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Found 9 results

  1. EDIT - As we're assembling details here, I've updated the original post and will try and catalogue all the still-active-markets I know to exist with their approx locations - if anyone wants to give me exact coordinates or add extra marketplaces, pop a message in the thread and I'll try and keep this updated. EXTRAEDIT - I've added URLs but if folks change the titles of their threads, some of these will break so pop me a PM if you spot a broken URL and I'll try and get an updated one. Originally I was including big markets only but I've come across a few that are only two or three merchants but have really good diverse stock and are still well-worth a visit. I've also not chosen to include the newbie-item markets that pop up outside *most* starter towns on Xan and a few other servers since these are easy to find if that's the stuff you're looking for - and you're not likely to sail to them if you're not a new player spawning in those areas. I've taken a few punts jogging over to deeds called 'something-something Market' and found most are not actually open market deeds (or perhaps not anymore) so hoping to crowd source more info, since I very much like in-game shopping and spend much of my silver there. For anyone still trying to keep one or more in-game markets alive - many of these I've only stumbled upon because I saw signs on a highway near a major settlement - these are worth your time placing! Mini glossary: curated means all the merchants are specialised and their shops are labelled so you can see at a glance what kinds of items they sell. mixed market means either a community run market, or a privately run one with multiple collaborators/merchants owned by several different players, so some merchants may be specialised but most will have a variety of items. More time/rummaging required but more surprises to be found. key merchant means animals sold here can be bought from a self-service merchant and don't need the owners online to buy from Indy: Freedom Marketplace @L16ish - smack bang in the centre on the south side of Dragonfang Mountain just north from The Howl - a shadow of it's former glory but there's were at last count (Sept 21) still 18 mixed market merchants in the inner ring, though less than half of these have a stock of more than half a dozen items. Not coastal but an easy run up the highway from the docks to the south of it if you're sailing by. (Not sure who manages it, give us a wave if it's you) Celestial Market @E15 - on the coast of the Samling Fjord, north Indy, coastal and easy to access - just keep an eye out for Demona's trademark colourful lighting schemes, there's about a dozen merchants here with varied stock. (Managed by DemonaNightshade) Nomad's Market @R22ish - an animal market selling champs, horses and hellies via a key merchant, easily accessible by boat on the south side of Indy. There's a couple of stalls here selling rares, gifts, tools and the like! (Managed by Ksss) CLUB Market @P20 - look for the Libilla colossus as you're sailing by; there's merchant stalls down the middle and animal and bulk pens around the outer edges with easy off-deed boat-parking to load and unload cages etc. Predominantly high ql tools and armour and enchanted tools here, but last time I went by there was a jeweller and a brewer too! Beware with the bulk pens that you can't push/pull crates out, you'll need a cart or wagon to load them directly into. (Managed by ChampagneDragon and friends, I think?) Valyrian Estates @P/Q20 - selling horses and hellies via a key merchant (with a marketplace under development). Loading isn't enabled directly by the market so make sure you park just off-deed before you unload cages. (Managed by Rowina). Release: Little Venice @I/J23- a dedicated island market deed with 20+ decorated curated shops. Once there, you can shop by boat or on foot; shops sell skins, bloods, PMK items, gifts, archaeology finds, rares, bulks and more, including an animal market. Shops previously at Brambleheim have all now moved to this new site. (Managed by Crimsonearth) Greenwood Market @N8 - on the western coast of Release is a curated market deed with 15-20 merchants each in their own shops, selling gifts, PMK items, cooking ingredients, high ql equipment, furniture and more and has a few animal sale pens with a key merchant too. (Managed by Kasumi) Hillside Hideaway @O14 - a handful of merchants selling rares, gifts, enchants and some PMK items (inc wagons via PM) on the shore of Mercury