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Found 5 results

  1. Recently I had to add a lot of names to a house writ. However, after a certain amount of names were added, I kept getting the error message "Name too short". Initially we thought is was because the person had never visited the server, however, even adding names of people currently (and mostly living) on server, gave same error. The only way to add these people was to /addfriend each individual, then go to friends list, find the person, move name to Friends column, go back to manage buildings, open Friends, and then give the new person permission that way. I am assuming there is a limit to the amount of data we can enter in the "Add person" section. Please fix this as it is near impossible to quickly add new names if you have to go through closing friends and building manage pages, add new friends, open friends, look for them, move to different section, back to open building manage.... Edit: I forgot to mention that if you add people to your Friends list it gives the permissions you allowed for Friends on other areas like other houses you own, so after you finished you actually have to go back to your friends list and manually remove all of said previously added people off again...this has cross implications for permissions if we don't just allow more names to be added to a writ in the first place. Also, this is not a bug but a suggestion, please allow Friends in Friends list to be sorted alphabetically for the whole group, as an alternative to current sorting in different levels of friends (Trusted, Friends, other). Thanks.
  2. So I have an "External Village" role set for my friends deed on my settlement "Manage Roles" section. However I still have to manually add her village citizens/alts to the permissions menu on every single building, horse, cart, wagon, ship, etc etc etc. This is INFURIATING and a super time waster. Can you please make all "External Village" villages show up on the "Manage" under "Active Permissions" menu of everything else please? Alliances show up, so why don't added External Villages? Ideally her village would show up on the list for EVERY manage menu in the game. I click a few checkboxes next to the village name for whatever permissions I want her settlement to have access to my stuff, and I'm done! No fuss no muss. I know the permission system is new and will evolve. But I really think this was an oversight and I hope it gets added. ty
  3. Related to: and a little related to: Currently, if a citizen has the Brand permission, but no Mount/Manage permissions to an animal, they can simply unbrand it, erasing all permissions; this seems counter intuitive. I think the permissions either need to be separated in the roles management (eg Brand and Unbrand as separate permissions), or make the Unbrand option usable only by players who have manage permissions on the animal (via "May Manage" or "Manage Allowed Objects").
  4. In light of the trouble a citizen had with some horses ( I think the way branded animals currently works might need a tweak. Currently, branding transfers ownership to mayor so, if a citizen brands their horse, they lose access to it until someone with "manage allowed objects" permission manually grants them permissions. It would be much better if someone with an appropriate deed permission is able to set/edit a deed's Default Animal Permissions which would be applied to all animals when they are branded. This way, if citizens are granted ride permission, they can still ride the horse they just branded. The permissions could then be fine tuned by someone with management permissions at a later date if needed.
  5. It would be great if there was a token-like bank you could buy from traders and then plant that would allow players to withdraw or deposit money. There are many markets and personal merchants located away from settlement tokens or where settlement tokens are inaccessible. This would allow travelers easy access to their money while exploring new areas, and more freedom for people designing and locating markets, merchants and traders.