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Found 12 results

  1. I am wanting a willow long bow.... 90+ql Nimble 90+ Blood thirst Coc 90+
  2. I'd like to sell my precious 90ql long bow. Not sure about mailing, but it's available for pickup F22 Indy 4s OBO
  3. good day to all I wana sell my old long bow with BT 2244 (today you already can't improve enchant on pve) so it's a bit rare 95 QL rare long bow (N88 C74 BT2244) (willow) Start bid 7s Same wana sell sickle 90 QL sickle (90RT 90N 69C) with Human's demise start bid 7s Bind (for both): 1s Happy buying
  4. AUCTION HAS ENDED. NO MORE BIDS Rare Short bow:Start bid: 3s Min. Increment: 50c Current Highest Bid: Rocklobstar 3s Rare bow: Start bid: 3s Min. Increment: 50c Rare long bow (1); Start bid: 3s Min. Increment: 50c Current Highest Bid: Hoppy 3s Rare long bow (2): Start bid: 3s Min Increment: 50c Rare long bow (3): Start bid: 3s Min Increment: 50c Current Highest Bid: topkos 4s Supreme long bow: Start bid: 18s Min Increment: 2s Current Highest Bid: Arsenic 18s Buyouts: PM me an offer I can't refuse.. No reserves. 1 hour sniper protection on all bows. When bidding on the rare long bows, please write the number of the bow in your post (they are named 1,2 and 3). Makes it easier to follow the auction. For Example: "Rare long bow (2) 3s" Located in D24 Xanadu long bows can't be mailed! Pick up only OR I can deliver them along the northern and eastern coast of Xanadu. The rest are mailable (CoD only) Buyer pays for mail expenses. No bow strings included.
  5. rare small shield, oak - 3s rare carving knife - 6s rare rope tool, oak - 6s rare fruit press, oak - 4s rare long bow, pine - 2s 5x sleep powders - 5s merchant contract - 8s I am located at Q18/Xanadu. Delivery by COD or pickup, unless otherwise arranged.
  6. As the title says, looking for a Willow long bow with high ql and high enchantments if the price is right. I don't think it can be mailed, so on Exodus please. , Bloodthirst, Circle of Cunning or Blessings of the Dark, and Nimbleness.
  7. Dont wait! Buy It! Items can be pick up from Exodus - Sandhill (m15) or buyer pays cod
  8. [20:47:57] A long but unstringed slender bow. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The willow wood used in this bow gives it good strength yet supreme flexibility. It is made from willow. It could be improved with a log. [20:47:57] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Amaril.ocu.'. 70.45ql
  9. Starting bid - 20s Min increase - 1s Buyout - None Sniper protection - 1h All Bids must be made here, I do not accept in game bids or private bids. Item cannot be mailed, I will personally deliver to the winner.
  10. Starting bid at 5s Increments of 1s Buyout is 20s There IS a hidden reserve Since long bows cannot be mailed to servers other then the one you're on I'll deliver to any server other than Deli Auction ends at 6pm EST on Tuesday, October 23rd Happy bidding Many thanks to Herrfritz for imping this, buy his bows! Also check out Kharm's merchant at Puzzle Plaza on Deli, he's the one who turned the bow rare.