Lake, accessible by boat via various tunnels to the north, east and west. (Managed by Brattygirlisback) Poolsclosed @K15 - only has three or four merchants with not much stock turnover, but is still there and sells some quirky wines and chainmail (Not sure who manages this now. Tarounal, maybe?) Deli: Southport Market @U18 and Mermaid's Cove @U17 - right on the south central coast of Deli; Southport has 40+ mixed market merchants concentrated into a small area and always plenty to rummage though, Mermaid's next door has several sale pens for horses and a key merchant (Managed by Muse/Jothebard) Old Grumpy Couple @E20/21 - a good sized horse market with a couple of merchants selling additional wares, accessible by boat through a tunnel directly to the north, the coast entrance is marked by a sailboat and buoys. (Managed by Bunnlose) Edgewater Market, Deli Marketplace, Puzzle Plaza and Delish are completely empty now - anyone know any others? Exodus: Sandhill Market @M/N15 has closed, according to their forum post, but there are still two or three merchants remaining if you happen to be over that way. Black Pearl @S16 doesn't seem to be a market per se but has characterful merchant placements as NPCs. There is a merchant outside a players house here that had drake hide for sale when I went by, though! Cele: Tap Dance Market @K19 This community market has now been renovated and reopened with a nice array of small shops and merchant stalls and a public inn. Last I visited there were still spaces for more folks to join in on the action. (Managed by Nomadikhan + Blacklotus). Archdale @T12 - there's a couple of rares merchants and a skillers merchant on the dock of this deed, southwest Cele, easily accessible by boat. (Managed by Zarame) Pristine: Driftwood Market & Inn @U11 - small community market and public inn getting up and running on the south coast of Pristine. There's a handful of merchants there at the moment, and lots of market stalls free for others to add to. (Managed by Kasumi) Blossom Market is currently undergoing redevelopment by Lisabet. Xanadu: Glasshollow Public Market @D10ish - big sprawling mixed market over several levels, with 60+ merchants, accessible by boat. Just park at the old impalong site where you see forges all around the square by the shore. Also on the highway system with signposts from Glasshollow if you're coming overland. (Not sure who manages this now, give us a wave if its you) Eden Bazaar @H23 tucked away at the very bottom of Summerholt Lake has a handful of merchants including a bulks merchant and a charming little inn. (I think managed by Rhea?) NEXA Market @G24ish? - east of Summerholt on the highway with a handful of mixed market merchants, selling mostly tools and rares. It is accessible by boat but it's a bit of a trek from other servers so I tend to run an alt over from Summerholt when I want to shop. (Not sure who manages this now, give us a wave if its you) Hindleap Horses @G23 - just north of NEXA Market selling horses, donkeys, mules and sheep. Last I checked, there's no key merchant here but I think Olaf is currently setting up a pony market in the area so keep an eye out for it! (Managed by Olafhairybreeks) Crafter's Legion Market @M7 - 15+ merchants with a lot of high QL and high cast items at an easily accessible coastal location; also good for fishing gear. (Managed by Martynas, Richtje and MrCoolMan) Misty Rock Horse Market @T12 - A beautifully laid out horse market (one of the very first that I visited many years ago, and has clearly influenced many subsequent horse market sites) selling 4 speeds in every colour; Malena suggests on her thread that drafts are on the way, and there's also a trader here and horse tack for sale. (Managed by Malena/Katspurr) Fir Market @T8ish - south-west of Newspring and by the coast, easily accessible by boat with a half dozen merchants, mostly selling enchanted tools. (Managed by Renate, I think?) Moonhollow Cove Horse Market @P9 - horse market selling speeds and drafts just south of Absolution - nice easy sail in from the west coast and well laid out. (Managed by Millammber)
