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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone! And what a week! Testing our new cooking update has been super productive, with bugs, text errors and all sorts of fixes being addressed, we're really thankful for all your hard work and feedback. Based off that, we have a few changes we'll be doing: Complexity and effort It's been pointed out a fair bit that the system might be a little too easy to gain the best benefit, while we do wish to make this system as simple as possible it is true that there should be more reward for performing more complex meals. As such we'll be scaling the CCFP gains and affinities to work with the complexity of a finished meal. It will take into account amount of ingredients, actions needed to be performed, and difficulty to provide a greater boost to those high end meals. Our main focus will be ensuring that high end meals provide greater reason to create them, and encourage exploration in meals as well as sharing recipes found. Quick and easy meals will still fill nutrition and provide basic sustenance, but will provide minimal boosts to CCFP or temporary affinity timer. With over 500 recipes multiplied by different methods of cooking and optional ingredients, there's enough of a range of options to get the affinity you are looking for in a high end meal (around the vicinity of 10,000 possible combinations). As is current with the affinity system temporary affinities will only show if you are a premium player, non premium players will not see any temporary affinities. Redesigning the cookbook Currently the cookbook design has been focused on functionality, in order to ensure that the system worked, we'll be looking at taking feedback and ideas on the setup of the cookbook with a focus on improving it for usability. With that in mind though, due to the nature of the system not all suggestions will be feasible, though we are looking at moving it to a client sided system which would allow it to remain open with other windows, and give it a place on the quickbar. We'll keep you updated on how that goes. This system will be ongoing over the next week or so, the test server will remain open this time as updates roll out, so be sure to jump on and try it out! The winners! Even though the current test window will be extended, we'll be announcing the winners of the prizes today! The winners of 10 sleep powders are: Garit Ecrir Rheascope Greyfox Lianya The winner of the supreme steel frying pan is... Hickory! We'll arrange delivery of the prizes over the weekend, if you have any concerns about being on to receive them, please send me a PM I'd like to congratulate the winners as well as thank everyone for taking part, your testing means a smoother launch, which benefits everyone! The test server will remain open over the next week, with focus on being adding those updates as they go in. Rift materials As teased last week, the uses for the strange materials harvested from the rifts that have been appearing. When combined with a metal, they can be forged into strange little runes, which will provide bonuses to equipment, vehicles and containers. Bonuses from these items will depend on the metal used when forging, as well as other factors, and provide a range of bonuses, including: Increased volume capacity Lower weight Less damage taken Higher shatter resistance Resetting the mailing limit Reducing decay of the contents of a container Some will be one use only, but others will attach to the target to provide a continual boost. Only one rune that provides an ongoing effect can be attached to a tool, excepting the single use ones such as mail reset limits. This is a huge new system coming in, with almost 200 possible combinations, not all effects are currently outlined, but as this system is worked on we will bring you all the information about them in time for 1.3! Extension on source rifts As asked in last weeks news unstable source rifts will have their date extended by a few weeks, to allow for a decent length of crossover time to allow people to properly set up their new system with the new storage options for liquids and the removal of decay on decorations. Wurm Unlimited The next Wurm Unlimited update will go live on the 31st of October, some time in the US morning. We will provide an exact time closer to the date on IRC and Twitter/Facebook. Community Content Desolation v4! Today marks the launch of Desolation version 4, a heavily modified PvP server project being run by Nappy (and I believe others!) I'm quite keen to see how this goes, and might even jump on myself! That's it from us for this week, as you can see, 1.3 is shaping up to be more than just a nice big meal, we still have more in store and will be going into detail with those in the following weeks, in the meantime though, have a happy Halloween! Retrograde & the Wurm team