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Found 5 results

  1. When you send an inscribed papyrus or paper to someone, mailing fee is set to 1 iron. If, for any reason, the receiver doesn't accept it and the letter is returned to you, you have to pay 1 copper to get it back.
  2. I had a news letter in my email this morning on the challenge server that has a few of the reward brackets on it so thought i would share it. Hello (name deleted), Are you one of those who quit Wurm because of grind or slow progress? Maybe you found the game to have potential but wasn't as fun as you had hoped? Well, we have done something about it! On the 10th of December, we release our latest invention: The Challenge Server! The Challenge server is a concept server where we run time limited challenges with high scores and prizes in various categories. The First Challenge "Build The Battlefield" has the following features: Full PvP All skills start at 20 Totally free to play - no premium required! Ultra fast skillgain Ultra fast timers Resource spawns which create strategic points of conflict New War Machines such as Siege Shield, Ballista, Trebuchet, Archery Tower Resets after 30 days After this Challenge has run, we will evaluate how fun it was and make appropriate changes. The whole server is reset but you keep titles and any money you are left with after settlements have been disbanded. Prizes will be handed out in the following categories: Most overall points Most items looted from resource points Most Battle Points Player with most HOTA wins Most Unique player kills Most Karma gained Most Unique Achievements accomplished Most Personal Achievements accomplished Ruler with most land Village with most HOTA wins (Mayor receives prize to share) We are still discussing what the prizes will be but there will be special titles, ingame coins, certain ingame items as well as combinations thereof. The high score lists will be available on our website with history as well. Most importantly we think it will be a month full of fun though! The Map is already available for your planning at http://www.wurmonline.com/images/mail141202/Challenge_WIP01.png Hope to see you in one week - on the 10th! Best regards, Rolf Jansson Server Dev, Wurm Online CEO, Code Club AB
  3. Books: It would be nice if there were books in wurm. A book should either have it's own AI when opened or be managed by chat commands. A new AI would be the best. You can write in books. When done you can give it a title and sign it. When managed by chat you can read it by examining, if by own AI just right click the book and click read. A book could be made by making paper out of wood scraps and leather. You need 3 items. A needle, 1 x leather, 5 x paper. First you use your carving knife on the wood scraps to make wood pulp. This will turn the wood scraps into soaked wood pulp. Then you make a page mold out of a log (with a saw or carving knife). Select the soaked wood pulp and put it in the page mold. This will create paper. Repeat 5 times. Make some leather. Use the needle on the pages. This will make an unfinished book. Add the leather to the unfinished book. Your book is finished. There could also be bookcases that can hold up to 15 books. These should be attached to walls. Books would be nice because you would be able to make a guide or write a story. It would make the game at least a little more fun . Any suggestions? I also found two other threads about books: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/72939-books/ and http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/17199-books-and-their-properties/
  4. Deed

    If i buy a deed from a player for 10s, than ill get the deed letter, right? But can i close the existing deed and found a new one somewhere and do i get the worth of 10s then? so if i create this new one for 3s, is 7s put in the bank? or isnt it possible to close a deed and found a new one with the same deed-letter?
  5. Edit: I guess it has been said by Rolf this is indeed a new reward system i guess we will learn more later. I got this email from one of my accounts the funny part is that it is one of my obscure alts that i don't use that often. I am sure it is fake/scam but if not then we have not been told anything about this new award system. The letter has a bunch of links at the bottom that i have not posted but here is the bulk of it below. If it is from the wurm team can you guys tell us more about this new reward system? If it is indeed fake then let us know that too but for anyone else that might get this i wanted to post it and get it figured out if it is ligit os a scam email.