  2. Hello my fellow merchandise sellers! I have created a wonderful tool that takes the guess work of what who is selling, what they are selling, and for how much. WurmTrade was created to make trading in Wurm easy (no sales experience required). This tool will help you from missing out on great deals brought to you by other Wurmians. is a centralized marketplace for anyone to use to list their WTS listings. Feel free to check it out and start using it! If there are any missing categories, items or materials you would like me to add please let me know as well as any suggestions or feature requests! To-do: Enchantments on a listing -- In development, eta 9/20/2020 Allow additional items to be added to a listing (combos) Add request/buy functionality to a listing Add auction and service listing types Add seller "online" status Auto close listings from sellers who are inactive on the site Add site/email notifications Add other wurm clusters Add filter for "Available now" and "Made on request" Make site mobile friendly
  3. Mount Wurm is looking for new players to join it's developing settlement. We are primarily going to be a large market based community, with residential and common areas throughout the deed. We have specific plans for our property and this will be very organized and planned out, so if you are looking to drop buildings everywhere this won't be for you. The current deed is 37*29 located at the mountain top south of overture, with plans for expansion if possible. New players welcome (most of us are new and learning, but are dedicated). The following positions are immediately available. We want DEDICATED people to their professions and skills, meaning if you apply for these you should expect this to be your job within our community (and we hope you will thrive to be the best at it). We plan to follow a Master/Apprentice format for players considering most are learning (it is melody after all), so come join and strive for that top spot! All new players joining Mount Wurm will be given welcome packages and a Large Cart to make the journey a little easier. This sheet will be updated as positions become available or are filled. Reply below or join our Official Discord for more information. See you on the mountain!
  4. Rockaway marketplace at P14 is now open and has lots of available stalls. It is located on the waterfront. Bryanr/Btrod
  5. There are many open stalls for merchants to come sell their wares. Rockaway is located at P14 on the waterfront.
  6. I have two open marketplace stalls atm. I am in the process of building more stalls. Rockaway is located at P14 the market is on the waterfront. Easy access from boats or roads that lead to Loremere. Mayor Btrod
  7. Welcome to and Water Seven is easy to reach by South Pristine [17] empty Marketstalls available! status: atm set to Public (-everyone can place ur merchants atm) and looking any merchants for weapons, armors (chain & plate) Open for Merchant places. contact: IG - Bratokar / Terraluna or over forum. a sea view: the 1th district of Market- and Sermonplace: for all Altars ready for sermons (Fo, Vynora & Magranon) the 2nd district of market with 10 stalls and the shipwright area is under construction we hope, we see u soon. ur Shining Valley Alliance and Water Seven.
  8. Hi everyone, moved this chat to Thanks, Aryon
  9. Port Tanelorn Market Hello everyone. Port Tanelorn Market is reopening. We have tried our luck at hosting a market in the past, but because of lack of time and skills we quickly realized it was a plan which needed more preparation. Now we're back with a wide selection of wares and also some medium enchantments and of course our well known bulk ware services. Come over and check out what we have so far, or if you're a seller feel free to contact me about setting up a merchant or two. We plan to offer a lot more than just a marketplace in the future. Epic Portal, Meditation rugs, Food, Beds and special meditation places will just be some of these offerings. I will keep you updated in this post. Here is what we offer: Merchants: - Lumi's Mixed Wares: PM Lumi or check out her Forum Post - Xene's Armory: Various Weapons up to QL 57 and some medium enchanted tools for beginners - Red's Merchants: Chain Armor (QL 50) and Lamps (QL 50) - Rik's Ropes: All kinds of Ropes, Sails and some meditation rugs Bulk Wares: These are rough prices, of course we offer mostly anything that can be sold in bulk, just ask. Wares can be picked up or delivered. Delivery on Exodus is free. Please ask about other servers. Most expensive is north Independence with 1s. 1k Rockshards / Dirt = 1s 1k Mortar = 3s 1k Bricks = 2s 1k Logs = 1s 1k Planks = 1s 1k Charcoal ~QL 30 = 4s Ship building: (all boats include anchor and lock) 10 Rafts (QL30) 50c 1 Rowing Boat 1s 1 Sailing Boat 1.2s 1 Corbita 5s 1 Cog 8s 1 Knarr 15s 1 Caravel 20s We also offer a special referral deal on ships. When you buy a ship from us you can refer other people to us and receive 10% of what they pay as a referral bonus.