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Found 6 results

  1. No, it's not April Fool's! Map Dumps have arrived! The long-awaited updated map dumps are finally here, and what a fantastic start to 2019 they are! These files include isometric, topographical, and flat terrain maps per server. The highway maps will come later on as they require a different method to generate, so stay tuned! Check them out to view or download here: Happy New Year! The Wurm Team
  2. Map dump

    Dont know if its been asked or answered for that matter but would it be possible to get a map dump monthly ? As a mapmaker i would like to have as fresh map as possible.
  3. So we finally got new map dumps! Thank you, devs - I really appreciate them and I'm happy and grateful to be able to see the islands of Wurm as they appear today. Awesome! However: Those "maps" are not really maps at all. As last time, they are "pseudo-3D" isometric images! I admit: they look terrific, but - to be honest - they are not really useful for any mapping purposes. The isometric pseudo-3D presentation makes the exact placement of locations and landmarks very difficult, if not impossible, to determine, especially in mountain regions. Here is an example: Dragontooth Peak in the southeast of Deliverance. ..... See what I mean? If we want to draw a "real" map (like the one on the right side) the map dump (left side) is of no great use! So, here is my request: Please give us 2D map dumps! (These should actually be a lot easier to produce, because they would only plot the x- and y-coordinates of each tile, without the need of performing any time-consuming 3D-calculations!)
  4. Hey Everyone! > As you may have noticed, the weekly news has now moved to a Friday. In the past, Thursdays were the best time because Johan could deal with feedback on the Friday after the news came out. Now, however, I am much more available to do that on weekends rather than Fridays. It also gives the developers an extra day to submit news for the week! Sorry this was unannounced. I meant to mention it last week! This week the developers have been scaling back development in time for the Easter Holidays but there have still been things going on behind the scenes with feature implementations and tweaks. There are no major feature announcements today. Without too much delay, here's the news... Elevation Trader Reimbursements As everyone is aware, the reset for the Elevation server is fast approaching. To facilitate the transition players are now able to request reimbursement for traders that they own using the in-game /support reporting system. These traders will be removed and reimbursed at a value of 20 silver coins each. To qualify for reimbursement a trader must either: Be located on a deed (Reimbursement to Mayor or designated alternate) Be located within a house (Reimbursement to Writholder or designated alternate)Traders not meeting either of the 2 above requirements are not qualified for reimbursement.Players will have until April 8th to make claims after which all traders will be removed from the server. Original thread for this can be found here. Elevation Map Under Construction One of the tasks the development team have been working on is the new map for Elevation. I don't have any detailed information yet but as mentioned previously it is planned to include a central landmass with smaller islands near the borders with the existing home servers. Don't forget that "small islands" in this case could turn out to be pretty big relative to what players are used to on Elevation. War Machines Implemented After an initial introduction on the Challenge servers, the Trebuchet, Ballista, Siege Shield, Spike Barrier, Magical Turrets and Archery towers were implemented on all servers, although the towers do not attack enemies (except KoS players on PvP servers). There were a few issues to begin with whereby players were able to block each other using siege shields on the PvE servers, although they should now be easier to push and pull to avoid this. The game rules were amended to make it very clear that it is against the rules to "block access to deeds, merchants, or structures not belonging to you" or to "intentionally create player traps", using siege shields or any other method, on the Freedom cluster (excluding Chaos). Initial feedback showed that the trebuchet was overpowered at first so there is now a delay in firing it to make it more reasonable. Xanadu and Chaos Map Dump Progress We are hoping to use various methods of distributing the fresh map dumps of Xanadu and Chaos soon. Our primary distribution will be in the form of a Google Maps style interface as part of the Wurm site, possibly even with map markers for the start deeds etc. and the potential for more information to be added over time. Many thanks to Mamadarkness and MaxC for working on this over the past week! We also expect that some players will want to be able to download the image file itself for use in community maps, or to re-host on their own servers, or to view offline. We hope to make the map dumps freely available as torrents. If you have a specific need for the raw file (to make a community map, or to re-host it on your own servers) you