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Found 27 results

  1. *for 90QL+ steel large anvils improve cost will be double more Pm Meldor with your order or leave post here. Did you bought tool from me and it already lost BoTD power? Or maybe you just want improve enchant? I will cast it for half-price! For blacksmith service please contact Winslash. For jewelry smithing service please contact Smart. Also you can rename the item with your name and the QL desired and mail it to Winslash or Smart. Thanks! Cost of improve will be [price for result QL] - [price for current QL]. For example, improve iron shovel 70ql to 90ql will be 2s - 30c = 1.7s Horse shoes Price per set of shoes (4 same shoes).
  2. Right now, the meditation ability Erupt/Freeze only works on tiles in your kingdom, and not in a non-Magranon domain. Why?? The kingdom restriction should be sufficient for PvP purposes, and on PvE, restricting a meditation ability based on religion is pointless and frustrating. Right now, I have a Fo character I'll be priesting who is on Path of Power, so using Erupt/Freeze on anything is a total pain since she can't actually use it in Fo's domain. Is there a reason for the religious restriction on this? I certainly don't see one, or a downside to removing it.
  3. So lava tiles don't actually change the temperature of an item, mainly just deals damage. I recommend that lava heat up items akin to forges and other fire containers, hence being able to use lava as a fire container by placing stuff on that tile.
  4. Hey! Bugfix: Erupt can no longer be cast near mine entrances I have my lava spot 3 tiles away from mine entrance. I try to recast it, press "Erupt", waiting 40 seconds of cast and getting message then: [14:24:37] There is a mine entrance too close by. This message must appear before the cast, it isnt? How far from mine entrance I can cast lava now?
  5. Will add +3 so the winner will be able to finish 😃 Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  6. Hello everyone and welcome to sSmokes' Steelworks! I can currently imp armor up to 80+QL (85QL Coming soon!) All armor that is sold and improved are done so past their QL to the next time a resource is needed to imp. (i'll imp past the desired QL until it needs another lump to imp). This results in armor that has a range of QL, often several points over the desired QL. All helm types are available. When ordering a set please advise which Helm type you would like: Full Helm, Basinet Helm, or Open Helm I only deal with STEEL in regards to armor. If you require other metals or chain, please visit Xerxzies Shop. Number of items I've turned rare by imping: 1 Rare Glove, 1 Supreme Legs! ***NEW***Archeology/Restoration! ***NEW***Meditation, Rune attaching, and Priestly things: Armor imps using your metals (including moonmetals) METALURGY SERVICES OFFERED! Currently in Stock: 80+QL Steel Platemail Set x3 90QL Steel Platemail set x1 70+QL Steel Platemail set (x1) Currently in progress:80+QL Steel Platemail sets PRICES!!! Bulk Steel sales: New Carpentry and Fine carpentry items! All prices above do not include shipping. All armor sets are sold and shipped inside of a backpack. You can either post in this thread, PM me on the forums, or in game: (NFI: Ssmokes) Thank you for your business! ~sSmokes
  7. The adolescent lurking lava spider, shows the age when alive, but the corpse (2 adolescent corpses shown below) does not show the age (the aged one does).
  8. I recently purchased a new deed on an island that was made by wand of the seas. I have now made two attempts to discard a sandstone vein that is blocking me from creating a mine entrance by having the tile erupted. Neither time has discarded the sandstone (melted? idk) My first attempt was followed by a ticket, the Cm that responded was wonderful, their advice was to try a second time. If there was no change, it was suggested to post here... Here I am So can anyone offer some insight.. The first Lava cast was frozen but took upwards of 12 hours to cool down. The second Lava was frozen and cooled faster but the sandstone vein remains intact.
