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Found 10 results

  1. Hello It's been a while since I've posted but I feel I have to put this up. can you go there and respond to some of my work ?
  2. A simple quality of life change for all those dwarfs like me that love our mines. Add tile Border to mine floor tiles. With the new underground housing and all this would be a great change. Make life more simply for all those cave dwellers who like to make fancy mines and such. Help me out here @Nadroj make it possible @ausimus@KeenanI believe in you guys.
  3. Dragon Hide Armour Sets: We sell custom-made drake sets for 120s each. You can choose the colour you prefer, and your set will be made just for you - no second hand clothing here! The armour set can be improved to 90 ql and enchanted with 70+ AoSP on every piece for free. Armour sets are sold for 120s per set and do not include the headpiece. The headpiece can be bought together with a set for a discounted 12s. Wonder what the colours on drake hide armour look like? Blown up a glove while casting? Can't find your pants back? Perhaps going with one colour is too boring and you want your armour in multiple colours! We sell individual drake hide armour pieces! Check the spoiler below for pricing: Drake Glove - 10s Drake Sleeve - 15s Drake Boot - 17.5s Drake Jacket - 30s Drake Pants - 25s Drake Cap - 15s Defeat and behead all thyne foes! Lifetransfer, Venom, Rotting Touch and other weapons: Custom Weapon Enchants Rare, supreme or other special weapons sometimes call for custom enchantments. We offer to enchant weapons with Fo and Vynora spells for set prices. Availability is limited, so please message Alyeska before sending your weapons. Enchants are classed and priced into two categories; Exclusive and Common. You may order enchants starting at 70 power and above. We only enchant weapons and high value armour, not tools! Exclusive class enchantments: Life transfer, Mindstealer, Venom 70-79 power - 3s 80-89 power - 4s 90+ power - 5s Common class enchantments: WoA, CoC, Nimbleness, AoSP, Frostbrand 70-79 power - 1,5s 80-89 power - 2s 90+ power - 2,5s You order your cast in the price category you desire, and that is the set price. I you order a 70-79 power enchant and the cast comes out higher, you don't need to pay extra. Dragon Armour Improvement Services: Drake Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 1s 70QL -> 80QL: 2s 80QL -> 85QL: 1s 85QL -> 90QL: 2s 90QL -> 95QL: Pm me! Discounted price for imping from 00QL to 90QL: 5s Scale Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 2s 70QL -> 80QL: 3s 80QL -> 85QL: 2s 85QL -> 90QL: 5s 90QL -> 95QL: Pm me! Leather, Plate, and Chainsmithing. Armour sets and Improvement Services: Leather Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 1s 70QL -> 80QL: 2s 80QL -> 85QL: 1s 85QL -> 90QL: 2s 90QL -> 95QL: 4s Discounted price for imping from 00QL to 90QL: 5s Chain Armour sets: Butchering Services and Butchered Products: We sell 100ql butchered items. Pelts, cochineal, furs, hides and anything else you may be looking for. 100 ql pelts cost 75c each and we have dozens in stock, so order one today! Send us a message for more information about other butchered products. You can also hire me as a personal butcher for any livestock, uniques or other animals that need processing. We have over 90 butchering skill and use a 98.5 ql supreme knife to guarantee the best outcome possible. Send Alyeska a PM for more information! Special Offers! Get 'em while they last: Enchanted tools, rares, and oddities: We are currently working on getting some new odds and ends for this section. Stay tuned! Mailing with a 1 minute delivery time is standard for all mailable items unless otherwise requested. Please add a 10c mailing fee per item for the Independence server, and a 20c mailing fee for other servers. Non-mailable items may be picked up at my deed, Muspellsheimr Kastali. It is found at 8x 55y on the community map, 9R ingame, or see the map below. Delivery is an option for orders 10s and above, pricing negotiable. Is my order done yet?? Check here for status on existing orders and requests! (opens a .pdf file)
  4. Here's our current inventory: MS = Mind Stealer (steals skill from target) CoC = Circle of Cunning (increases skill gains) LT = Lifetransfer (heals wounds when hitting target) Nimble = Nimbleness (increases chance to hit) AD = Animal's Demise (increased chance of critical hits against animals) Post here or PM Aum or me in-game for purchasing. We can also do custom enchants. Large mauls can be mailed, the rest will need to be picked up at either Blossom, Reddit or Reddit Harbor.
