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Found 2 results

  1. For those of you who desire to burrow into the earth and never emerge into the cursed surface again, I present you the Lichen Garden. Lichen Garden 10 rock shards, 2 moss OR 2 lichen. Must be underground on a flat rock tile, not inside a building. Works like cultivated land that can only grow one crop. Plant some lichen or moss (moss to get new underground colonists started) like you would crops on the surface. Wait for it to grow then harvest. Lichen: Works just like any other crop (corn, potatoes, ec) for cooking, can go in FSBs. Combine it with fish or meat for tasty dwarf food.
  2. I often wander down my mine and think to myself, gods this place looks stark. To combat this I propose the following. Cavern tiles at water level (or below) have a chance to become moss tiles. Just normal moss, no special properties. If the mine tile is below a moss tile this happens instantly. Rarely (1/200?) a glowing moss tile will form. This moss swiftly stops glowing after harvested (about 5 real time mins) and when crafted is treated as normal moss. Glowing moss spreads a-la normal moss underground. Underground moss tiles seem to be popular for mushrooms, on these tiles white mushrooms can spawn similar to normal mushrooms above ground. These are slightly bulkier than normal mushrooms (maybe double?) and are just a food source. They cannot be farmed, they're just a nice high Q item to find. Rarely a glowing mushroom will spawn on glowing moss. These mushrooms emit a low light glow (about 1/4 that of a lamp of similar quality?) and continue to glow until decayed. They may also be used as a power 5 healing cover ingredient. Lichen will start growing on walls next to moss tiles. This is purely aesthetic. Glowing lichen will grow on walls next to glowing moss. The decay bit. Lichen removes wall fortification when it reaches it. Summing up. 3 new light sources in mines, a tiny food source, a healing cover found only underground, a new way for moss to appear and spread and a way to break fortified walls up.