may also message me once they are released and I will send you instructions on downloading the raw image file. A direct download link on our own site would be our favourite option but at the moment there's no way we would have enough bandwidth. The files are pretty big indeed! Bridge Debugging Continues There is not much to say about bridges right now other than they are coming along nicely and debugging is going very well. We still expect that they will be released in mid-April for all to enjoy! Bridges still very much under construction! Click for a larger version. Successful Treasure Hunt Congratulations to all who took part in the latest Game Master organised treasure hunt which took part on the Exodus server last Saturday. The turnout was really great and I hear it was well organised so good job all round! I also heard that some people enjoyed exploring a new server they had never been on much, or at all, before even if they didn't win one of the big prizes so that's great to hear. Stay tuned for future treasure hunts on other servers and in different timezones! PR Team is Recruiting Would you like to help write the weekly news, publicise Wurm, maintain our social media pages and much more? Consider volunteering as a Public Relations Assistant! You can find the full recruitment thread here. There is no closing date but I expect to start appointing people within the next week or two. Happy Easter And last, but by no means least, Happy Easter Wurmians! Whether you celebrate Easter the traditional way or you just want the excuse to eat tons of chocolate, or whether you don't celebrate it at all, we hope you have a great weekend. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  5. Hey Everyone! The team has been working very hard this week to make sure that bridges are as good as they can be before their release in mid-April so there are no major gameplay announcements. The art developers have been working on some snazzy new weapon models (see below) too! I can also reveal that we now have a Community Manager in the form of Retrograde who will be the main link between the community and the developers and handle feedback, suggestions and more. We wish him the very best of luck in the role. And with that said, here's the news in full! New Community Manager We are pleased to announce that Retrograde will be stepping into the new role of Community Manager and will be working with you all on the forums and in-game. In his new role he will act as a link between you and the development team to discuss suggestions and changes, collect feedback, and provide feedback from the developers when possible. You'll also see him in-game from time to time and in IRC so don't hesitate to drop by and say hi! Map Dumps By popular demand, I asked the developers about the possibility of a fresh set of map dumps for all servers. Each map dump takes some time to produce so we are aiming to release approximately two per week until all servers have been covered. So far I have been provided with fresh map dumps for Xanadu and Chaos. I expect to release the map dump for Xanadu as soon as we find a reliable place to host it. The maps are very large files and so this is a lot easier said than done! Releasing the map dump of Chaos is still under discussion because it is a PvP server and some people there may want to remain hidden in the fog of war. However, I am also aware of recent forum polls which show overwhelming support for a map dump. Either way, I'd appreciate feedback on this from Chaos! Here is a preview of the Xanadu map dump. The full quality dump is more than ten times higher resolution than the preview. Bridge Progress Continuing our recent pattern, the developers have spent most of this week working on straightening out a few stubborn bridge-related bugs here and there. Just to give you a flavour, one of the bugs this week involved players teleporting to ground floors when they entered buildings from a bridge while on a cart or horseback, and some other minor bugs related to mounting and dismounting on bridges. We are still confident that these kinks will be worked out very soon and bridges are on track to be released in the spring update in mid-April. New Weapon Models The Art developers have been working hard on new models for various weapons. Progress is coming along extremely well on the new small maul (pictured below). They're also working on updated models for the medium maul, and axes. Treasure Hunt On Saturday 28th March, the Game Masters' monthly treasure hunt will begin at approximately 03:00 (am) GMT at Esert, the starter deed on the Exodus server. There are a number of valuable prizes to be won by being one of the first to solve the treasure hunt and we're sure it's going to be a lot of fun! Further information and clues, once released, can be found in this thread. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  6. as the topic says, i think it should be made for example once for a 3 moths or something like that, it will be very useful to keep better precision of localization villages and roads, and will helpful for players to find for example "untouched" area in map to place their village p.s. sorry if my english is hard to understand