  9. Erupting a rock tile can raise a corner of that tile a bit, which is intentional. However, if that eruption causes one corner of a mine entrance slope to rise, this causes the entrance to NOT be level as it normally is, and the tile inside the mine does not adjust itself to compensate. This leads to a discontinuity in the terrain across the transition between inside and outside. Outside: Inside: Note that inside the cave, the entry is still level, but outside the cave, the entry is 4 dirts higher on the corner affected by lava. As a result, I need to turn climb on to get out of the cave, and can see through bits of the terrain since it doesn't match up. Not sure what ideal behavior would be here. Maybe it should do a sanity check to not raise the corner if it's at a cave entrance, since those are never supposed to be non-level? By fixing this bug, Rolf "Lonestar" Persson and KodeKlubFree International Ltd. hereby agree to remove the Magranon domain restriction on the Erupt/Freeze Path of Power meditation ability, as it serves no purpose but to make me openly weep into my full-size anime body pillow at night, and curse the stars every time I want to get rid of a problematic ore vein or off-deed reinforcement.
  10. I recently got a copy of Wurm unlimited, and one of the first things I tried was changing a tile to lava. I think lava as displayed on the wiki is beautiful and I want to make some designs with it. The lava I got wasn't the same one displayed on the wiki. The one I got was hideous and freaky. These are the two lava types I've seen: The one I want is the picture with the lava spiders in it. Is it supposed to look like the other picture, or is there something wrong with my graphics? Has it changed, or possibly it's different from WU to WO? Is there any way I can fix this?
  11. Lava bug

    Hello, we bit played with lava in our token pit, but looks lava somehow go down behind building walls, can see in pics. Now building walls have different heights, 4 and 8 slope: Edit: If GM or devs need more info where it is PM me in forum or game.
  12. In CA help some folks were just talking about WU code and how it seemed to indicate erupt will no longer occur on a reinforced tile resulting in the "nothing occurs" message. This seems like a pretty major change. Did this just go in with the update? For one thing I have a PvE priest whose sole reason for choosing path of power was to remove off-deed reinforcements if necessary. Is this something we want to get rid of leaving deeding the only method of removing reinforcements?
  13. Uses for lava, heating a oven or a forge. Gems on the ground after the lave goes away.
  14. Problem: Using the Path of Power ability: Erupt on an exposed rock tile above a Sandstone vein gives the following message: [20:09:47] Nothing happens. Indeed, nothing happens, the ability does not go on cooldown and no further error message is given. Expected Behaviour: The tile above and the wall below should turn into lava with the following message: [20:13:08] The rock starts to bubble with lava. This is how it works for other veins and even reinforced cave walls. If melting sandstone is not intended, an error message should be given out.
  15. i'm looking to buy a mag priest, preferably beginner account, but might consider higher level stone-wall caster desire mag for lava eventually is a goal
  16. For those not familiar its possible to use a leftover console command from old gfx issues to mark tiles for various reasons: Yes, the lava flag! Now just in case this current functionality is considered buggy and squashing has been on the ToDo list (paranoid? hah! you wish... I still want mine doors inside writs back)... a possible replacement with perhaps limitations or rather enhancements? Personally the usage is fine as is; though, curious to see what others have in mind.
  17. Situation: Parked my wagon such that one of the bison was standing on lava, through a cave entrance. Expected behavior: Bison makes a bunch of noise as it gets damaged, sort of like it would in combat, so I could go over and move it before it dies. Actual behavior: Bison remains pleasantly silent until death, so I had no idea until it was too late and the bison was dead. Suggested fix: Make creatures make their "hurt" sound effect when injured by lava and other environmental shenanigans. May apply to things like drowning as well. Current workaround: idk free barbecue I guess
  18. I recently got very frustrated trying to open a tunnel which just wouldn't work. Turns out an old lava tile, which I had frozen from the surface and then forgot about it, was getting in the way. The situation underground was like this, where the dark grey squares are cave entrances from south to north: [18:20:22] <Logi> report it So here we go, what I thought was a feature but may actually be a bug: - Freezing a lava tile from the surface doesn't remove the lava wall from under the ground - Instead, you need to freeze a second time from underground - This makes it hard to remove a lava wall when the terrain tile is very close to water surface or underwater. Another thing is, when you use erupt, the North-West corner of the tile is raised by 4 slope. This is great and very useful to terraform, but: - When erupting, the tile corner is raised even if it is part of a house or cave entrance. - In the image below, erupting the lava tile would make the entrance of the left dark square non-flat. - The inside cave floor is not raised but instead remains flat, resulting in a small visible gap between cave floor and ground floor. - Non-flat cave entrances remain after the lava is gone and you can use them normally. The final thing is what really made me crazy. I am not sure if it is a bug or not but I want to report it anyway: - When trying to mine a tunnel adjacent to an underground lava wall you will get a not really indicative mine warning that stops the action: -- The ground sounds strangely hollow and brittle. You have to abandon the mining operation. - When trying to open a cave from the underground adjacent to a lava wall you will get another warning stopping you: -- The cave walls look very unstable. You cannot keep mining here. - This was not tested further, but both tiles on the above image were unable to be tunnelled. Many thanks to GMs Smejack, Ladywoe and Logi for the time they put in solving this!
