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Found 8 results

  1. This rule LockpickingA ) Lockpicking anything that does not belong to you is not permitted. What is considered to belong to you. Does locked chest belong to you if you brought it home from abandoned place? Does chest someone locks in your deed belong to your or the player who locked it? And if not, is it okay to bring locked chest to Chaos for lockpicking? Or is that rule applied only when there is quarrel about the situation?
  2. Kind of a suggestion though not sure I know enough about lockpicking to think through all the ramifications, so will need input. Background: The spot I deeded on Xanadu had an abandoned, locked BSB on it, and an abandoned, locked small cart. I pushed those two items off my deed, and into perimeter so I could carry on terraforming, building, etc. without their being in the way. I also pushed a loom off-deed as I wanted to build my own. The BSB is now at 80+ damage. The small cart is at 95+ damage. I am letting them decay. Suggestion: The small cart is going to poof shortly. I will let that happen. I'm wondering if there is any point to not allowing us to lockpick such an item, given the imminent destruction of the item? What if at 90+ decay, containers on Freedom are allowed to be lockpicked? Or, with that much decay, the lock falls to the ground. Considering lamps with heavy decay become unsecured, I had assumed the same would be true of locked, abandoned containers at a certain point. Scavenging abandoned deeds is accepted practice (as noted in the recent hunting thread), and this would give a little value to lockpicking skill on Freedom. Thoughts?
  3. This wiki page: Clearly states: Lockpicking on Freedom Note : It is expressly against the Freedom rules to pick the lock of anything that you do not own. However, none of these rules or limitation are applicable to Chaos However, I just watched a CA in Independence CA help claim that she took an off deed BSB, moved it on deed, then had a mayor lockpick it successfully. If this is not against the rules, please update the wiki to reflect that so it's not just those *in the know* taking advantage of a rule that is not properly published. Thanks, B
  4. So lockpicking is bugged. woo. as for doors it nerfs the unlocking mechanic into the ground. (probably same for gates too, didnt check too closely if all issues are present there aswell) 1) Upon unlocking a door a 10min re-lock timer activates. (all goodie, intentional and working as intended, no issues). Basic stuff that lets lockpicking for doors "work" 2) If a enemy player walk through a unlocked (willingly unlocked or lockpicked) door a 1min timer is applied before re-locking occurs. 3) If you are offdeed and walk through a door owned by your kingdom and there is enemy presence then a set timer of 2min is applied. #2 & #3 doesn't check if #1 is active... in other words if another timer is already running. Thus whenever you unlock a door and something walk through it the timer can instantly loses 80-90% of its remaining time... leaving just a tiny 1-2 min timer. The fix is simple. #2 & #3 needs to have a if statement that checks if the current timer is less than the time it tries to apply. for devs:
  5. I have noticed that offdeed lockpicking is bugging out where I guess it can't tell who is the owner of the gate/building and know if you are an enemy or not. The normal time it should stay open is 10 minutes and nothing will change that. However, there is a mechanic where an enemy in local will mean the gate will open for 1 minute for your own gates/buildings when walked through. But what happens is if pick an enemy's gate/building after you pick it open for 10 minutes, it will be fine until you walk through it and it will instantly change to 1 minute timer instead of the 10 minute one it should stay. This means it thinks you own the gate and if an enemy is in local, it makes it really hard to lockpick through an area.
