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Found 5 results

  1. I'm looking for a male tortoise on Indy. Does anyone have one I could buy or borrow? I could return it once I've bred my own, but am happy to buy it if that's easier
  2. Hello I would like to buy a couple of unicorns, male and female, around Xanadu Q25. PM me here or in game
  3. This lovely little boy is after a new home! His name is Eastflash. He has four speed traits and is strong and healthy. The price for him is 2s, plus delivery if applicable. I am near Summerholt, and can deliver as far as Greymead or similar distance. EDIT: This young lad is now adult and ready to work!
  4. I am looking to purchase a male and female sheep. I need them delivered. I am located across the street from Vilmanstrand around Colossos Lake where the IKEA Market is shown. I will of course pay a delivery fee. Please message me with your offers. If you only have one sheep that is fine. Age not important. Located on Indy Server.
  5. ---------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, I'd like to sell my old character on Indy. He is a Fo Priest. Here's the info: Name: Vaziac Skills: -Characteristics -Body: 22.65 -Body Strength: 23.87 -Body Stamina: 21.75 -Body Control: 22.10 -Mind: 22.22 -Mind Logic: 25.67 -Mind Speed: 20.89 -Soul: 17.96 -Soul Strength: 20.96 -Soul Depth: 22.78 -Religion -Faith: 38.63 -Alignment: 31.06 -Skills -Swords: 23.99 -Longsword: 42.43 -Shortsword: 1.45 -Two Handed Sword: 34.81 -Knives: 16.80 -Carving Knife: 18.59 -Butchering Knife: 21.77 -Shields*(AFFINITY): 7.85 -Small Metal Shield: 1.00 -Large Metal Shield: 7.86 -Axes: 14.36 -Hatchet: 17.51 -Carpentry: 41.90 -Bowyery: 10.48 -Fletching: 27.18 -Fine Carpentry: 20.61 -Ship Building: 13.73 -Woodcutting: 28.94 -Mining: 24.92 -Digging: 55.24 -Firemaking: 8.65 -Pottery: 8.04 -Tailoring: 3.85 -Cloth Tailoring: 2.49 -Leatherworking: 8.80 -Masonry: 40.72 -Stone Cutting: 19.36 -Ropemaking: 1.20 -Smithing: 4.01 -Weapon Smithing: 1.22 -Blades Smithing: 2.16 -Weapon Heads Smithing: 1.16 -Armour Smithing: 2.27 -Chain Armour Smithing: 4.13 -Blacksmithing: 8.02 -Locksmithing: 1.40 -Cooking: 22.67 -Hot Food Cooking: 45.63 -Butchering: 13.92 -Beverages: 1.31 -Nature: 24.76 -Fishing: 5.58 -Gardening: 11.04 -Forestry: 9.12 -Farming: 48.84 -Foraging: 11.90 -Botanizing: 4.53 -Animal Taming: 13.99 -Animal Husbandry: 13.20 -Meditating: 9.35 -Miscellaneous Items: 36.18 -Shovel: 40.12 -Rake: 37.13 -Saw: 8.44 -Pickaxe: 26.12 -Hammer: 36.33 -Stone Chisel: 12.92 -Repairing: 15.00 -Sickle: 9.01 -Scythe: 2.29 -Alchemy: 3.31 -Natural Substances: 6.73 -Fighting: 70.13 -Weaponless Fighting: 1.51 -Aggressive Fighting: 11.32 -Defensive Fighting: 15.80 -Normal Fighting: 38.44 -Taunting: 1.47 -Shield Bashing: 1.75 -Healing: 8.82 -Firstaid: 20.00 -Religion: 8.19 -Preaching: 2.00 -Prayer: 17.20 -Channeling: 8.52 -Thievery: 1.00 -Traps: 1.00 -Archery: 2.67 -Short Bow: 2.04 -Long Bow: 1.00 -Tracking: 2.04 -Paving: 7.46 -Prospecting: 9.43 -Coal-Making: 1.95 -Climbing: 10.35 Items: -Equipped: -Studded Leather Set missing the cap -Gloves at 69 ql and 71 and 76 aosp -Sleeves at 87 ql w/ 91 aosp and 77 ql w/ 85 aosp -Pants at 62 ql w/ 74 aosp -Boots at 69 ql with 70 and 71 aosp -Chest at 65 ql with 84 aosp -Rare Backpack at 10.92 ql -3 Hand Mirrors - Newbie Compass -Newbie Steel and Flint -2 Rope -2 Keys (the keys of the 2 boats this character owns) -2h sword at 71.43 ql with Nimbleness 76, Life Transfer 61, Circle of Cunning 85, and Mind Stealer 87 -Toolbelt at 80.13 ql -Santa Hat -Carrying -Rake at 89.56 ql with Circle of Cunning 62 and Wind of Ages 81 -Lantern at 58.94 ql dyed white -Statuette of Fo made from gold at 50.20 ql -Steel Shovel at 63.77 ql with Wind of Ages 68 and Circle of Cunning 72 The Character also owns 2 boats -"The Olive" small sail boat at 15ql made from maple -"The Big Olive" corbita at 30 ql made from cedar, also has 16 rafts It does have full 5 hours of sleep bonus as well 2 silver, 20 copper, and 12 iron in bank account Well thats everything my character has to offer, it is parked right next to the 2 boats it owns, just east of maple island to the south east of freedom market. Also note that it does have 3 hand mirrors, so you can choose your own looks. NOTE: The character DOES NOT have premium time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Auction: -Starts when this is posted -Ends in 5 days from this post ( June 7th, 2013 @ 10:55pm PST) -Starting bid is 25 Euro -Bid increments of 1 Euro -Buyout is 100 Euro -Payment only from verified paypal -Not taking any offers of silver or trades -Not selling any of the contents of this character seperately To bid reply to this post or pm me via the forum messaging. I will update the current bid daily. If you wish to speak to me in game, I currently play on the release server, IGN: Crazyshot Happy Bidding! Current Bid: 25E Bidder: Rolandt