  5. Many might not notice the effect Wurm can have on the players. How many of us have sat around working our tails off in Wurm for hours at a time? I'm sure it is safe to say that we all have at some point got bored of the repetitive grind of taking our saw and going through the motions of making a house. But seriously, that takes an hour minimum if you are on your first character making a one tile big house. So many of us go to freedom of global freedom chats to kill time. Personally, I know that I can not play Wurm for hours upon end without becoming bored. But I find chatting helps increase the length of time I can stand the repetition. Many of times I try to socialize and fit in while watching freedom chat. For most people new to the community though, they might find the fact that everyone knows each other intimidating. I know I have on multiple occasions have thought that I could never be a big part of the game's community like these other people. But new players, I will assure you, that is wrong. In my days back on Pristine, I rarely messaged in freedom chat, but months later I came back to people remembering me. Experienced players, if you are a big part of the community, I beg of you, please try to develop friendships with the newcomers, because the community is Wurm's strongest asset. But the main thing about chat is the friends you make. Most games are about hey invite me to the team so we can kill the boss and never talk again. In Wurm, most people are so co-dependent, you need allies. Personally, I feel the game developers have implemented that quite well. Yes it is a pain you can only add a friend if they are next to you, but they also added a great town system. You can play with your friends even if they aren't in your deed, because you can form an alliance with their deed as well. Many people aspire to own their own land, but so many of us make friends in the process and are torn between joining them and following our dream. But give them the opportunity to have an alliance and still both own land, and you satisfy both desires. One day I was bragging about how amazing Wurm is at a barbecue. It was funny, because I had two people jump on the idea of trying it. One of which was just a guy I knew from elsewhere. This guy eventually got on, and while working in my mine, we got to talking. I didn't really care for the guy before then, but I got to learn he is great to talk to and quite hilarious. It's funny how you see someone so often, but through working together even on a game, you develop a bond you couldn't in real life. But this forum is just about me telling you how I play Wurm, or how Wurm has changed my life. I want us as a community, to reach out and grow our server and cross server bond. We are like one very extended family, and I love to see us working together. Also, I wanted to see how others view Wurm's community building skills. Please do reply, I'd love to read what you guys think. A part of your community, Omegaworld
  6. Auctioning the following rare longsword: 88.6 ql [82] Nimbleness [80] Life Transfer [99] Circle of Cunning [84] Mind Stealer Start Bid: 15s Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper: 1 hour Time: The sword has no demise, winner of the auction may choose a demise for free if he/she wishes so. The sword can be picked up at Havilah on Independence at 21x24y (we have a big harbour and are reachable by sea or highways/boatbridges) Or I can deliver on Inde coastal (free delivery) and Deli coastal (50c charge for delivery).
  7. Why doesn't Wurm have a lifetime membership deal? You all could get even more money that way. I know that several people haven't bought premium because they don't want to spend that much every month (this includes me of course) I would pay up to 100 dollars for a lifetime membership, but it would be bad buisness sense to make it cost that much since that's pretty high. You all could make quite a bit more money with it though, and more wurmians would be happier PLEASE MAKE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!
  8. I'm looking to quickly sell the following weapons to lucky people! The prices are as follows: 70's LT for 3s. 80's LT for 4s. 90's LT for 5s. I only COD to the main cluster, or we can arrange pick-up at Muspellsheimr (8x,55y) on Independence for weapons that cannot be mailed (swords, huge axes, halberds). I do accept private purchases.
  9. I'm auctioning off a Huge Axe with 90LT and 53CoC. I believe 90LT is pretty rare, let alone the fact it is casted on a Huge Axe. [02:56:10] A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. You need to temper the huge axe by dipping it in water while it's hot. [02:56:10] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Xa.l.'. [02:56:10] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [90] [02:56:10] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [53] This can be mailed COD to any server. There is NO RESERVE, so if you're lucky and get it for a steal, it's yours! Starting Bid: 2s Current Bid: 16s (Darthryan) Min. Incr: 50c End Date: October 3rd, 8PM GMT Good luck, and happy bidding! On the off-chance someone attempts to bid-snipe, I will add a 30 minute grace period after each bid past the above time. As noted above, the winner will have the Huge Axe mailed via COD unless otherwise requested. I will not travel far from NS.
  10. I'm cleaning inventory on rather decently casted weapons. Life Transfer, and especially Venom, are not the easiest casts to find. Most of these weapons just have either LT or Venom, but a couple have a decent CoC or Nimbleness cast. All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. I will not be accepting buyouts this auction as I feel people should have a fair chance to bid against each other. I do, however, accept private bids and requests on weapons. If you don't see a weapon you were looking for here, don't be afraid to PM me for an inquiry. There are also no reserves, meaning that if nobody outbids your first bid, you get the weapon! Weapon 1: 51LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 2: 56LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 3: 58LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 4: 63LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (AndreC) Weapon 5: 64LT 44C Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Ragnarok) Weapon 6: 65LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 7: 66LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 8: 74LT Longsword Starting Bid: 2s Current Bid: 17s (Skren) Weapon 9: 52V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 10: 56V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 11: 54LT Small Maul Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 10s (Skren) Weapon 12: 71V 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 2.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Weapon 13: 68LT 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Private Bid) Weapon 14: 54LT 57NB 55C Short Sword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Thanks for bidding, and hope you enjoy your new weapon! Remember, All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. On the off-chance someone attempts to bid-snipe, I will add a 30 minute grace period after each bid past the above time. Also, please note that I cannot mail any of the Longswords. I will at my best attempt try to accomdate for this, allowing free pick-up anywhere on the Norhteast coast of Celebration or Southeast Exodus. Everything else will be mailed COD, unless buyer picks up at Northern Sanctuary on Celebration.