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Found 17 results

  1. Reserved Open Top 3 Ordered Items: 1.) Terraforming Services 2.) Support Beams 3.)Colly boxes Bulk Resources Price(S) In Stock Support Beams 4s/100 made to order/stock: 100 Wooden Beams 4s/1k War arrows/hunting arrows 40c/100 Shafts 2s/K Planks 2s/K Pegs 1s/k Arrow shafts 2.5s/k Marble Brick/Slate Brick 2.5/K Stone Brick 2s/K Pottery Brick 3.5s/k Colossus Brick 2.5s/K Mortar 2.5s/K Fence bars 1s/100 stock only Chain Links 15c/100 Iron Ribbon 1.2s/300 Small/Large nails 1.5s/k Rivets 1.5s/1k Metal Sheets(special-copper, silver, gold) 1.5s/10 sheets (under consideration) Catseyes (10ql) 40c/100 Strings of cloth 2s/k Log(Oak/Willow/small outputs) 2s/300 stock only Log(most others) 1s/300 Sprouts(Oak/Willow) 2s/100 Sprouts(any other) 1s/100 Flowers(most) 1s/100 Mixed Grass 1s/k kindling 1.5s/k BSB's 10c per Large crates 8c per Creation QL Small crates 4c per Crate Racks 8c per ***Semi-Open*** Special Services and Job Orders Price(S) Digging Service 1s/K OR 50c/K +Haul Land Filling 1s/1k your dirt 2s/k Digging + Landfilling combo. 2s/k Guard Tower Service 5s my mats 3s your mats obo offer. I have some Mol Rehan tower blueprints for an extra 2s Mining (in caves) 1s/20 walls OR 1s/50 walls + Haul *Busting Veins= 1s/k mined or 50c/k +haul Surface Mining 1.5s/bsb Colossus (any) Libila(willing to convert) 5s(labor) your mats, my mats (colossus in a box available for order 7s+1.5s for the sheets)+labor of 5s Pan filling=> 2s/1000 for 1 meat 1 veggie Wacky Woodsmen Management: Smwoodburn, Wraithshadow Assistants: Gavias, Anteiku Crew: Zeddicus(on leave), Soul Reaper Smwoodburn's work: ***1 order at a time 2 in que*** In Progress: 1) 2x colossus Que: 2) Wraithshadow's Work: ***1 order at a time 1 in que*** In Progress: 1) Shafts and planks job Que: 2) Located on coast on Xanadu at I 11 Lion's Gate Xanadu ( All orders will need to be placed in advance and please give time for response thank you. I will be updating this as much as possible to follow current trade value, as well as, building up stock as to decrease the waiting period. Thank you for your visit and I personally thank you for your patience. PM Smwoodburn through forum(preferred), or in game for special requests or questions, thank you. WTS Looking for your BULK resources, greenery and services look no further! at WTB Rare/Supreme: planks, shafts, small nails. Rare: clay, brick(any type), pegs, large nails, square cloth, cloth sheets, sprouts, bladders, ribbon, and more pm what you have!
  2. Hi all. WTS character Liberal. 95 digging, almost same masonry. Full skill chart can be found here Affinities: mining, 2xfine carpentry and normal fighting Send your offers with PM. Selling for ingame currency.
  3. Hello! I'm a newbie looking to repay a debt with a friend, If you have any jobs I could do please tell me I do have premium so the quality of the products I make for you may increase logarithmically I live in the north eastern region of Xan but don't mind travelling far if you have a place for me to stay :3
  4. NEWLY UPDATED: March 29th, 2016 Storm's End is located in the north shore region of Crystal Lake, about 1/3 km from the shore line itself. Our deed is located on the community map at 43x33y. We have recently expanded once again, and we now boast a size of 51x35. If you are interested in joining Storm's End, please PM me either here on the forums or in-game, and I'd be happy to give you a tour!
  5. Auctioning Vindekator! Auction is over: Buyout Name: Vindekator Gender: Male Karma: You have 6573 karma, how would you like to spend it? Path of Insanity: Level 8:Beast - 48.38 Meditation Location: West Xanadu N11 Premium gametime: You have premium time until 13 Jan 2016 20:02:49 GMT Skills In the top 100! Titles Payment Method: Verified Paypal Starting Bid: 100usd Minimum Increments: 10usd (Character only) Buyout: PM Offers Sniper Protection: 2 hours from last bid
  6. character name stumpfoot.
  7. close

    Supreme unfinished Pillar pick up sw inde Starting bid : 20s min increase : 1s buyout : offer
  8. fdhgdghdgfdgfg
  9. Hej People. We need a mason with 95+ skill to build som potery roofs for us. It's on a huge building and the roofs are on 12th floor. Further information ask me here on forum or Viremental ingame. This is kinda critical and we need this done fast. Br. Shang.
