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Found 16 results

  1. DRAGON'S MARKET Welcome to the Dragon's Market, we are located on Harmony at I-13. Prices may vary according to market and demand. Delivery on request for a small fee, there could be delay due to high demand. Cruise Liner All ships are custom made to your choice of wood including any archaeology wood. Free ship improvement to 50ql! Rowing Boat 2s Ready within 5 hours Small Sailing Boat 5s Ready within 7 hours Corbita 25s Ready within 2 days Cog 30s Ready within 3 days Knarr 40s Ready stock available Caravel 75s Ready within 4 days Don't like empty ships? Noone does! Get your ship ready to sail with crates, cages & wagon! Prices negotiable for bulk order with ship. Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Creature Cage 80c Wagon 4s Redefined Woodworks If it's wood, you name it and we'll make it! Bulk Utilities Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Floor Boards (100 pcs) 4s Large Planter 30c Support Beams (100 pcs) 7s Specified Containers Larder 1s Wardrobe 1s Animal Housing Bee Hive (50 ql) 1s Chicken Coop (50ql) 2s Custom furniture order also available! Exotic Home Décor Decorate you house with the most exotic decoration of the Wurm world Alchemist's Cupboard 1s Tapestry (Any) 50c Turret (Any) 1s Canopy Bed 2s Axe Display 50c Sword Display 50c Little Paradise Create your little paradise! Lumber Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Fruit Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Bush Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Oak/Willow Sprouts 5c Single Sprouts (100 pcs) 2.5s Mixed Flowers (100 pcs) 2s Post you orders or PM Wrumdragon, Froststorm or Libelle ingame.
  2. Newer larders with newly stocked snow in icebox are not holding back snowball decay properly. Older larders, however, work properly. Issue is being experienced by some but not all and is only with newer larders it seems. Please fix
  3. Bank Holiday Weekend 20% Sale on all items bought between 3rd - 7th May! Selling the below rare/enchanted tools and weapons for a reasonable price, all COD except for the Larder which must be picked up from Summerholt (Xanadu). All prices are negotiable, see below: Please post a reply here if I am not online, I will mail as soon as I log in. Items in red are sold. Rares (see enchants above): Rope Tool = 6s Grindstone = 3s Spindle = 4s Fruit Press = 4s Plate = 1s Larder = 6s (pickup only) Tools: Rope Tool QL 51, BOTD 79 = 1s Rope Tool QL 28, COC 88 = 80c Carving Knife QL 68, WOA 77, COC 84 = 1.5s Needle QL 16, COC 75 = 80c Grooming Brush QL 71, BOTD 90 = 1.5s Awl QL 66, COC 74 = 50c Shovel QL 18, COC 82 = 80c Rake QL 21, COC 80 = 80c Weapons: Large Maul 35QL, Frostbrand 42 = 20c Large Maul 64QL, Nimbleness 72, Rotting Touch 69 = 50c Short Sword 90QL, Nimbleness 74, Life Transfer 97, COC 94, Mind Stealer 74 = 6s - Now 90QL! Small Axe 90QL, Nimbleness 101, Life Transfer 79, COC 71, Mind Stealer 87 = 4s - Now 90QL! Large Shield 90QL, BOTD 100 = 4s - Now 90QL! Basinet Helm 66QL, Aura of Shared Pain 83 = 40c Other: Saddle 70QL, WOA96 = 2.5s Also selling 7 sleep powders, 1s each (pickup only from Summerholt)!
  4. As the title says, I am Selling a Rare Cedarwood Larder, QL 50 Pickup from Summerholt - Xanadu Starting bid 8s Buyout at 20s if you catch me online. I will be on vacation until Friday 20th, highest bid on Friday 20th will be the winner. Happy bidding! - Vaelir
  5. I tried to reproduce this bug but I was unable to figure out how it happened. I taste and eat from my larder all the time. This time I opened it like normal, tried to taste some foods there, and nothing happened. Thought it was lag, so I tried examining something to see if the server was responding. It was responding normally. Tried to taste several meals again, with no indication of anything in the event window. I pulled one meal out into my inventory and tried to taste it there, but nothing happened. I checked to make sure I wasn't scrolled up in the Event tab but it was not the case. I tried eating the meal in my inventory and that worked. Then I tried tasting it. Suddenly it was fixed. At that point I could also correctly taste all the meals in the larder. Eating from one food seemed to have fixed the issue with them all. It's not much to work with, but it's the only bug I have experienced in a long time, so here is my report.
