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Found 14 results

  1. Valentines is right around the corner so why don't you spruce up your deed for that love one of yours! PM Legios in game for faster response time! Valentine Pottery only 1s each!!!! Limited Quantity Here are some keys thanks to the wonderful Wurm Communities to get 2 free!! Per Premium character!!! Valentines are redeemable for premium players by using the /redeemkey chat command: /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 (2015) /redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY (2018) If you ever need more than 2 you know where to find more! have a wonderful Wurmy day!
  2. I wander my forest of red, fireflies dancing over the grass and the soft sound of the lake lapping against the short. Yet... Something is missing... Foxes! Please follow the link for my argument.
  3. WTS Still going to spam this in trade chat but thought I'd bundle it all on a post for fun. The prices some pretty cheap some normal. Supreme pickaxe 17imbue 35s Supreme Tin shovel 77botd (unique GM item) 35s Bag of keeping 75s Valentines 1s each (3x) Yule goat 1.5s Spyglass 2s 4,000 quality worth of gems for 16s come get them 8,500 dirt 5s
  4. So I've been exploring... I've been wandering the forums, I've seen a few signatures of people honoring their fallen friends and then I thought of this suggestion and I think it should be a part of Wurm and it's history. We have all heard and seen some hidden easter eggs in other video games where they honor their fallen gamers and I know Wurm has had it's few fallen great ones too. My suggestion is basically a grave site, managed by CA/GM etc where one can put in a request for those in our community that have fallen in real life... and that they feel they should be remembered. With a note available for other players to read a little about what made that person so great. Edit: After some thought, I realized how hard it could be to know exactly if somebody has passed away without being very close to them, so I'd like to propose another option, Just like I stated above, a designated area protected and managed by a CA/GM, to highlight those we believe had a big impact in our Wurm community that have now retired the game with or without notice, with the requirements set for those that have not logged in, in a year or more.
  5. Leaving path

    Yesterday, 30th January I left the path of love on Desertion. [14:07:08] <Stimrol> [14:07:02] You decide to stop pursuing the insights of the path of love. Then tried to change to new path and got question for it and understandable I was told to wait for 24 hours until I could pursue a new path. [14:09:29] You recently left a cult and need to contemplate the changes for another 23 hours and 57 minutes before embarking on a new philosophical journey. So then today I had changed my server from Desertion (where I left the path) and gone to Elevation and wanted to pursue the new path. I see that I am back to Love and have to leave the path again to be able to join new path. I went back to Desertion thinking it might be because I changed servers, but I am also love there. So back to Elevation and I leave the path a second time and again have to wait 24 hours.
  6. Hi there. I have a bug to report about switching meditation paths and travelling servers. I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Exodus and am now back in Xanadu. Yesterday (17/06) I left the Path of Love with the plan of joining the Path of Knowledge after the 24 hour timer was over: [20:06:01] You decide to stop pursuing the insights of the path of love. I have just returned to Xanadu today (18/06): [14:42:08] Welcome back, Hedgeknight! Xanadu - the great mystery. I have discovered that the server switch has reset me back onto the Path of Love. I am back to the same level I was when I left as if no change was made. Does anyone know whether this is a known bug and if so how to get around it? I'm going to try leaving the path of love again now and I don't want it resetting me again the next time I cross servers. Thanks for your help. Hedge
