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Found 1 result

  1. What I sell, prices etc: - I try not to sell 'cheap' items in the sense that everything is at least 70 power enchanted, and at least 70ql - Enchant power is simply 75 iron per power regardless of if it's 70 or 104 - Item quality is charged at 1c per quality, including large anvil breastplate etc - Usually I try and imp a little higher like 80.5QL 85.5QL or 90.25QL because I know it sucks to have the item drop into the next quality bracket after one use - I have this page set on notifier so if you place an order it should generally be posted within 6-12 hours, alternatively you can visit my merchants at any time Merchants location: I'm selling items both from merchants and this page, items are available either by COD (reply here or PM me) or you can buy them from my merchants located on Deliverance. My merchants are located here on the south coast of Deli at T14 ingame map, Y48 X20 on Deli map, the deed is called Waterside There is a small boat dock here and several merchants in open arch walls, there is also a public mailbox (deed is set so you can drop items) with 94 power cast, and a public token you can withdraw from. HALF PRICE sale! You can halve the prices on the items below for a limited time only, if a item is listed as 2s you will only pay 1s! Note the prices are as normal on the merchants so you will need to place your order directly. Items for sale: Merchant Tools (resource gathering tools, construction etc) Merchant_Tools2 (leatherworking, carpentry, misc stuff) Merchant_Tools3 (rakes, whetstones, gardening) Merchant_Plate armour Merchant_LT Weapons Merchant_Fine Carpentry Merchant_Shields and Special Merchant_Bows Merchant_Gems and Crystals Merchant_Horseshoes Quick fact: Because I am rather short on time, many of the items you purchase from this store are purchased from other marketplaces and touched up / enchanted, almost 75% of the tools I am selling are purchased from either Glasshollow on Xanadu or Freedom Market on Indy, the gems that I sell are almost 100% from people who use it as currency to barter items from me - by purchasing from this store, in many cases you are purchasing from multiple people and multiple servers!