  10. Desertmind of the path of knowledge Body 34,82 Body streght 32,08 Body stamina 27,50 Body control 25,46 Mind 28,03 Mind logic 31,43 Mind speed 20,66 Soul 22,74 Soul strength 25,12 Soul depth 21,11 Religion Favor 27,97 Faith 27,97 Alignment 100 Skill Sword 19,17 Knives 17,75 Carving Knife 17,37 Butchering knife 21,92 Axes 18,64 Hatchet 22,08 Mauls 11,42 Medium Mail 19,69 Carpentry 54,00 Bowyery 8,58 Fletching 10,97 Fine carpentry 23,50 Ship building 18,45 Woodcutting 32,67 Mining 62,53 Digging 72,42 Firemaking 15,39 Pottery 16,54 Tailoring 12,70 Cloth tailoring 10,99 Leatherworking 30,08 Masonry 60,26 Stone cutting 34,52 Ropemaking 5,48 Smithing 42,86 Weapon smithing 30,61 Armour smithing 12,15 Chain armour smithing 23,42 Blacksmithing 55,65 Locksmithing 25,12 Metallurgy 4,59 Jewerly 19,61 Cooking 7,44 Butchering 15,29 Nature 21,43 Gardening 27,61 Forestry 20,09 Animal taming 9,08 Animal husbandry 28,86 Meditation 16,55 Miscellaneous items 55,71 Shovel 55,89 Rake 12,26 Saw 18,89 Pickaxe 65,53 Hammer 44,46 Stone chisel 23,43 Repairing 29,56 Sickle 20,07 Alchemy 6,02 Natural substances 14,15 Fighting 55,26 Aggressive fight 43,28 Defence fighting 17,40 Healing 13,04 First aid 28,30 Archery 10,50 Paving 32,19 Prospecting 24,22 Climbing 7,50
  11. I have a large ad at this link with great detail of what we offer and expect, but to make it easy I will post a couple of thoughts here. Temporary Residents: Basically Tanelorn is a great place for new players to come and get their feet wet and figure out what this game is about, what it expects from you and where you want to go. We have temporary housing for those who don't want a permanent dwelling and who will be moving on shortly. We can help out with as little as leaving you alone to figure things out and providing a safe dwelling or as much as helping you with some good tools and showing you the way. Permanent Residents: Tanelorn is looking for a few permanent villagers to add to the family. To get those details you really need to visit the main page because we are picky about what we want. This is a permanent family and we want to make sure we mesh well together and don't have a bunch of people bouncing back and forth on the main grounds. I suggest you all read the main page because there are lots of lovely pictures and lots of information about us. Please post your comments over there because I will probably forget to check here for them. You may contact Lucard or myself in game however this is my project so I invest much more time into it. Please keep in mind, Lucard is very busy with terraforming so sometimes he forgets to check pm's (he is getting better about it). I can also be contacted via pm on the forum. I look forward to chatting with you all. Blessings, Harvest
  12. Looking for any masons, carpenters, and ship builders to help with my new deed, cant afford to pay so work will be free or i will make you a citizen of deed. Deed is mostly built just needs some repairs and and finishing touches.
