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Found 8 results

  1. I have the Zinc Rune of Magranon on our mailbox. With it we can now mail fishing rods and tapestries.
  2. Can small or large crates be mailed? filled ones that is?
  3. Thunderstorm Services bringing new business ideas to Wurm since 2012 Hello dear readers! I decided to make a page that reunites and links to all our services that we currently have running. You can order from this page, sending me PMs on the forums or simply PMing me in game - any way you like! Enjoy your stay and have a great day! Send-a-Log (imping logs mailed directly to you) Mailbox Improving Services (allowing you to send larger items through your mailbox) Mine Prospector Services (helping you build a better mine system and plan ahead) Rune Attaching Services (helping you rune your precious tools and items) Thor's One Stop Rope Shop (and accessories!) (offering ship kits and accessories from 2013) Thor's Potion R' Us (a home for all your potion needs)
  4. Hey all, maybe I am the last one to notice, and only made aware of it by a customer who seriously intends to travel 3 hours instead mailing an item, because you can only mail an item 10 times in total? If you put your item in the mailbox and attempt to send it, there is a little counter in the column "left". That's supposed to show how often you can mail something. What if someone mails their stuff to get it imped, doesn't know what this is, and can't get it mailed back because it ran out of mailing options? Would be so frustrating if I had to travel for everything I need imped. Beside the negative effects on "custom enchant" and "improving stuff" busineness. Can we have this "feature" removed please? I would much prefer to mail my stuff to my favourite crafters for imps. And as a priest I have no other option than to have others help me with the crafting. What do you think?
  5. Now that Rolf reduced the mail costs, it doesn't make sense to restrict the amount of times an item can actually be mailed. With it being so cheap to mail it means items will be mailed around a lot more. So I feel it makes sense to just get rid of the cap as it is more restricting of trade than the old mail fee when you hit the limit.
  6. It's been like this for a while but there are so many bugs to report and so little time, figured maybe it was a temporary thing due to the recently changed interfaces but it doesn't seem to go away. Activities affected - Setting a price on an item via right-clicking -> Set price or - Sending an item in a mailbox What happens - After setting the price on an item or sending it you can no longer push t/enter to type since the toggle_chat bind no longer works What is supposed to happen - You're supposed to be able to use your key bound to toggle_chat in order to type in the chatbox What you have to do since it's broken - Physically click the chat field with the mouse pointer or - Relog How to reproduce - Set a price on an item via right-clicking -> Set price or - Send an item in a mailbox --> Try to push the key bound to toggle_chat
  7. Any news on when the bug with mail will be fixed? I am waiting lots of items I need urgently. Any feedback on this will be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Currently, when you mail an item, the only thing that goes into event is how long it's supposed to take. I would like to have it so that the person you mail it to shows up in event, ie: [16:49:21] You send the ITEMNAMES to PLAYERNAME. You expect them to arrive in less than 30 minutes.\ Would make for better logs, easier bug catching, and less lost items.