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Found 5 results

  1. When combining my rare archaeology items, I always wondered - which fragment decides the material type? Does the rare piece, or one of the other combined pieces? Or is it assigned randomly when finishing? I just today found a supreme war arrow head fragment, and so I was looking through my war arrow head fragments for a couple more pieces to combine with it. I came across two legacy iron fragments (some fragments used to be labelled iron before that got fixed). Now if those legacy items were labelled correctly, they should both be made of iron - so I thought I would use those two, to complete the arrow head. I combined the two iron type fragments which made a 2/3 metal type fragment. I then activated the supreme fragment before combining the supreme with the combined 2/3 metal fragment. The resulting war arrow head was supreme, as expected, but was made of silver. If the two iron fragments were labelled correctly as iron, it's fair to expect that they remained iron when combined, even though newly labelled as metal. This means that the final silver material came from either: A The supreme fragment OR B Random and chosen at the time of finishing OR C Legacy fragments labelled iron that were not all iron! OR D The 'iron' fragments changed to a random metal type when combining converted them to 2/3 'metal' type SO! Either the supreme piece was doomed to be non-iron, or the metal type was completely random, or at least one of the legacy 'iron' fragments was mislabelled. Whilst the order of combining (and thus rarity transfer) is within our control (activate the rare+), the deciding factor in determining the metal type is still not known. Q Has anyone any experience of combining a metal fragment with iron fragments one at a time (so they are still labelled as 'iron' when combining with the first)? Q What do you think determines the metal type? Please add your experiences of combining fragments!
  2. Found some pics around the forums on older (but still damn cool) statues I would love to be able to make even though they are lower ql than the ones we currently have, always nice with extra!
  3. As I understand this is a pretty unique / rare item. The only info I could find on forums was an auction with a 50s sale price. I'm starting this one a bit cheaper This is a 0.10 KG Large Anvil, much lighter than the standard anvil. This anvil is 97.69QL and has 80 Woa enchanted onto it. Made of Iron, CAN be improved. Does NOT Fit in BoK. Auction Rules: 3 Day Auction (Timer Below) No private Bids (Private Buyouts accepted) No Reserve Minimum Increments: 1s Starting Bid: 30s Edited Bids may be ignored at my discretion (basically if you are outbid, make a new post with your bid rather than editing so it is easier to follow the high bid) Snipe Protection: 30 Minutes (High bid must stand for 30 minutes without being beaten before auction officially ends unless the last bid was at least 30 minutes before auction end). I'll also accept the following items on trade or included as part of your bid / buyout. To keep things fair and simpler, the rates are below. Exchange Rates: 1 Euro = 1 Silver 1 Sleep Powder = 0.90 Silver Raw Scale = 0.50 silver / .01kg 97ql + Veggies = 0.80 Silver / 1k Favor (Chopped Veggies / Cordage) = 0.25 Silver / 1k Black Legion Banners = 2s Each Black Legion Tall Banners = 2s Each Black Legion Wagon = 20s If you have any questions feel free to post or PM me P.S. Not sure why the timer isn't showing xD
  4. Starting bid 10s
  5. 80ql Seryll Lump 1kg Start bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: 5s Pickup at Kaivas Home or Kaivas Harbor or Mad Hill or Mad Mountain on Exodus (around x4y18) CoD mailing available (CoD costs are for the buyer).