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Found 12 results

  1. So raising AH is a matter of brushing your animals until they're furless and shiny.... We have the brush, what say ye to adding a hoofpick, sheepskin mitt (should teach those evil sheep their place while at it), and a shedding block (could wogic it and just use the existing whetstone). So Groom (brush), Clean Hooves (pick), preen (mitt), delouse (stone... which is actually to "groom", because a bit more wogic). 4 possible actions per animal instead of 1 = less need to keep so many just to raise AH. 5 actions if you got sheep.
  2. No longer have the ability to level or dig paved tiles, regardless of slope or location. I've tried in several areas, 1 or two tile paved areas. It seems that if the corner you're attempting to dig is connected to paved tile at 3 or all of the 4 points, it gives the error [19:24:37] You cannot dig in such terrain. The dig option does not appear for any paved tile. You must select a grass tile as a workaround currently. Level option does not appear on paved tiles.
  3. Do you have a crooked cave entrance you wish to fix? Is your cave all yagged like the front teeth of a Troll? Do you want to lower the walls of your cave enough to be able to build that beautiful marble castle (with fugly stone paraphets) you've always wanted? Do you have a dangerous drop shaft you keep falling into that you want fixed? Do you have a thousand mine supports to install but cant be arsed to? Do not fear! Reuxor is here! Mining Caves Fixing Cave Entrances Exposing Veins Lowering floors Leveling floors Raising floors (With your cement) Raising ceilings Installing Mine Supports (With your supports) Sealing cave entrances Redirecting cave paths Surface mining Shards disposal Installation of light fixtures Blessing lamps And more! Pricing per job, as low as less than 1i per action, depending on the job! No travel fee for large jobs. Free daily grass enchants for as long as the job lasts. Free estimates!
  4. While leveling with concrete it uses 1 lump per action regardless of size. iow: 186kg concrete lump levels one slope and so does a 3kg one. Fix: 3kg / slope height leveled
  5. 1. Dredge should work same way as shovel- all goes to inventory. 2. Leveling/Flattening options on surface mining(70+ mining skill). 3. Marsh - Don't know why it exist in wurm. We should have more options to destroying it. a)some casts or b)cultivating/planting it 4. Clay tiles should be removable/plantable.(on freedom servers, 70+diging skill or casts) 5. Destroying pavings takes too much time. Clining up places after deeds taking all days. 6. Destroying hedges is too hard. 7. Option for picking up sprouts from hedges. Terraforming should be fun for people with premium account and repairing terrain after someone should be easy.
  6. I've got 10k of dirt for sale, not just any dirt, but dirt dug with blood, sweat, and tears! This dirt can be yours for only 1s/1k! 20c crate exchange if you don't have crates to swap. Free delivery possible, with large orders or local accepted Pick up available at Q12 on Indy.
  7. When I start leveling a tile that needs 12 dirts to be removed, the timer starts from 40s and goes down normally -5s per dirt, until it reaches 'Finishing...' and in that state I remove the remaining 4 dirt. The timer computes correctly in other tiles that need 4 or 8 dirts to be removed (sorry that I haven't tested more extensively). I inquired in CA in-game, and Wraithfoe suggested that it may be because of the WoA (36) cast on my 59ql shovel. However I can remember not too long ago, probably last week or so, that I could accurately compute the amount of dirts I have to remove by starting a leveling action and checking the timer, so it's probably something that broke recently.
  8. As the title says give us the ability to level clay tiles up it is annoying to have clay tiles and have to have ugly 40 slopes going into the sea. I am working on a road project to a friends deed and plan is to make bridges over the clay tiles, but now I can't make a small ramp because it has adjacent clay tiles. so what I suggest is to make it possible to use level to raise clay tiles, make it take the same time as leveling them down.
  9. 1) Begin Packing a tile 2) Queue up a "Level" action on an adjacent tile 3) Packing animation continues during Level action This might be related to the fact that there is no leveling animation. I searched around. Not sure if this is a dupe report. Didn't see anything. edit: Oooh. This isn't consistently reproducible. I just had it not happen. Will continue to investigate.
  10. As the title indicates, a player is unable to level/flatraise marsh tiles. A player is also unable to pave marsh with floorboards while the tile is submerged. This creates a problem for waterfront design, as you can not bring marsh tiles out of the water without dumping vast amounts of dirt. Since both tar and clay tiles can be manipulated via Leveling at 70+ skill (and far more important of a resource, compared to marsh), I assume that the current restriction in place with marsh is an oversight (bug) that needs to be corrected.
  11. I am doing a huge terraforming project and I really don't see how the new changes can help me or speed it up. In my case I'm making a couple areas very high, ~1160 slope over 4 tiles. There is no existing terrain at even 300 of that height yet. So as I understand it, the new leveling option is not going to help me. I still need at minimum to flatraise a 2x2 in order to have somewhere to stand and level from. And even if I used the level option to grow that 2x2 into a NxN, I would need to get the dirt to that spot where I would stand. That's a LOT of unnecessary dirt shifting. So nah. How I have been and will continue to do it is flatraise the 2-tile wide border of the desired area to a height of +40, then drive a loaded cart through the inner area using take / drop keybind to dump 320 dirt over 8 corners (40 each) in less than 90 seconds. This is repeated 7 times to get to 280 and then an 8th run going up only 10 slopes more to 290. So a good 60% - 75% of my final high area is simply dumping dirt. And each dirt is shifted only twice - from where it was dug to the cart, and dropped from the cart. Sooo, if you can use level to add dirt at a rate of 4 per 5 seconds, in 90 seconds you can do 18 level actions, times 4 dirts = 72 measly pathetique dirt. IF you can set up a dirt supply. You can keep that! Lol. Somebody please enlighten me if I'm missing something here. The new level feature does help in certain cases. If you want to add a couple rows to your farm, yes. But not all types of terraforming are affected.
  12. How about adding Level to the tile edges as well so we can level one corner at a time? It would be a pretty good workaround to rock stopping all leveling. There would be no flat tile requirement, so all it would do is take the corner of the tile you're standing on and level the other corner alongside the edge you're leveling by either digging dirt into your inventory, or using dirt from your inventory to raise it. It would be nice in my opinion. Copied from my post here: http://forum.wurmonl...100#entry765431 - The thread was getting too messy.