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Found 1 result

  1. Wurm Assistant, shortly known as 'WA', is a bundle of various battle-tested tools for Wurm Online. Supported systems: Windows only Click to watch a video showcase of all Wurm Assistant features! What does it do, in a nutshell: Log Searcher - searching through game logs. Triggers - play sounds or show popups on log events. Timers - for complex grinds like prayer, meditation. Option to add custom timers. Granger - managing creatures. Calendar - tracking in-game harvest seasons. Crafting Assistant - clear window showing next tool required to improve an item. Skill Stats - handy statistics about current skill levels and a skill gain benchmarker. Reveal Creatures Parser - shows a summary of the last 'reveal creatures' spell cast. Quite stable, safe and self-updates to latest version, maintained since 4+ years, great support. Roadmap: ----------------- Download: First make sure these prerequisites are installed: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, official download: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86), official download: If not sure, running setup will tell if they are already installed. Then download Wurm Assistant itself: This should be unzipped into any folder. This folder can be put and moved anywhere you like. Then AldursLab.WurmAssistant.Launcher.exe should always be used to start appropriate version of WA. Suspect WA has/is a malware? Scan it at Should any issues arise, see FAQ at the end of this post for common fixes. Known issues: Some types of *.wav sound files (including most of windows theme sounds!) can not be played by the app. This can't be fixed as sound engine is 3rd party. It is recommended to try re-saving them as wav or converting to ogg format using any sound editing software. Moving wurm game client folder may require you to run config again. This will fix any odd issues with errors, searching logs, inconsistent timers, granger and so on. Some more advanced features of the launcher: To make WA start with windows: General Help: Frequently Asked Questions: ----------------- Previous versions (2.x, 1.x): Source Code and licensing: