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Found 7 results

  1. 50c for 90ql 10c for 80-89 5c for 70-79 PM Yagdrasil on Harmony
  2. Hi I'm Yagdrasil on harmony. I'm selling mallets. They are cedar not oak, sorry . Ql | Pc 90-91 / 50c 80-89 / 20c 70-79 / 15c
  3. Oakheart is opening its merchant thread officialy here. Either contact Elwood (Elwood2 on the forums )or Thirtynine (Ruiner on the forums ), or leave a message below Carpentry 70ql - 10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c 92ql - 1,1s 93ql - 1,4s (Same prices apply for Fine Carpentry items as for Carpentry, excluding looms which are 3 times the normal rates, this includes traveling and log usage) ps only doing xanadu central in regards of loom improvements for now Mallets 80ql - 20c 90ql - 30c 92ql - 50c 93ql - 60c 95q - 80c 98ql - 150c Blacksmithing 70ql -10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c 92ql - 1,1s 93ql - 1,4s Weaponsmithing 70ql -10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c Enchants Wind of Ages | Circle of Cunning | Blessing of the Dark Cast power | Cost 80's - 75c 90's - 1s 100+ - 2s Even with best preparations and 98 Channeling, casting in Wurm is still a random thing and may result in losing the item if it is low ql -------------------------------------- Horse Gear Horse shoes (Are sold as a set of 4, un-enchanted) 70QL -- 30c 80QL -- 1s 85QL -- 2s 90QL -- 3s Improvement rates : 70-90ql - 50c 90-93ql -80c 93-95ql -2s Terms and Waranty 1] I here by am in no obligation to accept a order if it doesnt sound right, or if i know said person doesnt pay/accept the mail or if simply the order is outragous. 2] All premade or any newly made items/tools come un-enchanted unless specified otherwise in the premade stock list. 3] Any Loom improvement jobs have to be paid in advance, no less then 50% of the initial price of said order. 4] When ordering a item i do not have in stock it usualy takes between 1 hour up to 2 days depending how my real life schedule is and if im at work or not, I do mail them out as soon as they are ready and made. 5] Any mallets Wearing my signature have a 2 free imp job waranty back to 90-91ql if they ever drop below 88ql.(excluding mailing fees.)
  4. 6x 60ql range 25x 70ql range 1x 80ql range 32x total asking 2.9s for the lot i also have: 1x oakenwood mallet 81ql 41coc 1x oakenwood mallet 81ql 35coc 1x oakenwood mallet 80ql 17coc
  5. I'm not sure if this is where I'm suppose to post this. I found a small bug. when you imp. a mallet it shows the mallet instead of the tool you are using.
  6. Please note. Items are on Chaos and I can only mail to Inde, Deli, Exodus and MR + Freedom on Chaos. Anyone on Celebration wishing to bid will need to be able to travel to Exodus to pick up their mail. Chaos MR will recieve a 30% discount, please contact me in the MR forums to let me know your interest. Bid normally in this thread and your discount will be applied if you win the auction. All items will start at 1s and minimum bid increase is 20 copper. Please state the item number along with your bid. No buyouts or private bids. 20 min sniper protection. I'll pay the mailing fee. Auction ends: Midnightish GMT +2 Saturday 4th
  7. i have some old tools i dont use anymore so i decided to sell them,make me an offer and il cod it from celebration,im only selling the 3 highlighted tools