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Found 5 results

  1. I got some tools on me that will be lost when i kill myself to get to where i need to be, faster So from this post, there will be about 1 hour to buy stuff or it will end on ground when i die Sry dmg and all, but kind of in a hurry to get to another place For info, im atm on Xanadu, but since I just came back and all i got is these items on me, I wanna move back to Exodus where I started playing Wurm, in Black pearl I would say that almost any offer would do, aint doing this for silver(can ofc use it to start again), but only doing this, so the tools might not just end up decaying on ground Wanna buy something, either post here or try me ingame on Mrcoffee
  2. Hi! my adress is Deliverance 18C "Ziemie Kompanii Wyklętych" WTS 2x Yule goat [buyer pay COD] 3s each THANKS! for reading ;_; have some Polish Pierogi / Pierogies online between 10am - 8pm with breakes GMT +1 Time
  3. I am after someone to build a Caravel for me at a reasonable price. I will only pay in game coins and no more then 30 silver depending on the QL. ~BOUGHT~ Also I will need some people to help me run my in game business and they will get paid a decent wage for the tasks they do and will be able to use a certain area of all my deeds.Skill levels do not matter but I would like people to man and captain ships as well as people to use carts. Also needed are engineers to make boats and carts but this is not essential. Anyone interested in either task please reply here or chat to me in-game. (meatspin) Regards, ARYON
  4. I have a few Items I'd like to sell before I leave wurm... I've enjoyed the game so much, I just don't simply have time anymore. Thanks for being a great community! Please don't tell me that I'm wrong for selling this or that. I'm simply getting rid of the items so they don't go to waste... The money is if I ever decide to come back, and for all the work I put into the game. If you buy, Pick it up or pay COD! (Message for location details) Yellow Potions - Offer a price and pick up on Deli Tools over 70Ql or close (Includes unmarked enchantments on many) - 50c 48QL enchanted steel hatchet - Starting at 1s 70QL rope tool 32Coc, unknown if WoA or not - 60C 28QL Rug 23botd - 80c Gems/Crystals go at 1c per QL Anvil S/L - 70c Leather studded 70ql rare Jacket (Not sure if AoSP is still on it or not... Either way, that does not effect the price.) - 2.5s Chain set 70QL - 1.5s No picture of - Oakenwood Sailboat, Anchor + Lock - 2s Sleep powder x2 - I will sell for 1.5s EACH piece! In other news I'm looking to get my Deed off my hands in hope that a nice owner will take care of it! Its a nice starting place... Though, I'm looking for a price check. I might sell it if you can interest me. Heres a picture of it - And the info section from this date currently (1/17/2014) -
  5. Looking to sell my Size 8 Deed (Deli) Currently I'm asking for a low price, but I'm happy to take more(Or less ). I'd like around 8-12 silver for the deed and everything in it. So, I'm ready to sell my old deed and move on for now... I got a bit lonely, and I'm the type that likes to travel and help people out instead of just sitting by myself and crafting things. This deed is great though, its a size 8 meaning, its 17x17 in area. It has flattened land and even a mine. The house is pretty nice, its all walled off and perfect for anyone looking to stay away from baddies, that includes protection for your horses and fields... Also, those gates are Troll proof (At least till they get smashed.) This is the map of where my home is located if you want to check it out, I don't mind you coming down at all... If you don't want to though, I'd say you should look at the images or ask for more, I'll be happy to supply. Features: - 8 Size (17x17) - Personal Deed - 3x3 (2 story) house. - Forge, oven, big barrel. (for cooking/Smelting) - Chest with tools and items in it. - 2 FSB (Filled with 100+ Meat and plenty of food.) - Plenty of enemies around, lying dead next to the deed ready to be skined. - 2 BSB(Filled with all sorts of supplies/ores/really everything I don't take with me. I travel lightly) - 1 Large cart, if you want it, I'll give you ownership. - 5 Horses in total (7 in total - 2 of my personal horses.) - Four, 12 square pens 14 wood fences each, 2 gates unlocked. - 6 square Sand tiles (flat) on deed. - Cobblestone Roads. - Walled off with stone fence, wood mine door, Iron gates locked. - Magranon alter(wood) in mine. - Huge cave system with 2+ iron viens. - Two small barrels - Loom - Oaken wood combat Doll - Two guards (Can be removed) - 1 month of pay left. (2.5 or so silver) - huge forest all around - Close to main highway - Fairly close to ocean side, - All lit up at night (Iron torches and candelabras) - Locked up tight with keys all in chest (4 gates, Cart, and Mine locked, allong with House doors) - Great neighbors (Most of them are active but far away and it leaves a great amount of room to expand the deed, more then you will be able to afford... Thats for sure.) (There might be more, I think thats it.) For anyone who wanted gems or the separate items of good QL offer -