  6. Rare larder

    [07:55:45] A cool area for storing food. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Ql: 23.538, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 5s // Min Increase: 50c // Reserve: None // Buyout: 12s // Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Pick-up preferred, can deliver for a fee.
  7. Hi, The collection of snowballs is becoming increasingly tedious and an irritating waste of time. It is not as if there is any skill involved in collecting snow, thus: 1. Why do all tiles not have snow? - tedious to go around clicking on each and every tile to find "collect snow" 2. Why are not all snowballs 99ql? - tedious to have to drop untidy piles of snowballs all over the place, as there is no point in collecting snowballs under 90ql, else the damage until next winter would be too great for larder to be effective. Suggestions: 1, either make this activity skill related, e.g. foraging, gardening, digging; or 2. adjusted to make it less tedious, i.e. all tiles to have snow and all snowballs to be 99ql; or 3. have 90+ql snowballs at least 90% of all snow collected, rather than the current 10 to 20%. On the positive side, however, the decay rate of snowballs in the icebox of the larder is now much better. Hoping that the new and wonderfully enthusiastic Dev team will give this a little bit of attention before next Wurm winter... Thanks, Baloo
  8. This is one sexy larder! It'll sit in your kitchen and quietly flash blue. Goes with all kitchen sets and tile designs. Be the envy of all your friends! Keep food fresh like a pro! It's made of cedar wood and is 55ql. This may be the first supreme larder to hit the market, so get yourself one of a kind! [01:32:06] A cool area for storing food. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 55.293556, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid 20s Increments 1s Sniper protection 1hr Reserve 30s
  9. Hi everyone! Another week down, and another edition of Valrei International! This week we cover a few things, but first, Patch notes! Leafless trees! A long desired change, felled trees now have a beautiful leafless model, meaning no more lost in a sea of tree models! The unstable client will automatically change from the falling tree animation to the static leafless version, but the stable client will require picking up and dropping the tree, or relogging. If you do encounter any bugs or crashes with the 4.0 client, be sure to list the current build number in your bug reports, which is 90ca651. Missed update notes We missed a few update notes in yesterdays update as they weren't bugs and they slipped through, here's the details: Cookbook searching This update included a change to the cookbook, with the ability to search by ingredients, cooker, container, and notes! This should allow you to ensure that you can always find the recipe you want. You can also mouse over the "Search by" field to find out just how many recipes you have, who has the highest? Larder changes The larder has also been tweaked, and should provide even more decay protection for things stored inside it, we'll be keeping an eye over them this coming Wurm winter, and will again be following all feedback about their effectiveness. Flowers and honey Flowers and enchanted grass were tweaked to provide bigger boosts to honey production during spring and summer, I know this one was asked by several so I'm sure many are happy to see it has come in. Esert update clarification A couple of questions this week about the Esert update contest, all submissions can be sent to me via PM or via email, and it will run until the 17th of Feb. The entries will then be voted upon by you in the Esert sub forum. There's no limitations in the design plans, but we may request changes if we feel they may cause too much lag or that it is missing some new player accommodations. Community Content This weeks community content is the first annual impalong ojn Mythmoor, a popular WU server! Impalongs are a long enjoyed tradition in WO and I really like seeing them come to WU as well, it starts today and runs all weekend. That's it for this week, I hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll see you next week with more news! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  10. Can we get some clarification on snowballs from the devs possibly? They seem to be very hard to find right now, granted it is late fall and snow tileset hasn't loaded in yet so that may be why. But mainly would like to know if snowballs are really supposed to decay so rapidly in a larder? I have found 11 so far and put them right into the larder. They had no damage when they were put in. About an hour later, all but 3 had damage. The worst two were at 10 and 22 damage. At this rate snowballs will decay before winter even ends let alone have a prayer in hell to last thru the spring, summer and fall. My larder is on deed in a building also. Any feedback is appreciated.