  13. -Tanelorn- First and foremost we are drama free. Currently Tanelorn is in deep need of a Mason. If this is your area of expertise or one you would like to persue then please contact Harvest or send a message in the forum. If Harvest isn't on game you may contact Huntgrem and have her message Harvest off game and expedite Harvest's return or at least find out when she will be back on. We have changed the way that Tanelorn recruits. If you are interested in joining Tanelorn you must first be a villager of The Academy. Please view the link Here. We have done this to ensure all villagers get along before inviting. Also, to make sure we all are pursuing the same goals. This saves a lot of drama and transitioning and makes for a much smoother family dynamic. We hope to talk to you soon. We are conveniently (or not so conveniently) located in the far north east near Cherrywood Isle. On the Dump Map we are located at X42.5, Y42.5 and on the Darkmalice Map we are at 53-BC. About us: Tanelorn is still undergoing a lot of construction. Most of the digging is done. That doesn't mean we don't have a lot still to do (so if you are looking for great skill gains you better hurry). We have started building our permanent structures. Tanelorn is a great place for you to come, skill, and help out with community projects. Currently we are looking for new villagers, however we do NOT need blacksmiths, miners or cooks. Please do not try to talk us into giving you these positions as it will not happen. We also allow people to come and join our community on a temporary basis to get their feet wet before moving on to their own deed or another village. For all residents, please only apply if you are mature yet don't mind adult humor and foul language (though it doesn't happen often but we do get a hair up our fannies sometimes). Permanent residents must be premium. What this village has to offer: § Our help with tools and weapons (to the best of our abilities). § Small temporary houses with a small yard (perm residents). § Small temporary house w/o a yard (non-permanent). § Tons of farm area. § Lots of trees. § Horses and Cattle (to borrow while you are here). § Mine off deed. § Wells on site. § Altars for all three Gods. § Coastal property. § 1 Templar Guards. § 2 Guard Towers (5 guards each) ​§ Ships for your use (Knarr, Sailboat, Rowboat). What more this village will have: § Large permanent houses with large yards. § Large groves of trees. § Large workshops for all to use. § Sermons for priests. § Large dock with large shipbuilding workshop. § Market at docks to sell your merchandise. What we, as a community, have to offer: § To be part of a community. § Friendship and Trust (open community). § Semi-relaxed environment. § Private house with beds. § BSB and chest in your house. § Community forge and oven (until perm houses are up). What we expect from you: As Permanent Resident: § Manners and respect. § Willingness to learn. § Desire to help out and work as a team. § Someone who gives as much as they take. § Ability to follow directions and listen to village leaders. § Honesty (thievery will get you on KOS). § To be able be on daily, even if for a couple of hours. § Willingness to help out other villagers. § Premium player for permanent resident. § Must speak English. § Willingness to take part in community projects. § No warnings on your account. § Know this game is for you, we do not want to recruit people who quit after a week. Wurm is not for the faint of heart. Village Rules § You are allowed to work on village projects; if you can't then our village isn't for you. § You will not grief other villagers or players. § You will NOT steal, cheat or anything else that will cause harm to the village or its villagers. § You will follow the guidance of the Mayor and village leaders. § You will not mix low quality items with the high quality one in the bulk storages. § Respect other members and be polite. Grievances will be held in p.m.’s, not Freedom. § You will not kill penned animals unless given specific permission. § You will not take over someone else's job unless they have given permission (i.e. only miner mines and only the cook butchers things killed by the Templars). § If you want to practice your mining skills and you are low level you will mine in an off deed mine. § Trees must be replanted after cut. Tanelorn is ever changing and it's just too hard to post updated pictures all the time. I am posting a link that Lucard updates periodically with changes in our terraforming project. The best thing to do is just come see us. I will however post our current end result. This too changes as our vision changes but as our village grows so do our needs. If you are interested in joining our village please contact myself, Harvest, or Lucard in game or send a p.m. here on the forum to Harvest. Please do not send Lucard a private message as he does not check them. Thank you.
  14. Bah, forget it. Please delete. Hello, I am on the Deliverence server, a perfect center point for all the servers currently and am fairly settled enough to start a business. Skills: Masonry 82.82 Mining 74.51 Stone-cutting 60.02 I don't have set prices yet, and don't have a boat capable of hauling a ton of bricks, but I can come on-site to help with any improving, building or brick/mortar making. What I offer: Forge, oven and spirit cottage/castle improvements. Mine door creation to 60-ish quality. Brick/mortar making for those big projects you may have. Home and wall building, where quality matters (or not, and you just don't want to do it)
  15. The newly founded village of Aedgon can be found directly north of Tap Dance,following the road north from settlement token. It will grow in size and population to offer protection to all whom seek shelter. Built now: *Tall stone walls *Spacious homes *Lamps *Gates that do not obstruct the flow of traffic, however protects all whom pass. *Village exclusive mining shaft. Short term plans: *Kingdom sponsored hunting deed. *Deed, protected and maintained homes for rent.†More to come. Future;distant or near;Provided resources and land expansion. *Personal boat dock within village/kingdom Marina *Trade market *Village/Kingdom sponsored Doctor(hiring) for Citizens. *Many more. The sole purpose of Aedgon is safety,shelter and a easier means of living. Space is LIMITED for now. PM Shyunea More details to come. Just follow the settlement token north from Tap Dance.Directly above Tap dance. http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebL.png Hurry home-Shyunea;Queen of Aedgon †Homes are available within walls of kingdom, and outside of walls(still on deed). there will be guards to protect the settlement inside and outside of walls. Houses are not required inspection and will not be entered, but maintenance from the outside. Requests for specific size and location based upon availability. Prices as of current 10/4/2012 12:00:00AM CST is 1copper coin Monthly / 5silver to own the house so long as Aedgon stands. All tenants have access to the Forest and Mine Any additional questions regarding this post can be directed to myself Shyunea through forum or in-game. Note: this is a test. I want to see if other players from other servers would like a sort of permanent or temporary location that is secured and maintained between they're travels.