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Found 6 results

  1. Muse's Crops and Materials at Southport U18 Deli (U18 in game map, or on the Deliverance community map) +plus *NEW COLOUR* Horses at The Mermaid's Cove U17 Deli For those of you who have asked to see my stock list, here it is. (All items and prices subject to availability and may change without notice) Please PM me in game (Muse) for all items. Thanks Swap-shop! Currently accepting the following in exchange or part exchange for items! - Currently offering the following items in exchange for above swaps or coins! - Buying bulk food ingredients items information - please read Forage and Botanise Only Items - Cocoa Beans, Nutmeg, Mushrooms, Eggs... HIGH QL Herbs and Spices HIGH QL Veggies / New and traditional Food Crops HIGH QL Cereals and Rice *REDUCED!* SEED QL Crops and Herbs - ALL now just 50c/k! Berries, Olives, Hops, Fruit and Nuts Flowers and other Cooking Ingredients Cotton, Wemp and Reeds BULK Bush and Tree Sprouts and Trellis Seedlings 99+ql Woad, Acorns and Dyes Farm Shop - NEW! Bee Wax, Paper/Papyrus,Milk, NEW! *LOWER Price* Honey, Ale, Maple Sap, Lye and other Liquids in Barrels Dead Things - and NEW! Creepy Things! Recipes to order Empty Containers Wool, Cotton String, Cloth Squares Shipbuilding, Tailoring, Crafted items - Sails - *NEW* CoC Meditation Rugs! Sacrificial (Saccing) Rares and Supremes Metal Ore and Lumps - 99+ql Iron Bulk Building and Crafting Materials, Ash, Tar, Charcoal and Clay Archaeology Wood Types - Branches, Shafts, Pegs, Tenons, Arrowshafts and Woodscraps Vehicles - Wagons - Boats Livestock - *NEW COLOUR* from just 30c! (and original colour) Horses, Bison, Rams and Sheep The Archaeology RARES Merchant Statue, Statuette and Mask Archaeology Fragments - and NEW! *completed* masks and *ready-to-complete* masks, statuettes and statues! Mailed Items: Fast 99 cast - extra LARGE Runed Public Mailbox Southport is an active public market with 20+ merchants selling goods ranging from rare items to cheerful bargains - several 'Copper' shops asking just 1c per item! Visiting? Tar and Clay are FREE to dig and take away here at Southport U18 Deli - DIY - help yourself! We have a comfortable clubhouse with FREE beds and most altars. Epic portal. For your use - *Silent* discreet Public Wagoner - feel free to use him! - just make yourself a wagoner container and you can send goods from your chosen waystone to any player on Deliverance. Look forward to seeing you soon. Before you set sail - check Server Status (leaves this page - use browser Back button to return!) ᚛ᚋᚒᚄᚓ᚜ M U S E (in Ogham script)
  2. A family member suggested this to me and I thought the idea was good. Battle Masks for horses These could be frightening to opponents, with sharp points or horns, and offer some protection to the horse. Unicorn Mask for a horse Has a golden pointy horn, and probably does include the colour pink. The above masks could be constructed from 10-20 metal or pottery archaeology armour fragments. They would be put in the horse's head slot alongside any bridle. Horse masks are called Shaffrons:
  3. WTS Stuff

    Post or PM me offers SOLD: Seryll Chain Sleeve
  4. Will take individual offers on items or can sell as a bundle Feel free to PM me here or in game to discuss anything you are interested in
  5. Well, models excist, might aswell use em. Horned Helmet (Greathelm functionality, 90 Platesmithing): 1.87kg steel/ada/glimmer lump + Large anvil --> Unfinished Horned Helmet + 2 horns --> 1.7kg Horned Helmet Plumbed Helmet (Open Helmet Functionality, 90 Platesmithing): 1.21 steel/ada/glimmer lump + large anvil ---> Unfinished Plumbed Helmet + Tail + 3 cochineal ---> 1.1kg Plumbed Helmet Drake Hide Mask (face protection... and yes this means this combined with a drake cap works like a basinet/great helm, 90 Leatherworking): 0.11 green/black/white drake hide + needle ---> 0.1kg Drake Hide Mask Owl Mask (face protection, 90 Leatherworking): 0.11 leather + needle ---> 0.1kg Owl Mask Silver Mask (face protection, 90 Jewelrysmithing): 0.66kg silver lump + large anvil ---> 0.6kg Silver Mask Clay Mask (face protection, 90 pottery): 0.1kg clay + hands ---> unfinished mask + heat ---> unfinished clay mask + branch ---> 0.1kg Clay Mask Pale Mask (face protection, 90 Stonecutting, 90 jewelrysmithing): 0.55 marble shard + Chisel (stonecutting) ---> 0.5kg unfinished pale mask + 0.10kg gold lump (jewelrysmithing) --> 0.6kg Pale Mask Wolf Greathelm (Greathelm functionality, 90 Platesmithing): 1.87kg steel/ada/glimmer lump + large anvil --> unfinished Wolf Greathelm + black wolf rug ---> 1.7kg Wolf Greathelm inb4 hate from people who bought challenge rewards from others and wanna be unique. edit:
  6. Assuming the mask slot isn't just to tease us, what would their functions be? I rather like the idea that masks could conceal the identity of those that wear them; perhaps blotting out letters of a persons name in local depending on the quality of the mask similar to signatures. Maybe hooded cloaks could benefit stealth and masks a well. What does everyone else think about masks and whatnot? Should they be purely cosmetic or have a function? __ I spared this from the suggestions forum for now because I would rather discuss usage before hand.