  11. ( SOLD ) Buyout Request has been accepted and is pending delivery ! A Rare Cedar Larder 82QL Starting Bid: 10 Silver Reserve: 15 Silver Buyout: 20 Silver Minimum Bid Increments :: 1+ Silver Snipe Protection 1 Hour ( any bids placed with 2 mins or less on auction will activate protection) - Monitored- Free Delivery ! Larder Information: Larders provide storage for cooked items that can’t go into FSBs. A larder has five shelves and an icebox; cooked items are stored on the shelves while snowballs may be stored in the icebox. Shelves may be renamed by the larder owner. The storage isn’t bulk storage, but the time between decay ticks is increased by the number of snowballs in the icebox (i.e. the more snowballs there are in the icebox, the slower food in the larder will decay). The snowballs themselves will also decay slower in a larder. Note that the reduction in decay from wrapping and from storing food in a larder are cumulative. Thus wrapped food stored in a larder will take decay even slower than either wrapping or larder storage alone. Larders require 20 planks, 4 shafts, 3 small nails, 5 lead lumps and 2 iron ribbons to create, and use fine carpentry (no min skill requirement). They may be locked to restrict access. A Few Embellishments 1) Free Delivery 2) a Complete Set Of Rare Puppets ! 3) Improvement to 90 QL Upon Delivery ! 4) No extra Fees or Charges if I turn it supreme @ delivery imp !
  12. Wurm has always been both deceptively simple and complex at the same time. With basic mechanics it manifests many wonderful things, and I would like to add one more to that list. Icebergs. These would have the following attributes: -Spawn at a certain rate in the waters to the north and sound of a map -Perhaps only spawn at certain times of year, but migrate -Icebergs would be like ships in water, extending both above and below the waterline, they would float and move -They could be surface-mined with a Pick-Axe for Ice Shards, or with Digging and a Shovel, for Snow(balls) -As an Iceberg was mined or dug on, it would get lower to and then below the waterline and eventually no longer be accessible for either action (this violates physics but best we can do) -If it were not too hard to code, they could A ) Cause damage to ships that hit them B ) Shrink in size as they age/move south Besides looking cool and adding some life to the seaways (also homes for seals, polar bears etc), they could provide a source of Snow(balls) (and perhaps the new longer-lasting Ice) for the new Larders. In their most basic form they could be done with 100% of their resources using existing code, and with some minor additions they could have the more advanced features. Their spawn rate could also be controlled, perhaps even tied to the number of snowballs in the world, or the time of year, to balance overall Larder usability. If for now other reason, do it just for that first moment when you sail into a field of icebergs out under the moonlight at night...
  13. So far what i have seen I also note that collecting snow from pavement is consistently low ql ~30 (3/5 tiles seem to have snow), from trees is ~70 (3/5), from flowers I get them in ~90 (4/5), grass i get ~40 (2/5). Cannot gather snow from enchanted grass, dirt, under/over bridge, crops, buildings, ---- I am looking to add some note to the relative ql for the terrain (i.e. low, mid, high, or the ql categories if that can be proven). If the gathering chance can be clearly demonstrated then maybe we can add a relative chance to find snow on a tile.
  14. Have snow on the higher elevations that can be harvested for larder ice. Perhaps even have the snowcaps gradually "melt" as the seasons advance, until winter drops the snow level again.
  15. CLOSED !

    Your Bidding on 1 Unfinished Rare Larder ! *******HOT******* LARDER ! Starting Bid: 20 Silver NO RESERVE NO BUY OUT 25 Copper Increments 1 Hour Snipe Protection [14:56:47] You see a larder under construction. Ql: 1.7462118, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The larder needs 19 plank, and 3 shaft, and 3 small iron nails, and 2 iron ribbon, and 4 lead lump to be finished. ------ Embellishments ----- Free Delivery Free Assembly Free Improvement Free RARE Puppet Set Keep them new meals lasting even longer !