  6. ...or rather a introductory primer of sorts. Been considering the need for one, and I even have a rough outline and draft made. Before getting involved in that I wish to see if there is even really a need or interest in one. After all there's tutorials on almost everything else... even ones for the tutorials. One would think if there was really a demand, someone would have done it already. So... what do you think? Should there be one?If so, what are your main concerns or questions in that area?What doesn't the wiki already seem to make clear?What would you look for?EDIT: Something came up I felt I should articulate... I am not talking about ways of gaming the game's rules or exploiting loopholes in those rules. For example imho thievery belongs on pvp servers, where players by the very act of being on such servers have consented to being targets. Kill or be killed basically. Anyone doing such on a Freedom server deserves getting reported and the ensuing consequences. Just because I play a rogue doesnt mean I do not have rules or guidelines. They just are not your rules ;P EDIT: Heres the rough outline: Introduction This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to all things thievery and such in Wurm. There's just no fun in revealing all to begin with, and I'm lazy. Rather it is to provide help with the basics and some possible hypothetical applications. For those who wish to up their game from common "rag-pickers". If one is seeking to better understand the psychological principles, I recommend the following article: Furthermore, I can neither confirm nor deny any firsthand knowledge of the usage of these skills ingame. Outline: I. Fundamentals A. Body Control (Stealth and everything else) B. Lockpicking C. Stealing D. Traps E. Stealth a. Actual b. Mines c. Mounts II. Training A. Body Control B. Lockpicking C. Stealing D. Traps III. Intermediary A. Solo vs. Group Tactics B. Diversions or Framing a. Loudmouth Idiots b. Locks From Known Thieves C. Traps D. Know Your Enemy and Thyself E. Knowing a "good" Fence a. Helps if considered respectable and reliable in general. b. Can be the same person as your smith. c. Doesn't ask too many questions about that shiny new ship ur selling him. IV. Hypothetically-Speaking A. Spying B. Sabotage C. Downright dirty scoundrel Example section: Lockpicking Lockpicking Lockpicking is fairly self-explanatory. Its the skill for picking locks. In Wurm this allows one to bypass locked doors on structures, vehicles, ships, and containers. This guide will simply refer to all lockable items as containers. The tools needed, lockpicks, can only be made by a locksmith of some skill, so one may wish to pick this up as a side skill as you will go through picks frequently. Knowing a good smith or merchant is another good idea. There are additional benefits from such a relationship, which will be covered later. Lockpicks will break... ALOT. Less so as the quality is higher, and it helps to have several dozen in multiple satchels on one's belt ready to activate. Picks of a ql less than twenty of the lock's ql will not even work to begin with. Once the lock is picked, it will stay open for so many minutes as indicated by Examining, as in the case of gate locks, or as with padlocks, the lock will come off and appear in your inventory. The difficulty of the lock can vary greatly and is dependent on several factors: the container ql, pick ql, examined lock ql (see table 1.1), your skill, the type of container, etc. Ships are more difficult than say a chest, and larger ships more so. The calculated chance is displayed on the menu next to Pick Lock. Table 1.1: Examined Lock Quality Ranges Very poor 1 - 9.99ql Poor 10 - 19.99ql Below average 20 - 29.99ql Okay 30 - 39.99ql Above average 40 - 49.99ql Pretty good 50 - 59.99ql Good 60 - 69.99ql Very good 70 - 79.99ql Exceptional 80 - 89.99ql Fantastic 90 - 99.99ql Some say a minimum of 30 Lockpicking is needed to be effective, personally its more around 50. Also do not be discouraged by lockpicking chances of less than 5%, these containers are still vulnerable to those with time and determination.... and alot of lockpicks. Third Person: [19:19:16] Klaa picks the lock of the small chest. [19:18:20] Klaa silently curses as he fails to pick the lock of the small chest. First Person: [19:18:20] You start to pick the lock of the small chest. [19:18:20] You fail to pick the lock of the small chest. EDIT: Project currently on back burner due to RL.
  7. Interesting from a locksmithing and lockpicking perspective.
  8. i understand that wurm is suppost to be laborious and a continuous never ending game where to take long amouts of time to do somthing. but lock picking (next to shipwrighting) is the most tedious and time consuming of them all. it took me and 2 friends (one has an affinity for lockpicking) 2 hours and 24 lockpicks just to open 4 carts with very poor locks on them. and we were even using 70 quality lock picks. in the process i even raised my lockpicking 5 levels adn the chance of success hasnt even rose a whole 1% . its so tedious that it was no longer fun to even try and open the carts. i just wanted to smash them to get the stuff and i stil think that would have been easier and faster than the lockpicking. my sugestion is that the chance of success when lockpicking sould be just a bit higher. even a little. and it would be alot less tedious and leveling the skill would actually have a purpose. plus lockpicking is a skill mostly available to only premium players (requires 25 locksmithing to make lock picks) so why should it be so difficult to use after we worked (and payed) so hard in order to be able to use it? (please reply nicely) ~lakeel