8c each18+ql Rift Stone Shard = 6c each18+ql Rift Wood = 6c each50+ql Rift Wood = 12c each50+ql Rift Stone shards = 12c each50+ql Rift Crystal = 16c each80+ql Rift Wood = 24c each80+ql Rift Stone shards = 24c each80+ql Rift Crystal = 35c each
  11. They can be combined so that cod cost is 1c for 50x of the same kind/QL Quantities won't be updated often, so check for availability PM Davih in game, or message on forum 15ql Rift Crystal = 9c each 25ql Rift Stone Shard = 8c each 19ql Rift Wood = 8c each 50+ql Rift Wood = 16c each 50+ql Rift Stone shards = 16c each 50+ql Rift Crystal = 20c each 80+ql Rift Wood = 30c each 80+ql Rift Stone shards = 25c each 80+ql Rift Crystal = 35c each
  12. They can be combined so that cod cost is 1c for 50x of the same kind/QL Quantities won't be updated often, so check for availability PM Davih in game, or message on forum 15ql Rift Crystal = 9c each sold 17ql Rift Stone Shard = 7c each 20ql Rift Wood = 8c each 52ql Rift Wood = 18c each 52ql Rift Stone shards = 16c each / 136 left 53ql Rift Crystal = 20c each 80ql Rift Wood = 30c each 80ql Rift Stone shards = 25c each 78ql Rift Crystal = 35c each sold It is possible that the QL will be slightly higher than the one showed in the screen.
  13. Low to medium quality range, I have combined these materials into more manageable groups. The formula for pricing each item is the following: ql 10-30: 5c per .2kg ql 31-50: 6c per .2kg ql 51-99: 7c per .2kg buyer also pays COD. Thanks!
  14. Selling low to mid quality rift materials, 5c each, buyer pays COD.
  15. 10th Bulk! : ) Three separate auctions for 3 separate High QL material Bulks: - Stone Bulk : 40x Rift Stone Shards (see 1st pic) - Wood Bulk : 30x Rift Wood (see 2nd pic) - Crystal Bulk: 30x Rift Crystals (see 3rd pic) All three auctions follow these same rules: Starting price : 1s min increase : 50c Reserve : nope Buyout : 8s each Sniper protection : 30mins
  16. 9th Bulk! : D Three separate auctions for 3 separate High QL material Bulks: - Stone Bulk : 40x Rift Stone Shards (see 1st pic) - Wood Bulk : 30x Rift Wood (see 2nd pic) - Crystal Bulk: 30x Rift Crystals (see 3rd pic) All three auctions follow these same rules: Starting price : 1s min increase : 50c Reserve : nope Buyout : 8s each Sniper protection : 30mins
  17. 8th Bulk, Enjoy! : D Three separate auctions for 3 separate High QL material Bulks: - Stone Bulk : 40x Rift Stone Shards (see 1st pic) - Wood Bulk : 30x Rift Wood (see 2nd pic) - Crystal Bulk: 30x Rift Crystals (see 3rd pic) All three auctions follow these same rules: Starting price : 1s min increase : 50c Reserve : nope Buyout : 8s each Sniper protection : 30mins
  18. Please make an offer on all items, thanks!
  19. I am running a dedicated server and using the custom map Riverlands, a 2096x2096 map made by Miretta. I am mining rock quality way above my mining skill using an 8ql pickaxe. I also noticed that my tree logs were a higher quality than my woodcutting skill using a 30ql hatchet. Of course I am still learning a lot of the ins and outs of a dedicated server and the settings but not sure what would cause this. My server is only using serverpacks mod. My client is only using connectionfix, custommap, livemap, and serverpacks mods. Thanks for any help!
