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Found 1 result

  1. Path Of Love Change

    The current ability for level 11 path of love is: Faster Healing Gained at level 11 Upon reaching level 11 (Saint) you see this message: 'You now heal faster.' Healing ticks will still be 10 minutes, but the amount of damage reduced per tick is larger. Very light wounds will heal completely after the first 10 minutes, light wounds will be reduced by 7 points of damage (instead of 4) per tick. Medium wounds (which normally don't heal at all) will heal by 3 points of damage per tick. I am seeing the interest for a change in that; to make it more practical for PVP, and players who hunt a lot. As of now it isn't really effective for those on a pvp server or practical, unless in some sort of mine hop situation. This is not a 'change this now or i'll leave' thread, it's a thread to bring up an issue many high-level players on the Path of Love have brought up. Also, yes, we all came into the path knowing this was the benefit of this level, but I don't want to see that as an excuse for anyone who -1's, because things can be changed and petitioned. There are a lot of arguments to change this, level 11 is one of the hardest things to do in meditation, and meditation alone is slow as ever, even on epic. Level 11 is 70 skill. There should be a more benificial effect for those who take the time to earn this achievement. Look at the Path of Insanity, you get a HUGE buff with 50% damage reduction. Some might say that 'if you wanted a pvp effect then go to that path stop changing things'. I believe that all views should be taken into effect for each part of the game, for pvp and for freedom, in each skill, and in each ability. Idea 1 My first idea is one I didn't think of myself, credit to another person on the love path; Is that we get the passive healing as that compared to a Troll, healing ticks every 5 minutes instead of 10. Idea 2 This keeps the same general ability as it is now, but it would heal tick any wound, instead of only Medium. Normally most medium wounds (I believe it's 15 damage or so) heal themselves, and of course anything under that. The current ability makes it so that any medium wound would have a heal tick. This would make it so that any wounds from severe to light tick heal. This wouldn't be as game breaking as it sounds. Severe wounds are 30-45 damage and up, meaning it would take already an extraordinary time to fully heal one, but it would mean you're guarenteed to not die from the worsening of wounds. I hope a change comes from this, I don't really see why anyone would disapprove of it, it wouldn't really take away anything from the current ability, and wouldn't be a game breaking change in my opinion.