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Found 7 results

  1. I set Mouse Button 3 to Free Look in my game and it will toggle into free look but will not toggle out of it. This soft locks the game and requires task manager to close out where you can then change it again in the settings.
  2. It seems like right now the server doesn't communicate with the client about accessing locked gates/doors until you are on the same tile as the gate/door. Then after a delay, the door will unlock for you. I think this delay could be minimized if the client communicated with the server in advance, say access to all structures within 10 tiles should be rendered every time the player changes a tile, and the client will be ready to freely pass through a locked gate/door more readily without delay. It seems like the client waits until on the same tile as the locked structure to communicate with the server and check permissions for passage, then once the client hears back from the server it is unlocked. This type of "permissions rendering" could be done before you are on the same tile, to prevent the delay everyone outside of Europe often experiences when approaching a locked gate. Proposal: client pings server every time player changes tiles, for structure permissions within 10 tile radius so that the client already has permission to let you through the locked gates before you reach them.
  3. I had a Troll Spawn inside my house while I was building the roof. The doors were locked (have been for days) and the house is on deed. First and second floor have already been completed, just missing the top roof. There is a mountain next to the house but there is a tile of space between the mountain and the house, so it isn't possible for the troll to fall from the mountain in. Here is the screenshots: Screenshots show that I was on the second floor when attacked and the house had locks on it. Locks are set for villagers so I assume thats why the guards could come in. I can confirm the house is on deed, and that I had no mobs already inside my shop (I didn't have a dominated pet troll, if that is even a thing.) I was lucky I was actually at the keyboard and not afk or else I would had died. Let me know if anything else is needed!
  4. We are able to manage from anywhere on the server boats, carts (large/small), wagons, animals, gates, mine doors, buildings and even individual doors. Which has been a pretty amazing feature of the permissions system. We should also be able to remotely manage the chests, coffers, bsbs and anything else we can put a name on, lock and use permissions to manage. It is not to bad on the small servers, but on the large servers such as xanadu, chaos, indy this is a big inconvenience when you need to give someone access to something locked up that you are not even close to. edit; To simplify matters, since some people may be using 100s of bsb's/chests for storage, only have containers that have a lock added listed in the manage list.
  5. today i got on to be able to send about 5-6 public chats before not being able to send ANY chats public or not. hoping that this posts at this time. taking a SS before i post. just in case. i would like a full refund as both accounts i have been affected.
  6. The last patch that fixed that animals should go through locked fances has made the tower guards not being able to pass locked Gatehouses or fence gates. They do target and try to attack but stays inside(in safety) and dont run out. The two solutions to this i have found atm is to unlock or to allow Kindom entry on gatehouse writ.