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Found 16 results

  1. Looking for bulk amounts of meat. QL does not matter. Looking for cheap bulk. Please pm quantity and price. Thanks!
  2. Bunch of low ql Gems - Ideal for vesseling - channeling grind. Highest QL gem is 19.93 Total ql = 1460+1411+1464+1520+1449 = 7304QL Free delivery (coastal freedom) SNIPER PROTECTION TRIGGERED : Ending 4 hours from last reply Starting bid : 1s Increments : 1s reserve : nope sniper : 4hrs Buyout : 75s
  3. Supreme Huge Axe, Iron, 6.9ql No Bid placed. Please close Starting Bid: 25s Min Increment: 1s Buyout Price: 35s (I am hoping the bidding will be entertaining) Sniper Protection: 1h If I missed anything please let me know
  4. Iron, Rake 9ql 99COC - 3s (skiller) Iron, Shovel 89ql 98WOA - 3s (speeder) PM or just post in this thread.
  5. I have 4 bags of gems available, they are all below 10 QL. Pickup only from Serenity Beach, South Coast of Xanadu (T21) Gems Low QL 1 - 10s Diamonds x 14 - 69.72 QL Emeralds x 30 - 203.1 QL Opals x 14 - 66.92 QL Rubies x 24 - 110.4 QL Sapphires x 18 - 106.56 QL Total = 556.70 QL Gems Low QL 2 - 13s Diamonds x 46 - 347.76 QL Emeralds x 14 - 89.46 QL Opals x 21 - 161.07 QL Rubies x 11 - 77.11 QL Sapphires x 8 - 46.08 QL Total QL = 721.48 QL Gems Low QL 3 - 13s 85c Diamonds x 17 - 128.69 QL Emeralds x 7 - 45.92 QL Opals x 24 - 186.96 QL Rubies x 28 - 227.64 QL Sapphires x 24 - 180.96 QL Total QL = 770.17 QL Gems Low QL 4 - 11s 45c Diamonds x 10 - 50.10 QL Emeralds x 22 - 132.44 QL Opals x 21 - 144.27 QL Rubies x 18 - 124.56 QL Sapphires x 29 - 185.02 QL Total QL = 636.39 QL
  6. I've collected 4 bags of gems, all below 10 QL. I'll need to do this in two separate trades as my character can only carry two of the bags at once :-) A total of 2,583QL I had many PM's and no bids so I accepted one of the buyout offers and am closing this auction early. Pickup only from Serenity Beach, South Coast of Xanadu (T21) Gems Low 2 Emeralds x 36 - 269.28 QL Sapphires x 17 - 109.65 QL Opals x 10 - 66.00 QL Diamonds x 28 - 196.84 QL Rubies x 9 - 62.55 QL Total = 704.32 QL Gems Low 2 Opals x 22 - 129.36 QL Rubies x 20 - 138.40 QL Diamonds x 17 - 100.13 QL Sapphires x 24 - 144.96 QL Emeralds x 17 - 84.83 QL Total = 597.68 QL Gems Low 3 Rubies x 19 - 108.11 QL Diamonds x 17 - 84.49 QL Sapphires x 27 - 156.87 QL Emeralds x 16 - 97.76 QL Opals x 21 - 119.49 QL Total = 566.72 QL Gems Low 4 Sapphires x 26 - 187.98 QL Emeralds x 28 - 207.48 QL Rubies x 15 - 105.75 QL Diamonds x 17 - 118.49 QL Opals x 14 - 95.06 QL Total = 714.76 QL
  7. Hello everyone: I am interested in buying a black drake set that has no enchants. Ql: 90 Willing to pay: 70s PM me with what you have Thx, Thor
  8. Hello, I'm thinking to make some steel skiller tools / weapons and shields. Every quality under 20 would be ok, but I'm looking for at least 2k of lumps. Price is very important and I require delivery to S19 on Xanadu. Let me know what you have or can make and for what price. Send me PM or post here. Thank you!
  9. QL 7.91 Star diamond I AM ON CELEBRATION, NEAR SPARTA AT 30X Y4, MUST PICK UP FROM ME AS I HAVE NO MEANS OF TRANSPORTING THE VALUABLE GEM SAFELY. STARTING BID: 2S Minimum increment: 50c If i HAVE to Deliver the CoD is the bid, + 1s for a body guard and renting a boat, if you want a delivery then put CoD next to your bid. Current leader and their bid: Silakka: 2s NO MAILBOX, STOP ASKING. CLOSED! Winner is silakka at 2 silver,
  10. Looking to buy a pickaxe with very low ql ~20 or lower with high coc 90+ I know it is hard to make but let me know if you have one
  11. Please close thread Want to buy low ql Gems. less than 10ql. paying 3copper per ql. delivered only. Exodus y22, x14. ingame name Griffith or Femto.
  12. The title says it all. I've been doing some smithing, but there aren't any bronze mines nearby. Price will vary based on ql and weight. Nothing higher than 20 ql, please. Edit: I didn't mean bronze mines, now I feel like an idiot.
  13. [13:23:16] A long and slender sword. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The longsword needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. Starting bid: 2s Minimum increments: 25c Auction ends: Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 2pm EST. No reserve. Will deliver to any coastal area on Celebration or Southern Exodus, or it can be picked up from Willow Landing on Celebration. Happy bidding! (sorry if I've left anything out, first auction.)
  14. As topic says, I am Looking to buy a Low Ql white drake set, Hopefuly purchaseable with Usd/ Euros as opposed to silver. Please meassge me back on here, or find me ingame or on th Irc with the same name.
  15. Closed

    Closed Thread. Bought enough gems for now. Im looking to buy low ql gems (9.99ql or less). Paying 4c per ql. My budget for this is around 14 silvers worth. My home server is Exodus. y22, x14, Rangers Cove deed. Need delivered, as im way too busy to travel right now. So, if you have some low ql gems and want to get rid of them, let me know. Edited to raise price im willing to pay to 4c per ql. Edited to lower budget, have bought some. need more still.
  16. Hi there! I have very nice Rare Fine Meditation Rug for sale: [19:00:45] This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The fine meditation rug has some excess cloth that needs to be cut away with a scissors. [19:00:45] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [54] It's 32.8ql. Starting bid: 1s Minimum increase: 10c Buyout offer accepted No reserve Free CoD Can be imped to 50ql (may take a day or two, cause I would have to improve cloth tailoring skill) Auction Ends at 30th July 12PM CEST Good Luck!