  20. Hey, I'm looking for all kinds of rift materials. PM me with the quality and how much you got
  21. Items up for Auction: Mass Rare Misc Mats! Items will be Pick-up Only from D10 Release. Starting Bid: 4s Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 8s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All
  22. Today, I am putting Grapemead Village (island deed at i15 on Xanadu) up for sale. It's a central location on the server with access to the west coast from Fogshore Canal, the east/northeast coast from Maes Knoll Canal and the south from Mount Fuji's Pass. I opened up a new mine on the deed close to water so you can get the maximum mining potential out of the island. It's only a few tiles in but there's already a slate vein there. There are many other places on the island that you can mine for ore as well so you need not worry. Regardless, even if you're just buying the deed for its contents and you decide to disband it afterwards, that's totally up to you. Otherwise, if you plan to keep it, it's ready to decorate and expand further. Originally, it was only a small point on the island that I expanded to make it the size that it is now (36 by 38). I would much prefer to be paid in EU so it can go directly into my PayPal account for use elsewhere but otherwise I will take silver if that's not an option for you. Anyway, without further ado take a look at the features, contents and screenshots below and make an offer in a reply to this thread. I want to sell this stuff ASAP. Deed Features: - Temple Building (path of love tile inside) - Dockyard (4 docks; 4 tiles long and 2 tiles wide each) - Stables (some enchanted grass in the stalls) - Lighthouses (4 towers total; 2 towers 5 tiles high and 2 towers 6 tiles high) - Market Area (29 stalls available for merchants) - Hota Area (in front of castle) - Crafting/Storage Buildings (cook, mason, carpenter, blacksmith and armoursmith; empty spot to add 2 more buildings) - Guard Tower (5 tower guards) - Castle/Keep (3 floors enclosed; 4 floor on top is open; 3 towers 4 floors high) Deed Contents: - Gold Altar (Nahjo blessed; 1st floor of castle) - Deer Hota Statue (middle of Hota Area in front of castle) - Rare Small Cart (sitting on one of the docks) - Bed, Chest, Fireplace and 4 BSBs (3rd floor of castle) - Food Storage Bin (sitting on one of the docks; 4214x 99.81QL garlics; 4845x 35.75QL cooked meat; 77x 90.27QL barley) - Extra Bulk Storage Bin (sitting on on one of the docks; 2405x 28.87QL zinc lumps; birchwood wood scrap 1436x) - Large Cart and Wagon (Freedom) Note: I did not list all of the contents here (e.g., BSBs in the castle) so see these screenshots (includes screenshot of the Rare Small Cart). Deed Screenshots: - See these screenshots to view the layout and buildings (includes screenshot of the Deer Hota Statue). Finally, I also paid 2 silver to the upkeep fund today so it has 39 days, 21 hours and 44 minutes left. The tile per creature ratio is 105 right now. The monthly cost for upkeep is 2 silver, 73 copper and 60 iron. The size is 36 by 38 in case you missed that above. P.S. Remember to make an offer in a reply to this thread. I'm willing to negotiate and I didn't set a price on purpose to give free reign for people to make an offer based on what they feel is current fair pricing (i.e., based more on deed contents than the deed itself to be honest).
  23. WTS 14k Stone Brick 1k/2s 2k Colossus Brick 1k/3s Rare Ship Materials 50c/each Rare Pickaxe Iron 67,17QL W71C72 7,5s Rare Carving Knife 21,7QL 6s
  24. I have no idea if this has even been reported, but here goes: Dredges consist of a cloth bag on a rope, with steel lips to scrape up dirt. The in-game model, crafting recipe, and skill all reflect this to some degree. However, when you build them, they are all inexplicably made out of birchwood, and thus improve using carpentry materials. This obviously makes no sense. Why does a blacksmithing item made out of steel, cloth, and rope become birchwood upon creation? Solution: Make them out of a more reasonable material involved, like the cloth or the steel (although steel might be annoying to improve).
  25. ***IMAGE UPDATED*** everything still visible in the image is available Trying to clean up my stocks a bit They can be CODed from Xanadu or you can pick up if you would like at Q11 in SW Xanadu Pricing Useful rares: 20c Useless rare: 10c Useless supreme: 30c Useful supreme: 40c