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Found 6 results

  1. [17:45:55] You may only plant one pointing sign outside your settlement per week. [17:45:56] This is within the village of Port Royal. I planted one pointing sign outside of the village and now I get this message and can't plant any more signs inside the settlement. Tried on tile corner or on the tile itself.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has tried using AMD's freesync tech with Wurm? Or maybe Nvidia's G-sync? AMD card keeps disabling Freesync when I launch Wurm saying it needs to be between 35-90fps... but it is. I've turned on the frame limiter in Wurm settings, set it to 75 to be safe. FPS counter in-game shows right around the limit I set. Anyone else have experience with the limiter? Are the numbers it's putting out accurate? I also enabled / disabled v-sync. Ensured nothing outside the game was overriding game settings. No joy. Kind of weird but it disables just as I'm joining a server before any graphics are even drawn, except for the Wurm Unlimited splash screen with those snazzy looking folks on it. Would that count as a reported FPS? Wonder if the Wurm frame limiter is somehow interfering or overriding the freesync. I can max out and use vsync when I'm not doing a whole lot in game, but when the screen gets really busy and frames drop, freesync should be really useful. Would love some help brainstorming this, or cookies I have milk.
  3. How many container items can be placed on a tile? Is there a limit? I have a tile with two large chests and potentially a bow rack (the center of it is on a tile border and I'm not sure which tile it is technically on). I tried building an armor stand in the middle of the tile and it disappeared. Unsure, I tried building it on another tile and it worked. I pushed it onto the tile with the chests (and maybe bow rack) and finished it, but once again it disappeared.
  4. As you can see Below! There is a Restriction on Deed Sizes I would like a mod to made to remove. Basically this is what is happening; - I built a Canal through the Land that is over 465 Tiles long. - I wanted to Deed Over the Entire Canal. -The only way for me to Deed over that many Tiles in one direction, is if The other end is Less than 4x that of the other side. - Meaning.... The North to South side is 465 Tiles in Total. So it can NOT be more then 4x the Size of the East to West Side. The Problem is I dont want to Deed like 50+ tiles east and west, Id like to be able to do 5 East, 5 West for total of 11 (with Token Tile) by 11 North, and 453 South for total of 465 (with the token tile). EDIT: Would be awesome if this would work with Ago's Mod Launcher.
  5. We have too much stuff. Chests, armor stands, rafts, carts, boats... all storing our junk. If not in storage, it is dropped in piles of 100 all over the outside ground. Enter a well established deed's local area and watch your FPS tank. Also, there are those spam crafters, just looking for more rares to post in WTS and Auctions forums. I've heard of deeds with countless piles of 100 junk crafts, left outside to rot. What if we make a craft creation limit, much like fatigue, which limits you to creating only a few complete crafts a day? Building components excluded. Does anyone need to craft 100 picks a day? Imagine how much less storage we would need if we weren't creating thousands of tools a month. How much less lag and compute. Just a thought.
  6. Perhaps we can add generic permissions to any containers/doors inside the perimeter of a home. So that things like below can happen. Bedrooms for multiple residents in a home. Private chests within a home. Housing a noob who needs a friend to protect them. etc some modifications and ideas to go with this or replace this keys now behave as writs keys now behave as writs when the matching locks are inside a structure doors within homes now have permissions similar to writs containers now have permissions like boats/carts etc