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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I crossed into Deli in error, with 2 horses in tow, which are now lost. Somewhere in the P / Q / R 5 - 7 tile area between Newspring Island and the mainland on the west side. If anyone finds them, they are highly kitted out - Potdream is white and Swiftlightning is grey - both have barding and saddles, etc, please let me know. Reward offered if returned with full kit.
  2. I'm missing three horses Ladyflash Dancecopper and Fleapot. They have no armour, branding or such things on them, Last seen around south-central-ish Deli. I would give the exact location i last saw them but not sure if the deed owner would want others knowing their location. If anyone sees them or happens to have them, please return them. I don't have many coins to pay if for some reason they are needed, but I'd give what I can for them horses. Thanks :/ Please reply or send a pm to Courtcourt on game or forums.
  3. [17:50:36] Horses like this one have many uses. [17:50:36] It is being taken care of by Braingoohex. [17:50:36] She is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. [17:50:36] This creature could use some grooming.
  4. Korwi or Sensational..please pm me i have your horses you were out hunting with yesterday. we had server crash and i found them out over the hill.
  5. Howdy Partners! Heard we had us some fillies and steeds swimmin' round off Western Deli and decided to have me a little look-see! Sure 'nuff, found 5 so far. Got them rounded up and corraled safely in a temporary pen. Gone and groomed 'em and fed 'em I did, yes siree billy ray bob! Postin' a list of their names here. I'll give y'all their localation should one of them have your name on it. If I don't hear back in the next two sun rises, might claim a couple for my own ranch. Venerable Huntingwarrior -- Cared for by Carawyn (shucks ain't that sweet of the lil fella?) Adolescent Huntingwind -- reckon I oughta let him captain my ship! Aged Fancyswift -- Caught her makin' a run for Chaos, nearly got me killed! Aged Rainzara Aged Briskgolden -- she's a beaute I'm lookin' to take home. Don't be shy now pilgrims! Y'all just gimme a holler. In the meantime, got me some fine butt-firin' chili con jalelujahpino's! mmmm-mm Lord have mercy.
  6. I have found most of our horses thanks to my wonderful villagers. Thank you. However I am still missing 4. The two older ones are crap horses but don't belong to me so I am going to help out my villagers and offer a reward for them anyway until I have better ones that come of age that they can have. My two young girls are more important to me and I am offering more for their return. Dreamrun - 10c reward Eckertails - 10c reward Southwild - 25c reward Dancelightning - 25c reward As always you can contact either myself or Lucard. Also, I still have horses that don't belong to me, please contact me to see if your horse is on my deed. At the end of the week we start killing them. All the ones left have negative traits and all they are doing is pulling up my crops. Blessings, Harvest