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Found 38 results

  1. This is a nice five speed ebony black. Found it very North and West-ish on Independence. PM me in game or post here if you lost such a horse. I guess if you lost it, it was yours, you should have it's information in ur log files. Like it's specific traits. The equipment it was wearing. It's name. Such as like that. I'll brand it and keep it on my deed until someone come's forward.
  2. Found a white horse branded to Shrouded Hills, cared for by Pinkyploop at location N17-ish on in game map. Please come get your horse it is leaving dumps on the piers over here, negatively affecting the customers (who obviously were not raised on a farm). Thanks :-)
  3. This horse name starts w/ an H. Is cared for, not branded. I suspect a player stopped playing, deed disband, fences decayed. But if not, I will be glad to get this nice horse back to it's owner. PM me in game is best. It's possible I may read this thread later too. So posting here may work.
  4. This one is being taken care of by Zahrkon. PM me when u catch me on line or post here, to get your horse!! TeeeBOMB
  5. [12:11:32] You stop leading the old fat Fleaeben. [12:11:33] Her mother is the venerable fat Sageiron. Her father is the venerable fat Rocksouth '5S gold male'. Found it wandering near N. Indy Academy (North East, near Colossus Lake) No one cares for the horse, no branding. No special equipment. I will keep it in my pen, PM me if you are missing her.
  6. Found a horse

    Found a harse yesterday, its young one, horse is named with Brisconet M5
  7. Found horse while out exploring Exodus over the weekend No deed brand on it. Kallya please contact me to retrieve the horse. Thread will be removed after 1 week, if you know the toon owner please let them know. Thanks [10:58:17] It is being taken care of by Kallya. [10:58:17] He is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. [10:58:17] It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses.
  8. Hello owners/villagers of Nightmare Animal Retreat. During my recent adventuring through lands of Deliverance I glitch-died in the wall of cave on your deed. I was able to get my corpse back, but my horse died too and my horsshoes w/ WoA were left on your deed not retrievable now because of deed rights. May I plea for retruning my stuff if anyone of you has a chance to get it/ send it ( i will pay CoD if sent). Thank you very much in forward.
  9. I am looking for my adolescent Bouncerflea; He was lost in Lakeside Retreat. He is white and carries the Gallifrey brand. If found please get into contact with Arman or Huntgrem.
  10. Please PM me on game or here. Potabia will be hard to see because he's only a few days old. I can verify his parents' names and color. Thanks, all!
  11. Horses found and returned -- ty
  12. i have been at pendelton derby impalong. i was leading a horse to a wurmian to ride so we could find his corpse of the north coast. one moment i'm leading up this incline of road just outside the i don't see the horse when i look back. I think hmmm maybe he got caught on something..i turn around to look for him..and he re appears on the lead. so i turn back to resume my original direction n ride..he's gone again. i repeat before..he reappears as i make my way down inclined road. i think omg am i drinking n don't know it..i resume original is not with me again. i make it to about where southport is on main road..and horse is now with me..i say enough of this nonsense and log out..log in..thinking he'll reappear..never to be seen again. I check my logs..never did the horse become unlead, stop has no bad traits..i just had it's barding, shoes and saddle imped at impalong n enchanted with woa on them..i'm really bothers as to where it could go as it's part of a set i put on my priest cart..showy and i'm attached to them. should anyone find a grey horse with cloth barding n full's marked with brand of autumn grove and should be cared for by mayor Mossfauna. [23:28:30] You start leading a aged fat ebonyheart...this is the last log notation i have of the horse.
  13. I am missing a black horse by the name goldencloud. aged and fat and has full tac on it..all enchanted 'cept the bridle. I use it everyday and had it penned on one of my deeds. when i logged in today it was missing. I was told server reset 17 hrs ago so i'm suspecting this is the reason. please pm me in forums or in game if you have found it. I have regularly found n returned many players horses in instinces like this..may i be as lucky if one such person has found this horse. it is branded with autumn grove and cared for by greasygrundle.
  14. Someone taken Huntingsilver on 01 Dec from the seashore next to Sunder (Northmere bay, NE of Celebration) - the horse had horseshoes and a saddle so it did not just wander away. If you happen to see it please let me now or PM ingame to Annyil or Jaz. Many thanks!
  15. Horse name: Hardpot It is branded to Mouse Hole Memorial and has some gear on it. Horse found, close please, and thanks!
  16. Hello after this last crash I found that my horse was missing. Hes a Grey Aged With Full Leather barding, Shoes, Saddles, and harness. Hes cared for by Me Karther and has Brand of Black Tree Manor.. Please send message if found that you..
  17. i believe this horse belongs to just last week server bumped many of our horses and he came to claim it if i'm not mistaken. sweet kiss found again on road. please pm me to pick horse up.
  18. Hello, after server restart i lost my horse. Last location was inside the Puzzle Plaza market, few days ago. Name is Sadbashira and Mousekin is care for her. If anyone have found this horse please let me know. Ign: Torvalar
  19. Found black horse called Starkdream swimming in north west of Northmere.
  20. First of all, I have lost a horse by the name of Taffygolden during a move from the NW corner of Exodus to the SE corner. She has been gone for some time and I would like her back. Next, here in the SE corner of Exodus I have found a horse by the name of Sweetstrong. I am looking for the owner, If you know about either of these horses please contact me either PM me in game(Huntgrem) or here in the forum, Thank You
  21. I'm missing an Aged white Heartgrey (female) if anyone sees her. Probably near sloping sands since I rode her over there yesterday. Also, if any of my past customers are missing horses, please contact me for a replacement (free!). Also, if anyone else is missing a horse, please post details and I will find a replacement for you for free. (Must pick up from Jaded Cove, no deliveries). I hope everyone will be honest with what they are missing. Also if anyone has found a horse, post notice here. It seems like most people have found their horses, but for any who are still missing, let's try and find them. =) Coconut
  22. I had to log out to deal with a RL emergency a couple of nights ago. I was riding my horse Yoanadog at the time, when I logged back in I was no longer riding. She is currently at Pixous Harbour and has given birth to a foal called Raidsara who is now also wandering around the area. I've tried locating the token to Pixous Harbour to find the owner, without much luck, I can only assume that the center of the deed is not accessible. If anyone can help me please PM me in game or leave a response here. Many thanks Eadwulf
  23. On May 13th I lost a grey horse called Goldocean. It was lost in the Area of Wurm Academy. Contact me here, or Serraphine in game. Silly crashes
  24. Found Horse

    Found horse by the name of Bengrey, PM me on forum or in game (same name) if you have lost this horse.
  25. Found a Golden Ado horse today between Shinobi and hellbound. If you lost one let me know it's name. [02:12:17] It is a tough bugger. It has malformed hindlegs.