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Found 10 results

  1. Link can still be clicked but is invisible pic courtesy of player Jones
  2. I say we should let priests of any faith link together, but ONLY spells that both have in common can pull favor from the links.
  3. Najho and Fo both have LT. Would be nice to link them to cast LT. I assume someone has tried and can confirm that it doesn't let you link today?
  4. For those that have linked priests, it would be awesome to have an "available favor" tracker/counter displayed on the primary priest. It is a pain to click through all your priests to add it up manually, but if you aren't operating all the linked priests, it gets very difficult to know what is available to you.
  5. Okay, so, we all love building mega super awesome epic castles... but why do they have to be split into 14 different buildings that look odd with those wierd gaps? Simple, Carpentry skill limitations and hardcarps set by the developers. What I am proposing is to allow Carpenters to link, just as priests do, to lend their skill to a combined pool. This would allow one carpenter to plan larger buildings. I believe a hardcap still needs to be set for this as well as possibly limiting a carpenter to have 2-3 links (amounts to the combined skills of 3-4 carpenters, of which have a hardcap set on them). The idea would benefit any server; chaos, epic, freedom. Chaos and epic get their longhouse walls larger one large longhouse that wraps entirely around a fortress. One writ. One set of permissions to manage. Furthermore, Freedom can use this to build colosal buildings or forts of it's own. - 70+ Carpentry requirement to link - Increased hardcap to match current hardcap multiplied by number of links? Example is Current cap is 100, then with max allowed links of 3 the combined hardcap for any combination is 400. - All accounts, links or toon being linked to, must be premium. (just incase of exploits from skills not capping at 20 when prem runs out?) - All other current restrictions apply; aka building height, skill requirement for floor types, wall types, etc. Good / bad? Discuss!
  6. I think the email registration system is broken. The link for registering wouldn't appear at all. You aren't blocked but I don't see it. By the way, there is still a link at the buttom of the page but it is irrelevant to the process of registering (I tried). How long do I have to wait for this to be corrected?
  7. The suggestion pretty much says it all, a new option on the forums. It links character information (updated once per 12-24 hours?) to a forum profile (must enter username and password correctly). This information includes character name, title used, skills, priest/champion status, faith, meditation path/level and equipped (only) items. A new tab manages privacy (you can hide characters or make them public) and when someone views your profile they can click a public character's name to view their sheet. A link to a character sheet can be placed in a signature. Why do this? Bragging rights, better advertising options for merchants, organisation for villages, aid for RPers and many other little reasons.
  8. I've noticed in the Friends List, it constantly shows certain people as 'Lost Link.' It either doesn't completely disconnect them from the server, or it's a hopefully simple client bug. I've seen them as Lost Link for hours on end. Here's an example of what I see in Friends List: I hope it's just a simple bug. Note: None of these people are actually online.
  9. Someone has undoubtedly realized this or will in time, but I'll mention it, anyhow, just in case. The "Wiki" link under "Community" from the main Wurm site to Wurmpedia does not act as a link... Instead it downloads a file titled "download" with no extension and an unknown filetype. Is this only my experience? The Wurmpedia its self seems to be in working order or I would not have mentioned this here.
  10. This isn't that big of a deal, it's just been bothering me. When links are posted in a chat, I used to be able to do the "open in browser" thing. It does not work now, no idea why. I had Java 7 installed a bit ago, then switched to Java 6 so it would crash less, I had the issue during both. I'd appreciate any help or ideas