  7. Wurm love story coming soon here. Scroll down.
  8. WTB char, Path of Love Level 7 (enchant), not fussed about other skills much. Please pm me here. Ta.
  9. We have grass that is hard to pack and no trees will grow into them. We have trees that can't be cut down. I would like to keep trees out of our flowers for our tiles. Enchanted flowers would do the trick. They don't need anything special other than trees don't grow into them. Maybe for a graphic you can put a mix of all the flowers into it and make them taller. EDIT: Well, of course, no-pack, no-pick, and unicorn eaten proof like enchanted grass LOL
  10. I'm looking to sell my alt vynora priest. It'd be great for a head-start on making a new priest or as a battery. Has low soul depth, although I figured it would be better to keep it low while grinding channeling - it makes casting harder to have less soul depth, which would in turn increase channeling gains. Highlights: - 80 Faith - 40 Channeling - Premium time until December 4th - Lvl 7 Path of Love - The account name is "Henzy" and has 0 warnings - Free delivery to anywhere on Freedom Full dump: (Anything with 1.0 skill is omitted) Skills dumped at 14-Apr-2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 98.79395 Faith: 80.10387 Favor: 19.889872 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 7.6419835 Religion: 24.4493 Prayer: 30.772133 Channeling: 40.02399 Preaching: 7.190395 Healing: 3.268002 First aid: 8.288145 Climbing: 3.006469 Shields: 1.4453603 Medium wooden shield: 1.4055799 Axes: 5.9922895 Hatchet: 8.365038 Swords: 1.7101017 Shortsword: 2.1566856 Knives: 1.7430768 Butchering knife: 2.7136824 Woodcutting: 11.114396 Mauls: 2.9880562 Medium maul: 4.5403256 Carpentry: 3.75 Nature: 15.594821 Gardening: 7.20573 Fishing: 2.9302592 Animal husbandry: 5.0265017 Meditating: 32.454865 Farming: 28.59787 Forestry: 3.0451677 Botanizing: 3.6661332 Foraging: 2.0 Cooking: 7.782584 Hot food cooking: 19.931152 Butchering: 1.9109125 Fighting: 1.1435319 Normal fighting: 10.048076 Weaponless fighting: 1.558766 Miscellaneous items: 14.722303 Sickle: 3.6683228 Repairing: 19.830448 Rake: 21.439465 Shovel: 9.879476 Firemaking: 3.8588157 Digging: 21.455511 Smithing: 12.61219 Locksmithing: 28.612228 Blacksmithing: 3.9668124 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 18.103691 Soul strength: 21.212563 Soul depth: 21.875694 Mind: 7.609941 Mind speed: 19.706362 Mind logic: 20.66516 Body: 11.064255 Body stamina: 20.034832 Body strength: 20.681456 Body control: 20.222742 You're more than welcome to make offers via PM and I'll consider them, otherwise based on price check information I'll put it up for auction. Thanks for reading!
  11. The description of the level 11 bonus on the Path of Love says: I'm on level 12 at the moment and I tried to test this several times. Activating one of my hands gives no menu option to heal wounds, neither in the wound's context menu nor in the hands'. So "use your hands" is incorrect. However, using cotton for healing really seems to have a better effect than before - not quite sure though. If you are really supposed to use your hands instead of cotton, we have a bug here. Maybe one of the devs can clarify?
  12. This is an honest question I'd really like to get some answers to. My character is a follower of Fo planning to go priest of Fo on the epic server. As such the path of love seems natural for him RP-wise. But it just looks... gimped to me. I looked at insanity and it seems to have in it the workings for an INCREDIBLY powerful Fo priest. Here is my analysis. Please point out if I am wrong or under/overvaluing an ability. All my knowledge comes from the wiki so I could very well be wrong. 1st Ability Refresh vs. Clean Wound. Once every 18 hours you can fully feed someone (including yourself) and give them 99% nutrition. Solid useful ability... though this is pretty much a once a day thing. Clean Wound allows you to clean an infected wound. From the sounds of it an unlimited number of times. I'm assuming that could really come in handy while fighting HoTs players. Not too handy otherwise. And I can always use spells to deal with infected wounds as a Fo priest. I'm going to say Love narrowly wins this one. 2nd Ability Enchant vs. Fill. When I first heard of enchant I thought that ability alone justified the path of love. Now I kind of wonder... what's the point? It makes trees so you can't chop them and it used to make grass so it couldn't be trampled or grazed away but I guess that got nerfed. So I could plant thorn bushes around my place that only Fo priests and those they protect can get through? No enchanted thorns do no damage. I could enchant rare trees and fruit trees I don't want people to cut so I can harvest them for fruits and sprouts... no they can't be harvested or have their sprouts picked... I could use it to protect a tree I assign some RP value to so as long as I look after it, it will never die? No... you can't prune enchanted trees... SO what is the point?!?!?! .......I have no idea. Fill can be used to fill food/water and gives 30-60 nutrition once a day. Kind of useless in my opinion as it's easy to get 30-60 nutrition food for anyone who is this far into the game. That makes both abilities pretty useless. This