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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, somewhat a new player here. I'm looking for a group or on server with slow progression to join. I would like the group not far along but that might be hard to find. So I'm kinda looking for anything as long as I'm not rushing through progression. I like farming and animals and would like to build my own area or have a deed within an alliance If possible. Hope its ok to post here. Edit = I'm located in NA so looking for something close to that.
  2. I'd like to resize my deed, unfortunally there is a shed right at the border of the planned resized deed. To the owner of "Buddas pleasure palace": Please pm me here or ingame!
  3. Greetings I am a experienced player of wurm, but it's been awhile since I last played. I am looking for a nice village to join, where I can build my own little cottage.
  4. Hey all, i'm looking to start a settlement with a few other new-ish players that have not found a place to settle yet. This village would be a democracy and all who help found the village would have equal share in decision making such as planning buildings and such. I'm extremely easy going so there won't be any head butting going on and I'm looking for a sense of community in this game that i've become really attached to in a short amount of time. I do not have a set spot in mind as of yet but would like to wait til i find people and we can all decide on where to settle, which is half the fun. If this sounds good to you lemme know here or PM me in game, I go by the same name and spelling. Hope to see y'all in game and thanks for reading. Regards Soggybottoms~