  19. Obsidian, can be used in bladed weapons Mag Spell: Harden Obsidian, to make it hold an edge longer Blades are created using stone cutting. Attach to handles with WS skill. Blades cause additional bleeding damage. Where does it come from? Volcanic events, such as mini volcanoes or random lava tile spawns. The general area within a small radius of the event can have a small percent chance of turning plain rock tiles to obsidian. Typical 50+/- mining actions to clear the tile. Because obsidian it quite tricky to work with, only a single blade of any size can be made from an obsidian shard. Shard QL is dependent on mining skill. ... oh, lets spawn more kyklops while we are at it
  20. Ok, this is going to be complicated to explain but it is a somewhat game breaking bug and would be worth while to fix. In a recent event where I Lava'd a cliff tile, froze it again to turn it into rock to make a mine entrance the actual cave tile underneath it turned into a lava tile which had to be froze again to get rid of. Now, the actual lava tile underground had no effects of being lava, it didn't hurt nor have I seen it spread underground, so why does it exist? o.O All I could see myself doing now was making a ridiculous safe mine where on top of having reinforced tiles I could also have lava tiles so that if an enemy raids they would have to bring someone on Path of Power to get in. OP right? I am yet to do some further science on it, to check if when it does spread the tile it spreads onto turns into lava underneath as well? And If you cant erupt a lava tile underground how come you can freeze one?
  21. My idea in this post is simply to allow for different elemental types on monsters, we can have lava spiders, but why not frost trolls, or maybe a scorching bear, maybe a flood Scorpius? I haven't thought of a catchy name for any existing creatures in game to have with rock but that should still be a possibility.
  22. So i recently hit path of power lvl 7. And wanted to test lava spawning.. only to find out that it requires a magranon altar. This got me very disappointed, as this basically restricts HOTS from using that meditation power as we cant build magranon altars. I'm guessing this was done to limit where you could place lava, but whoever made this restriction maybe unintendedly forgot that BL also needs to be able to use meditation (e.g. dont link meditation to religion please.. 2 different mechanics) My suggestion to fix this.. if theres a purpose for this being linked to altars.. please allow it inside libilas domain aswell.. Or to completely free this from religion, allow it to be used inside your own kingdom influence maybe?
  23. Here's one of my ongoing projects. It's a rock spike which I'm using lava to make slowly and steadily higher. Today I added another 4 height which pushed it to 403 slopes! If you want to see pics of how it used to look, check this archived post. If I'm ever satisfied with the height I'll transform all 4 sides to lava and call it done, but until then I'm keeping it mostly rock to prevent flowing.
  24. I have encountered a video the other day about the work in progress for the water sprite/fountain effect, which looks good. Can it be possible to make the same thing with lava, making some effect, swirling lava, with also some light effects. I'm a lava lover and at this time the lava isn't very impressive, a patch of orange/yellow/dark stuff very visible in daylight, but at night its another tile like any other.
  25. Way back when I found out Power meditators could make lava, I had this idea. Two months ago I began working on this project and here it is. It was an absolutely insane amount of surface mining! I might expand the area a bit as a shrine to Magranon. Not sure. Anyway I think this might be a pretty rare sight so thought I'd share / brag a little! The area is more open now and I've added some red lamps for night time because lava doesn't glow very well on its own. One of the tiles flowed onto the base, I froze it but what sucks is every time you Erupt or Freeze the slopes can change a little. I've now also verified that erupting a tile raises the northwest corner (that magic corner on which all 'tiles' are based) by 4-6 slopes. Freezing it doesn't change the slopes.