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Found 11 results

  1. Erupting a rock tile can raise a corner of that tile a bit, which is intentional. However, if that eruption causes one corner of a mine entrance slope to rise, this causes the entrance to NOT be level as it normally is, and the tile inside the mine does not adjust itself to compensate. This leads to a discontinuity in the terrain across the transition between inside and outside. Outside: Inside: Note that inside the cave, the entry is still level, but outside the cave, the entry is 4 dirts higher on the corner affected by lava. As a result, I need to turn climb on to get out of the cave, and can see through bits of the terrain since it doesn't match up. Not sure what ideal behavior would be here. Maybe it should do a sanity check to not raise the corner if it's at a cave entrance, since those are never supposed to be non-level? By fixing this bug, Rolf "Lonestar" Persson and KodeKlubFree International Ltd. hereby agree to remove the Magranon domain restriction on the Erupt/Freeze Path of Power meditation ability, as it serves no purpose but to make me openly weep into my full-size anime body pillow at night, and curse the stars every time I want to get rid of a problematic ore vein or off-deed reinforcement.
  2. "You are only allowed to give 25 likes per day. You cannot give any more likes today." Well shucks, there are just soo many good posts.
  3. Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 1s
  4. Shield of the Gone Gained at level 11 Wurzel (who first reached the level of Gone) had a chat with Rolf who said it's a constant buff that reduces damage and healing by 50%. See discussion for more details. Rolf later said that the exact amount of damage reduction varies for different wounds. Rolf did not disclose further details. Now since wu has launched many of us have been able to look at how various factors of dr are calculated, and while certain aspects of wu differ to the online mode, this has the exact same code as it shows like for like in either online or wu. Now to the meat of this topic. As shown at the start of this topic rolf mentioned some weaknesses that may be inherent in sotg. However from the code, as far as we can see, there is none. A straight 50% across the board on all damage. So I propose that this be fixed. Apply some form of weaknesses to sotg.
  5. Can't seem to find one, looking for PVP king to lead me to glory, thanx bye.
  6. Hello, as the title says I'd like to buy 25s Paypal verrified Payed in USD 1:1 PM Me ingames at Evilprince
  7. Hey guys Got a problem with my graphics... the ground glows bright at night... Sent a ticket and tried most of what was suggested, yet the ground still glows at night... I no longer need lamps or any source of light to move around, which is good lol but hell... my game looks awful and unrealistic So I was hoping to get some help over the issue, thanks in advance
  8. We have some supreme shards for sale starting bid - 10c min inc - 5c buyout - 60c sniper protection - None Ends 48 hours from post time. Located on Deliverance. I will pay the COD.
  9. We have a wonderful supreme brick for sale starting bid - 10c min inc - 2c buyout - 60c sniper protection - None Ends 48 hours from post time. Located on Deliverance. I will pay the COD. May the bidding wars begin! EDIT: Added picture and end date.
  10. Hi all, Anybody recruiting? Recently moved to the epic cluster, in Desertion.. I'm currently looking to be part of a town/village Coming from Release, I'm not new to the game, just to the pvp part... Anybody in Desertion, or MR controlled Elevation recruiting please pm in game to (Dragoromir)