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Found 4 results

  1. What do you look for in Wurm? CAPSALOT Emirates is a coalition of some of the largest deeds on Chaos serving both Crafters & Fighters. Our group contains some of the oldest and newest players to the Wurm community! Features - Large Deeds Like to live in a urban environment, or live outside in a homestead like environment? The CAPSALOT Emirates got you covered with both CAPSALOT Harbor & CAPSALOT. Both deeds offer safety and security,the luxuries of all types of resources and coastal locations. - Crafters & Fighters United Our villages are the perfect balance of both crafters & fighters living in harmony. There is no requirement to PVP, or Craft. - Willing teachers Many in the village are willing to help teach you the ropes, and basic pvp meta - Fearless Villagers Do you want to join a group that charges headfirst into battle? You came to the right place. - Outside Of Wurm We don't just play Wurm, we also play other video games that span into RTS's, FPS's, Etc. Contact Info: Mayor: Cubeman People who are not mayor but can do mayor like things: Cndo Rolandt Blodeuwedd Zehive Warning: Village is known to harbor some of Wurm Online's "deplorables" these people while loyal to their own, are known to be brash and very straightforward. You have been warned.
  2. Both SQL and JSON are used in WurmUnlimited, for those wanting to learn how to work with them a good resource is as they are free, and teach both of those along with many other programming aspects, mostly web oriented. Just be aware that WurmUnlimited for the most part uses Java, NOT JavaScript (except the aforementioned JSON of course) which is a completely different thing. Of the 2 they only teach JavaScript there so while it may be interesting it won't help you do too much modding here.
  3. Literacy Idea- Literacy skill that allows you to write books for others to learn a skill Because 50 skill earns a title, that means the player had experience, not only read a book, so max possible skill gain from a book would be 40 skill. Writer’s skill in Literacy and the topic he writes about determines the maximum a reader can learn from it by the following formula: (Literacy+TopicSkill)/5 if and only if TopicSkill >= 70. Which means you can’t write a book about blacksmithing if your skill in it is 69. EX: 50 Literacy skill and 80 weaponsmithing → (50+80)/5 = 26. Writing speed would be determined by quality of the reed pen. Ql of the book would not matter (Book is made by 1 leather and 50 sheets). Writing only begins when the blank book is made. Takes 50 actions in order to finish completing a book, each taking about 5 minutes if the person is 0 in Literacy skill and 1ql pen (to give an idea of how difficult). With really high Woa +ql pens, and Literacy around 90+, people should be able to finish a page within 60 seconds Usage of the books would be a buff that increases the skill continuously. The increments would be lower the closer you make it to 40 (not the closer to the max of the book can possibly get, the book only limits how far it can go, not the speed of learning). This buff would be canceled if ANY action would take place. teleporting onto a crate or sitting on a chair should interrupt this. The book’s ql should also decay over the time is it read (not for logical reasons, only wogical. Keeping things non-op-ish) until the max use out of it is destroyed. How to grind Literacy? Another option to gain skill rather than writing terrible books to learn from is to write yourself. To prevent people from making books titled (asdf) and topics related to “ajsdon fgpaewufnasdpfnapsgdjap ksdanf” it can instead be a prompt that you must rewrite. Skill would be gained every time you finish a prompt and it would take the use of 1 page from a book. This, imo, would actually be one of the only skills that would depend on a skill the actual player has.. Typing speed :D. For fun purposes it could be Wurm lore, or fun little folk tales (wurm related) made by players submitted in forums. Just make sure we can’t copy and paste the prompt and any errors would be a slight penalty to our skill. Ex: starting off maybe .8 increase in literacy would occur if all the text is correct, but if you got 50% of the letters wrong trying to rush the grind then only .4 skill gain would be rewarded. Why would this Benefit wurm? The best part about wurm isn’t how you do this, its the result of it. Grinding blacksmithing isn’t fun, but getting the tools and using those tools to help out in the wurm universe is much more fun. This basically gives a boost to the people who are new and gives a nice jump start. They can venture along the roads that they live nearby as they read and not have to worry too much, or read a book while they go out for dinner. Note: If books are made too quickly, then have a cooldown for how many books made in a week. The only benefit in terms of speed would be less time spent making a(or several) book(s) each week Sorry if this is messy and out of order
  4. My name is RockTango, I have not played this game in a long time and actually forgot a good amount of mechanics. I am trying to decicate myself back into this game and I still have alot to learn. I am used to merely do mining, collecting the corpses to sell and lastly making small supplies. I hope I can join somewhere, I am always trying to help out, no matter the cost.