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Found 19 results

  1. Wanted to suggest a confirmation window for using the key bind to drop on liquid inside a container, basically hover over the liquid and keybind drop does the pour action without actually using the pour on ground action.
  2. I have two original, unused Transmutation Liquid gifts from 2009, in their original Glass Flasks. The flasks are, to my knowledge, unique to the items themselves. They hold .22 of a liquid but the flasks come with the amount originally given out, which is .14kg. The flasks do have damage, one has 16.16dmg and the other 5.09dmg. Information linked here from WP: PM me or reply with offers. Looking for around 5s each.
  3. In WO patch notes: It was stated that: "Skillgain for anything that produces liquid has been scaled by the amount of liquid created." Does this apply to the latest patch of WU as well? My limited testing concluded as followed (creating lye): 45kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5503 5kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5568 Which doesn't seem as if this change was applied to WU. Can anyone clarify if this is a possible result of mods that the server I'm playing on has, or if the change didn't make it to WU? Thanks in advance, Iolo
  4. Some of the worse chores with a mouse can be filling multiple listed containers. Say for example thirty small barrels in a wagon, or thirty bowls in an oven. There are methods that panfillers use to approach this state; however, imho they still fall short. Some degree of a shortcut would be handy, for example 'dragging and dropping' a liquid unto the header item of the list, which would attempt to fill each container in the list until either the liquid runs out or no more containers. Granted one might want only so much of the liquid in each container; though, theres several ways such can be implemented. Same can be said for nonliquids, dragging over a pile of say chopped spices.
  5. Well so much for that: 100kg of 39ql transformation liquid did not change a clay tile to a dirt one. That used 100kg of zinc and 5kg of lemon juice. You can keep this so called "improvement" = waste of time and resources.
  6. Food and delicious nectar of the gods. If you need another possible usage ingame:
  7. Starting bids: 1,2&3: 1s each 4, 5, 6&7: 3s each 8, 9, 10, 11, 12&13: 6s each Min increment: 50c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 2 hour Buyout: None Private bids: No Winner pays CoD Starting bid: 5s each Min increment: 50c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 2 hour Buyout: None Private bids: No Winner pays CoD Starting bid: 4s each Min increment: 50c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 2 hour Buyout: None Private bids: No Winner pays CoD If you want anything desperately, PM me an offer I cannot refuse.
  8. As the title says I am selling 15kg of Source Liquid for 1s/kg.
  9. I would like to auction bucket full of source (12l and bucket is gratis ) Starting bid: 15s Min increase: 1s Buyout: 30s Sniper protection: no Reserve: no I'm located at NW Deliverance, but willing to deliver anywhere coastal Happy bidding, everyone!
  10. Ever felt like a lemming running towards your inevitable demise at the hands of a champion troll? Well with this delicious Magranon certified source liquid, you can keep being the lemming you always dreamed of being and charge into battle without fear of losing your bling up to 15 times thanks to the power of over 46k karma!!! 1.5 silver per kg or 65 silver for the lot. Pick up at Xanadu N-19 Will deliver locally for the price of a decent casserole, meal or sandwich. Delivery elsewhere can be negotiated. PM me in game on MANMAN or MrInvoice or post here for inquiries. Buy now whilst stocks last! -Better than mountain dew - 10/10 IGN
  11. Item is located at J11, Xanadu This item is Original full size, and QL, with no damage. Transmutation liquid was given out by Santa to all premium players who visited him during the week of Christmas 2009. 0.14kg of it comes in a 60QL glass flask, which can hold .25kg of liquid total. The 99QL liquid loses weight per use, however it may not be apparent it has lost weight because it appears to lose amounts less than 0.01kg or a random chance to lose between 0.01kg and 0.02kg.More Info if you view the Wiki Link above! Starting bid: 2s Min. Increments: 50c Sniper Protection: 2hrs Reserve: 2silver, Buyout: 10s I will COD items, or pickup from J11 Xan. Happy Bidding! AUCTION CLOSED
  12. Hello Wurmians! WTS this fine 10,92kg clump of source liquid. asking 11s for it if you pickup, if i deliver it to you (not delivering to chaos) i'll ask anywhere from +50c to 1,5s extra depending where you're located at We're located at N22, accessible by the boat tunnel and the imre canal (both seen on wurm map, clown town is there also) Edit: Located on Xanadu Cheers, Kaizoo
  13. Trough graphic, container for liquids and non-liquids. Trough takes up all 100 item spaces of the tile it is on. Animals see contained articles as being on the tile itself, not in a container, so they can feed on them as the would piles of grass/grains/meat/fish, but can also eat liquid food. Placable off or on-writ.
  14. Starting Bid: 1s Increment: 50c Buyout: 10s Sniper Protection 1 hour Pick up around 17N area, or delivery to Lormere, VotD, Linton and the shores around its big lake. This item can not be sent via mail so pickup or delivery is your only option.
  15. Price Check and possible sale on a untouched glass flask of transmutation liquid (to include the flask itself). Flask has ten points of damage on it, and contains .14 KG's of liquid. Full wiki info is here: Item was given out in 2009, it is not craftable and to my knowledge not much of this stuff still exists. It is somewhat limited in viable use, but makes a great collector's item. I am curious as to its worth, and if anyone is specifically interested in purchasing it as it is simply sitting in my vault taking damage.
  16. It would be nice if we could shift drag on liquids between containers and get a pop-up similar to the one for bulk movement. In this case it would limit the maximum amount of liquid which is being decanted between containers.
  17. Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increments: 25 copper No Reserve or buyout 1hr sniper Can be mailed across servers, cost 40c for some reason. End date: Saturday June 23th @ 12am GMT +10 Im based near Sheriff, Y-46, X-25. Libilian Outlaws on Exodus One full flask of this awesome liquid. ( .25 kg) [11:51:29] A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils.