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Found 43 results

  1. [17:33:55] A brass rune of Libila has been attached, so it will have an okay glow and gather resources at a higher quality level (5%) [17:33:55] A seryll rune of Jackal has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) and reduce the quality change when repairing damage (5%) Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  2. Hello! I would like to sell these metal lumps: 20c for rares and 60c for supremes. Thank you and have a nice day!
  3. Bulk prices on lumps are also available. Iron, Zinc,Copper and Lead available, prices as follows: Starting lumps (around 60ql) - 1s per 1l 90ql lumps - 1c per lump 95ql lumps - 1.5c per lump 97ql lumps - 2c per lump Buy 500 or more lumps of imp lump and get 10% off. Pickup at M8 Deli (Magrathea Inc). And of course i make lanterns, what would the world be without lanterns ! 91ql - 1s 95ql - 4s
  4. We provide metal and stone to the Southern Isles. We can provide high ql material for your needs, your order can be ready for pickup/cod quickly as i keep it stocked in general. Lumps, 64kg incl cod 91ql - 64c 95ql - 1s 98ql - 1s20c Iron, Zinc, Copper and Lead Imping Iron, Zinc, Copper items 91ql - 1s 93ql - 2s 95ql - 4s Large items above 4kg add 30% to the price. Stone items Only sold when in stock. Stone bricks Currently none in stock, Collossus Bricks 50-ish ql - 2s/1k (8k in stock) 85 ql - 4s/1k (2k in stock) Stone slabs 1s/300 (3300 in stock) Sandstone slabs 1s/100 (1200 in stock) Sandstone bricks None at stock for the moment. Rounded stone bricks None at stock for the moment. Pickup at M8 Magrathea Inc, delivarance !! Guard tower kits (3 in stock) Kit with all you need to build a guard tower 500 - 90ql bricks 500 - 90ql clay 100 - 90ql planks Will be packed up in crates or bsb. Pickup at M8 Magrathea Inc, Deliverance Price: 4s
  5. Selling Several BSB's of iron lumps BSB's included. Pick Up is Xanadu B20 (10 min from the server border, below a small piece of desert) Will Deliver to most coastal areas (not Chaos, not central Xanadu) for 1s. Minimum increments 1s Snipe Protection: 30 min All Iron lots are full BSBs (16K) Lot 1 Iron 85ql Current Bid 8s (bobhope) Buyout 20s Lot 2 Iron 81ql Current Bid 8s (Simju) Buyout 20s Lot 3 Iron 75ql Current Bid 7s (fencejumper) Buyout 18s Lot 4 Iron 64ql Current Bid 7s (Simju) Buyout 16s Lot 5 Iron 42ql Current Bid 7s (NcR) Buyout 14s Lot 6 Iron 34ql Current Bid 6s (garifus) Buyout 14s Lot 7 Copper 72.30ql x 10k lumps Current Bid 8s (fencejumper) Buyout 15s Lot 8 Lead 80ql x 10k lumps Current Bid 7s (Sidereal) Buyout 15s
  6. This is a nice maul that archaeology gave me. It's small, lead and shiny! 90.50ql and ready for all your bashing needs! [17:22:48] A smooth heavy clump of metal on a shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [17:22:48] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Olafhairybreeks'. [17:22:48] A adamantine rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the time an enchant holds its power on the item (5%) and increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) Starting bid - 2s Minimum increment - 50c Sniper protection - 1 hour
  7. WTA Supreme Axe, Lead 91.59 Ql for extra slashy powa Medium Axe (One-Hander), can be coupled with a shield of your choice! Lead weapons inflict poison damage! (Owwie) [11:45:05] A medium sized battle axe with a wooden shaft. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. You need to temper the axe by dipping it in water while it's hot. Start Bid: 12s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: None Don't shoot the auctioneer* Bids and Bumps only ! Thanks much x
  8. I've made ten lead lunchboxes instead of tin ones. Is this intended -- perhaps as part of the "any metal" feature? Or is it a bug? The only way I can figure it happened is that I activated the lead sheet when combining it with the tin sheet at the start. Since I had to add more tin sheets after, it isn't following the "last-main-material-type-added" paradigm. Edit: I've now tested with both the tin sheet and the lead sheet activated at creation; the result in both cases is an unfinished lead lunchbox. I also tried to use an iron sheet to combine with either a tin sheet or a lead sheet (to test whether this was a function of "any metal"); neither combination yields the menu option to create a lunchbox.
  9. Lead Pipe: Lead sheet + Lead sheet. Improves like blacksmithing items. Water Source: Any container that is placed on a spring tile that fills up. Fountains and wells. Water Receiver: large containers not on a spring tile. Fountains, wells, large tubs, huge oil barrels, possibly others. Creating Sources and Receivers: Use a lead pipe on a well or fountain on a spring tile to turn it into a water source. Once done it cannot be moved, but it can be rotated. Use a lead pip on a fountain, well, large tub or huge oil barrel to turn it into a water receiver. Once done it cannot be moved, but it can be rotated. Connecting Sources and Receivers. Use a lead pipe on a water receiver to get a list of all water sources in range you have permissions for along with the amount of lead pipes needed to connect them. Once connected keep adding pipe until the connection is completed. Each water receiver can be connected to a single source, but each source can be connected to many receivers. Distributing water When examined the water source will list all the water receivers connected to it in the order they were connected. The water source simply goes down this list in order at a set rate, maybe one attempt per minute, and attempts to push 1 liter (or fraction available) of water into the receiver. If the receiver is full this fails, same as if a player had tried to add more liquid to an already full container. Amount of lead pipe needed simple equal to X+Y distance from source to receiver in tiles. All pipe is lost when the connection is broken. Permissions would be tied to plant/secure. Connections and status as a source or receiver broken using a crowbar.
  10. Grand Peninsula Xanadu R8 Start bid: 5s Min inc: 0.5s 1h sniper protection Great coastal access mining deed with a good selection of veins in high concentration: Iron, Lead, Tin, Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc, Slate. Also Marble is nearby, and a marble bridge to cross the valley to easily access the mountain face beyond. Other images:
  11. Bison permissions are incorrect. In the animal permissions dialog, there is a Can Ride tick box instead of a Can Lead tick box. When I selected this box for a young male bison I get this: [18:27:25] You Changed Name, Added Allies(+Can Ride, +Manage Equipment), Citizens(+Can Ride, +Manage Equipment) So far I haven't managed to ride it.
  12. Ever since the new update, tamed animals are going mad when I try to lead them. They keep running off, while I'm still leading them. I've had two turn around, run in the opposite direction to where I was leading them, run at least 10 tiles, through multiple locked gates and into pens with other aggressive creatures. They've gotten injuries before I've managed to get them out; I'm just lucky nothing has gotten killed yet. I have to keep checking behind me, and if they randomly run off, I need to chase them down, and sometimes they'll start following me again, or sometimes I need to click stop leading and re-lead them. But then I have to get them into a pen quickly because it only takes a few seconds for them to run off again. It's fine having tamed animals just standing there, or leading non-tamed animals. Please can we fix this? I breed a lot of aggressive animals, and I need to be able to get the offspring out of the pens quickly and safely or they all end up getting diseased.
  13. Lead

    Really could use about 20kg of lead so I can make larders before the winter starts, anyone near whitefay have some they can spare or know of a public mine with a vein?
  14. Welcome to !Gib's Mining Service! I offer you nice and effecient service! Prices are listed below... Ore name: 50ql /100 shards / lumps 60ql / 100 shards / lumps 70ql /100 shards / lumps 80ql /100 shards / lumps STOCK in shards / lumps Rock 20c 25c 35c 50c 10k+ Slate 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Marble 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Iron 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Copper 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Tin 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Zinc 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Lead 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Silver 20c 30c 35c 50c NO Gold 20c 30c 35c 50c NO Please note that all sorts can be bought at a lower ql (Random ql) for 10c /100 or 1s/1000! And so can private mining service aswell, you call, I mine! Delivery can be arranged as following... I'm traveling alot between Release and Independence - and can therefore make free delivery to the southen part of Independence (P-coord to V-coord) and the northen part of Release (A-coord to G-coord). Other servers + the northen part of Independence + the southen part of Release delivery fee will be 2s. Pick-Up... ALWAYS FREE (I'm located at D21 /Release) Payment, which is my favorite part... I accept paypal - !(1s = 1 euro)! I'm always up for a good trade, so don't hesitate to ask! STATUS - ONLINE ORDERS - Available CONTACT / How to place your order... Please feel free to leave a comment with your order below, or PM me in-game. Main Charecter - Giblet Alt - Gibletalt Please have some patiance. I'm rebuilding my deed and I DO have a real life... (Believe it or not ) Best Regards. - Giblet, Skyfall
  15. [16:24:30] A long and slender sword. It could be improved with a lump. This is a special item (obtained as a prize in a treasure hunt). It cannot be crafted by players. Starting bid: 1s Min increase: 20c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  16. Can anyone let ,me know what regions have lead... trying to make an anchor and have exhausted my serach in my area and have heard that lead is regional... so what region has lead??? Thanks a bunch... />salamon
  17. Now that we cannot embark to automatically stop leading animals, how about this: Right-clicking a rope or halter-rope will list all animals being led by it. You can then select to stop leading one or all of them.
  18. we have all these metals ingame with very limited uses, some more useless than others... would it be so difficult to make these metals usable for tool making ? examples: you can make a steel pick, shovel, carving knife, scythe but not: sickle, hammer, stone chisel ect. why not just make all tools able to be made from any metal? no bonuses necessary from other metal type tools, just the ability to make these metals able to be used... personally i have TONS of lead of all qualities but very limited iron, if i choose to make tools from lead they would have same graphic but instead be called "hammer, lead" or "hammer, tin" and imp with their creation metal... even metals with an already wide variety of uses could be unlocked to make tools with thus increasing the personalization of your toolset by creating them from brass, or copper or even silver or gold? this would allow for more personalized tools with no bonuses (except steel's already -20% dmg bonus) and allow more uses for metals with minimal current useage? this would not be very difficult to implement since there is no new metals, or new tools being added. what do you think?
  19. Is it possible to add an option to the Halter Rope to stop leading all?
  20. [12:02:25] A hammer with a metal head and wooden shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. This is a rather unique item (obtained as a prize in a treasure hunt). It cannot be crafted by players, and it weighs less than a normal iron hammer. Starting bid: 1s Min increase: 20c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  21. Would be nice to see new life put into the Rafts again made useful as/through Animal Barges. How many times have you seen a herd of animals or some Champion type that you are able to lead, tame, or subdue, but guess were out boating and now the journey back can only be done through water. Have the Barge load up 1 animal initial and 1 extra per 10ql , mooring rope-it to your Sailboat or better(maybe limit size of ship to quantity of barges towed or total max creatures) and load that puppy up and be on your way. Even leave your ship with the barge still connected to your ship while you take a pits stop or picnic. Main idea is to have a means to get special animal (even unicorn or champs) and be able to bring them back more easily to a distant area or even the isolated Isle. Nothing special, just a means to ship creatures, (as crates are easier-access-relocatable/portable bsb's). Plus you can load the "barges" inside your ship as a raft would be. Just an idea.
  22. Hi, can we add the ability to right-click "sell" to a merchant while mounted? Currently when I try to sell while mounted I get. [15:54:46] You need to be on solid ground to do that. [15:54:51] You leave the old fat Dancehop. [15:54:56] You receive 11 irons. Your bank account will be updated shortly. Is there currently a reason why we cannot sell while mounted?
  23. New Item : Lead Weight (0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1) Requires : Equal mass of lead, small anvil. Weight is chosen on creation Skill : Jewellery Smithing Notes : See Brass Scales New Item : Brass Scales Requires : Brass Lump (2kg), small anvil Skill : Jewellery Smithing Notes : Double clicking a weight then right clicking scales gives the option to add the weight to the scales, right clicking a scale offers an option to remove all weights.. Scales can hold QL/10 weights each and the mass of the weights is added to that of the scales (2kg). When scales are double clicked they can be used to "separate" some mass from an object based on the weights in them. For example a set of scales with 2 1kg weights and a 0.1kg weight would, if used on a 5kg pile of flour split it into a 2.1kg and 2,9kg pile. New Item : Measuring Cup (0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1) Requires : Steel Lump (0.25kg), small anvil Skill : Jewellery Smithing Notes : Simply containers (weighing 0.25kg each) with the noted capacity. These would just be a nice item for really precision based crafting. A nice addition that uses alloys and a less useful metal.
  24. Hey residents of Xanadu, I just recently made a thread like this on the Inde forum section and figured Xanadu might benefit from the same idea. This is a copy-paste format from the other thread, but the guidelines hold up the same. If I might add one more note or disclaimer: I am not very skilled in the art of coding, and as such making a nice map such as the community map for Xanadu will not be within my grasp. Try not to curse my name too much if I make a simple map based on the information I gather from you all, as I will do my very best to make it simple and easy to read or understand. If there is anyone out there who is much more skilled than myself and would enjoy helping with such a project I'd welcome it with open arms!
  25. I'm sure at one point or another we've all had those frustrating moments trying to find a specific ore or rock type when mining. Sometimes there are public mines nearby with the resources you need, and sometimes there aren't. Sometimes there are people online who can point you in the right direction, and sometimes there aren't. This thread is designed to gather information from players to create a public mining resource map. If you live near a public mine, have created a public mine, or know of the whereabouts of a public mine, please do share that info here. Just like with the community map I ask that you try to pinpoint the location of the public mine and display it as if you were adding a deed to the registry. Along with that info please share what ore types and rock types there are. The resources available are: Iron Copper Silver Gold Lead Zinc Tin Marble Slate Also, and this is just extra, notify if this mine is mostly submerged or above water level. Do NOT share any info regarding private mines. ONLY share info pertaining to public access mines. Hopefully we'll get some good info coming in and I'll be able to make a map fairly soon. Thank you!