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Found 5 results

  1. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Thank you to all who purchased a hat to celebrate, and to all who posted images!! Loved seeing everyone's awesome pics, this was tons of fun to do and I will definitely do this more often! Thanks to everyone for making this such a SUPER FUN-FILLED event for me!! Here we go! And the random draw winner is..... UPDATED-- NEW WINNER HOWEVER! I could not resist... so... Winner for Best Photo........ Congratulations! Again, thanks to everyone for participating! I look forward to doing this again sometime! (Easter hats? Hmm...)
  2. Magic City Stables and Barn We've got every animal you could need! PM Seedlings if you are looking for specific stock! Prices are based on pick up from Magic City @D21 Exodus. Delivery can be arranged. 4 and 5 speed horses are available through the merchant at Magic Mall. HORSES 5 Speed - 40c 4 Speed - 20c 3 Speed - 5c 5 Speed Breeding Pair - 75c 4 Speed Breeding Pair - 35c 3 Speed Breeding Pair - 10c HELL HORSES Coming soon! SHEEP 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 10c BISON 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c COWS 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c BULLS 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c DEER Regular - 10c Champion - 1s
  3. Magic City is proud to present to you.... The Goblin Leader of Exodus! We have him trapped and he is waiting in his lonesome for YOU! This is an event you don't want to miss! We will open the gates for all who wish to assist in his killing at 5:30 PM EST!!! Come one, come all! Note: Any goods dropped will be kept privately and split among those of us who helped tracking him down, but you still get goblin blood! Yay! Who: Everybody! That means YOU! What: Killing the Goblin Leader! Where: NE Exodus: X:30, Y:6, or D18 on the in-game map. When: Thursday, May 7, 2015, 5:30 PM EST Why: Goblin Blood for all who attend - Valued at 4-5s when made into a potion! How: Mauls, axes, fists, etc! Teamwork! Leave a message below to let us know if you'll be attending, just so we know attendance numbers (if you have alts that will be coming just let us know total number - we don't necessarily need usernames). *** For those travelling from afar, we have beds available in Magic Mall if you'd like a place to stay the night! Brought to you by: Hypamania and Seedlings, of Magic City
  4. We have 4 speed horses available! Yay! PRICE: 20c each or best offer. LOCATION: EXODUS -- Magic City (x:37 y:8 DELIVERY AVAILABLE!! Delivery of 1-4 horses 10c Delivery of >4 horses 15c MALES NAME: Allyeast TRAITS: Strong, Lightning, Carry, Leg COLOUR: Black AGE: Adolescent NAME: Sweetrage TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Lightning, Carry COLOUR: Brown AGE: Adolescent NAME: Fasthalt TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Lightning, Leg COLOUR: Grey AGE: Young NAME: Starkhard TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Lightning, Leg COLOUR: White AGE: Adolescent NAME: Callgold TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Carry, Leg & Keen COLOUR: Gold AGE: Venerable (Cared for) NAME: Tearpearl TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Carry, Leg COLOUR: Black AGE: Aged NAME: Golddance TRAITS: Fleeter, Lightning, Carry, Leg & Keen COLOUR: Black AGE: Venerable (Cared for) NAME: Fleacopper TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Carry, Leg COLOUR: Grey AGE: Young NAME: Dreampearl TRAITS: Fleeter, Lightning, Carry, Leg COLOUR: Grey AGE: Mature NAME: Warheart TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Carry, Leg COLOUR: Black AGE: Mature FEMALES NAME: Pearlgolden TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Lightning, Leg COLOUR: White NAME: Lilystrong TRAITS: Fleeter, Lightning, Carry, Leg COLOUR: Grey NAME: Nanookpot TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Lightning, Carry COLOUR: Black NAME: Kissara TRAITS: Fleeter, Strong, Carry, Leg COLOUR: Brown ~ Reply to this post or PM Seedlings or Hypamania. ~
  5. Magic City is ready to offer you Tapestries!!!! We have all tapestries available for purchase, at least 2 of each are currently in stock, and more are being made. Our tapestries are available for: delivery, pick up, or merchant purchase. Which tapestries do we have? All of them!!! Check it out!!! (Note: Beige and Orange tapestries are not shown in this picture, but are equally available for you!) Wow!!! We are currently selling them at the spectacular price of 20c each! WOW!!!! What do we currently have in stock? Green 3 Beige 3 Orange 3 Festivities 3 Kyara 3 Faeldray 2 Cavalry 3 More stock is always being added. Place an order if we don't have what you need and we can prioritize your order! What are you waiting for?!? Deliveries (priced per order regardless of quantity!) - Exodus delivery: FREE!! - Celebration or Deliverance delivery: Only 50c per order for delivery!! - Independence or West Xanadu delivery: Just 1s delivery! - East Xanadu, Pristine or Release delivery: Simply add 1.5s for delivery! OR you can pop by to pickup anytime! We have tapestries available in our merchants, located conveniently in Magic Mall! They are on duty 24/7 waiting for you! PM Seedlings or Hypamania for questions/orders, or visit us at Magic City! D-21 on the in-game map, or visit X:37, Y:8