round is tied. 3rd Ability Love Effect vs. Teleport. Once every 18 hours (so once a day in most cases) I can make all animals within a large radius friendly to me for 3 minutes unless the are tamed / dominated by an enemy player. Marginally useful if this includes trolls and other things that won't already be friendly to my Fo priest after 60 faith. Even then it could be kind of handy if my favor is below 40. Now teleport can be used once every hour to randomly teleport me anywhere on the map. That could be a cliff, lava, middle of the ocean or inside someone's deed. Could also be a perfectly safe and regular location. So I'm surrounded by a superior force of enemy players I have little chance of escaping... even on their home server this spell offers me a chance of survival. On ours... I would have to have extremely bad luck not to. Especially if I have some favor filled gems left. I can heal my wounds and refresh my stamina. This can get me out of most situations other than being locked inside someone's fence, in which case I could use teleport again in another hour. So I say insanity is the CLEAR winner on this one. It's a marginally useful ability one a day or a very useful one, once an hour. 4th Ability Fast Healing vs. Shield of The Gone. Fast healing makes it so all of your wounds heal faster. It even makes medium wounds heal 3 per tick. Not bad, especially if it stacks with the already enhanced healing rate I get as a follower of Fo. Shield of The Gones halves damage and healing received, effectively doubling my health. Also a quite solid ability. But then look at this spell. What's half of infinity? Infinity. If my assumption that this heals you entirely even with shield of the gone is correct... Think about how powerful a Fo pries with Shield of The Gone and a bag full of favor filled gems would be... Correct me if I am wrong on any of this but I am putting down insanity as the clear winner here. Overall While they are fairly close with love even leading a bit at the start, the 2nd to abilities blow love clean out of the water. The insane Fo priest is able to heal his doubled health entirely and teleport away if overwhelmed, while the loving Fo priest just enjoys some buffs to the fast healing and animal protection abilities he already has. Please weigh in with your comments and analysis. Especially if you know more than I do about these paths or Fo priests.
  13. Hey, as it states above, I am looking for someone to level me on path of love to lvl 7. I am willing to pay. I live on Exodus at South Sea Pearl (y48 x25) PM me via fourm. or leave post here. Thanks.
  14. The current ability for level 11 path of love is: Faster Healing Gained at level 11 Upon reaching level 11 (Saint) you see this message: 'You now heal faster.' Healing ticks will still be 10 minutes, but the amount of damage reduced per tick is larger. Very light wounds will heal completely after the first 10 minutes, light wounds will be reduced by 7 points of damage (instead of 4) per tick. Medium wounds (which normally don't heal at all) will heal by 3 points of damage per tick. I am seeing the interest for a change in that; to make it more practical for PVP, and players who hunt a lot. As of now it isn't really effective for those on a pvp server or practical, unless in some sort of mine hop situation. This is not a 'change this now or i'll leave' thread, it's a thread to bring up an issue many high-level players on the Path of Love have brought up. Also, yes, we all came into the path knowing this was the benefit of this level, but I don't want to see that as an excuse for anyone who -1's, because things can be changed and petitioned. There are a lot of arguments to change this, level 11 is one of the hardest things to do in meditation, and meditation alone is slow as ever, even on epic. Level 11 is 70 skill. There should be a more benificial effect for those who take the time to earn this achievement. Look at the Path of Insanity, you get a HUGE buff with 50% damage reduction. Some might say that 'if you wanted a pvp effect then go to that path stop changing things'. I believe that all views should be taken into effect for each part of the game, for pvp and for freedom, in each skill, and in each ability. Idea 1 My first idea is one I didn't think of myself, credit to another person on the love path; Is that we get the passive healing as that compared to a Troll, healing ticks every 5 minutes instead of 10. Idea 2 This keeps the same general ability as it is now, but it would heal tick any wound, instead of only Medium. Normally most medium wounds (I believe it's 15 damage or so) heal themselves, and of course anything under that. The current ability makes it so that any medium wound would have a heal tick. This would make it so that any wounds from severe to light tick heal. This wouldn't be as game breaking as it sounds. Severe wounds are 30-45 damage and up, meaning it would take already an extraordinary time to fully heal one, but it would mean you're guarenteed to not die from the worsening of wounds. I hope a change comes from this, I don't really see why anyone would disapprove of it, it wouldn't really take away anything from the current ability, and wouldn't be a game breaking change in my opinion.